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February 27, 2016

The next and following generations will see a much different world than the one known up until now. Well, up until a decade or so ago. I don’t envy what is coming. The current crop of youth are bouncing with joy about socialism coming to America. They don’t know socialism, but they’ve heard good things about it from the leaders of the party. So here’s another side of it.

Not only are your guns in jeopardy now but many other rights and privileges are under attack by the panel advising President Obama about potential mental disorders. The panel recently recommended that “doctors” begin screening every patient over the age of twelve for any potential mental or social problems. A simple statement like, “I feel scared at school” might be the trick to get a child labeled incompetent.

In case you’ve missed the Newspeak about guns, the verbiage has changed in the past few years from gun control to gun safety. Safety trumps rights and privileges. You see, if you’re talking about safety you’re showing concern for the people, not control of them. This was another pitter-patter mini-step toward overriding the 2nd Amendment.

If you even mention that you’re feeling “down” to your primary care physician it could trigger the word depression which is Med-speak for “needs medication and supervision”. Obviously, if you are prescribed a psychotropic pharmaceutical and you agree to take it, it’s because you now recognize you might be a threat to yourself or others. Therefore, any weapons in your possession must be removed for your safety and the safety of others. When diagnosed and prescribed a behavioral, mind or mood altering drug and you don’t readily ingest it, you are defiant and possibly angry. Thus, any weapons in your possession must be removed for your safety and the safety of others.

Leading questions will be asked and you must be cautious how you answer them. Non medical questions are now routinely asked on medical forms. They give headway for the reason to diagnose you as a potential threat that must be handled appropriately. “Do you regularly wear seat belts?” “Are there guns in your home?” “Are there smoke detectors in your home?” “Are there children in your home?” “Do you attend worship services regularly?”  These and other questions have nothing to do with your physical health but they do help build a data base for “official use”.

The power elite don’t want you, the ignorant, attention deficit and under-educated masses to know that they want to control every aspect of your life, so they change the terms to sound more friendly. They want to take guns out of the hands of the people so there is little resistance when the brown shirts of the National Security Force take over.

In the eyes of socialist rulers, Utopia can only exist when there are only two classes a classless society.   (Find the incongruity in the previous sentence to fully understand socialism.)


February 19, 2016

From the back rooms of Washington D.C. you can hear the quiet mutterings about “pre-kindergarten”. This has been the chatter for a few decades now. Launched in 1965, the Head Start program came into being to help low-income children “catch up” and transition from kindergarten to elementary school. Thank you liberal, progressive Democrat, President Lyndon B. Johnson.

From there, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) morphed the program to include health, nutrition and education for low-income families and provide workshops for parents and children to prepare them for entry into kindergarten as well. The innocuous sounding program was early indoctrination for the children and Welfare immersion for the parents.

While learning to stack blocks, tie shoes and count, the children also learned to accept one parent family life as equal to having two. They learned that getting food from the local non-profit or government subsidized food bank was equivalent to shopping at the local supermarket and that the free clinic provided the same care as did the private general practitioner. Children and parents alike learned to graciously accept what was handed to them by the government. The parents learned new ways to subsist while raising a small child.

Study after study show the Head Start program does little to elevate the learning ability or energize the need or desire for education. Virtually no evidence exists that Head Start enrollees do statistically better than those who do not participate. Early nutrition education, hygiene and health training provided by the program do little to enhance the academic or health levels of the Head Start members. The failed program continues today as a large bureaucracy consuming hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fast forward thirty years and we have another prominent progressive, First Lady Hillary Clinton, writing a book, “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us”. The book describes how influences outside the home impact the emotional well-being of children. It does, however, evade speaking about how government intrusion and indoctrination make victimization forefront in the mind of today’s youth who now commit suicide rather than facing the challenges of life.

The failed social programs of yesteryear continue to evolve and grow into the monsters we have today where true education is diluted to reflect higher graduation rates. Public schools focus more on liberal doctrine and social interaction than they do on scholarly instruction, mental development and cognitive skills.

Not to be outdone by their predecessors, today’s Marxist / Socialist / Progressive liberals now want to allow parents to participate in the raising of their children. Yes, allow participation. Under the combined bureaucracy of the Department of Education and Health and Human Services parents will be “equal partners” in the raising of their children.

The Marxist takeover of the health care system of this nation changes the dynamic of family. It removes the authority of child raising from families and gives it to the government via regulation. Parents do remain responsible for negative outcomes.  Written into Obamacare is the ability for the federal government to “monitor” the household of any child and the new agency becomes a shadow parent until the child reaches majority. Physicians within the program have the ability to screen and diagnose perceived problems such as anger and depression and prescribe synthetic pharmaceuticals according to their observations. One need not be degreed in psychology, simply medicine. Nurse practitioners may also prescribe the mind and mood altering drugs. This will allow for a more mellow and compliant society.

Unless something is done to change the direction, I can visualize a soon-coming nation where genetically selected ovum and sperm are introduced to the host birther. Supplied by the State, the resultant product becomes the property of the State. The host woman then gives birth in an institutional birthing hospital, at no charge mind you, and is immediately escorted from the facility. There will be no parental duties or interaction with the child. I predict this societal metamorphosis will take place in no more than two generations. Soon thereafter, all will be accomplished in laboratories and women will have no roll in the process.

For now, Uncle Sam just wants control over your child. You remain responsible, the government simply has authority over how the child is raised. With the continuance of the aforementioned progress, the central government will have complete control over youth and adults alike.

I believe the new social order might take on the name of Societal Collectivism. Under Societal Collectivism, there will be no need for elections. With Rulers decided between and among only the “naturals”.  No laboratory produced proletariat will be allowed to participate in the process and none of the sub-lifers will be capable of reproduction.


February 16, 2016

The death of Justice Scalia on either Friday night or Saturday morning continues to plague my senses. He was declared dead of either a heart attack or natural causes depending on the reporting source by a justice of the peace. Not a medical examiner or even a doctor examined the body before the declaration. The body was then embalmed within a day of his death without an autopsy destroying any trace of foreign elements in the body.

Though not without the ailments expected of a seventy-nine year old Scalia’s physician pronounced him fit for normal activity just days before his trip to Texas. He even had an MRI; there were no health concerns.

The President stated on Sunday, that he already has a short list of nominees for the vacated seat that he wants the Senate to consider. ZIP, ZOOM, BANG, Government simply doesn’t work this fast folks.

Scalia was probably the most level-headed defenders of the Constitution in the past 100 years. Obama is the most anti-Constitutional president not only in that same period but ever in our history. Scalia presented reasoned opposition to Obama’s overreach and was determined to continue doing so for not only the remainder of this presidency, but beyond.

That means a string of Executive Orders, Obamacare, abortion rights and many other unlawful or questionable actions taken by this president would be heard by the Supreme Court in the coming months and years. The accomplishments claimed and the perception of honor and integrity of this president and presidency are due to be judiciously debated. The outcome could be devastating to an ego-maniacal narcissist who acts on his own when congress doesn’t explicitly agree with his goals.

In his 2010 State of the Union address, Obama expressed contempt for the Supreme Court. He has since been condescending toward any legal decision of that and other courts when those decisions don’t align with his ideals. He has defied many court decisions by acting beyond the scope of his presidential authority. Justice Scalia was a stumbling block to his quest.

Because of a timid and compliant Senate headed by Mitch McConnell, we can plan on Obama nominating some of the nation’s most radical judicial activists to fill the vacant seat. There may be some debate, but we can expect the seat will be filled before the elections in November and that move will achieve Obama’s desire to “fundamentally change” America and secure his legacy. At that time, if even for a short period unless he declares Martial Law and thereby extends his autocratic reign, he will have ideological or coercive control over the entire three branches of our government.

At that time we will have bypassed Marxism, slid right through Socialism and become a full-blown Communist nation. Welcome to “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”!


February 15, 2016

I heard it a few years ago. The Democrats were saying they wanted to raise taxes on gasoline but it was the wrong time; prices were too high. Well, now they are saying it is the opportune time because prices are low.

Just when the poor and stupid drivers think they have finally gotten some relief the government steps in.   Now that they are able to get to and from the jobs for which they are now underpaid because of federal regulations and taxes, they won’t balk at a twenty-five cent price rise, they’ll make do. Gu-huck, it jiss happened again. Gas gone up ’cause a them damned A-rabs! Guess I’ll jiss head down ta the Welfare office an’ git me some money ta live on.

You know the opportunistic money grab won’t go away when prices again rise. Seems to me, back in ’07 and ’08 I heard someone say something like,  “Under my plan of cap-and-trade, your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket”. Well folks, this is how it happens.  Just when you think you caught a break, the overbearing central government breaks your back and your spirit.

Work hard and vote Democrat in November. The federal cabal needs more of your earnings.


February 14, 2016

Michelle Obama, on May 14, 2008 admitted, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children.”

With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Obama now has the opportunity to nominate his third (3rd) Supreme Court political activist. I find it very convenient that this one man with a penchant for extremism, dictatorial political activism and the shredding of the U.S. Constitution will now redirect the impartiality of the Supreme Court and build his legacy.

He will have effective control of the Supreme Court in his final year by having chosen one-third of that judicial body. With this opportunity he will have ideological control of two-thirds of our tricameral government. This is bordering on oligarchy and quite a change from our Democratic Republic.

Please understand, I am making no accusations at this point. We will not know the cause of death for Justice Scalia for days and perhaps weeks. However, all who knew him well have said that he was in very good health and excellent spirits for a 79 year old male. At the time of his death he was enjoying a well deserved vacation. He also recently said that he was going no where; he would remain on the bench. Justice Scalia was a strict constitutionalist – the polar opposite of our current president. Sudden deaths in the political realm always cause question. Can you say Vince Foster ?

I would like to see a full, complete and exhaustive examination regarding the death of this judicial mind at this time when even Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who cannot even stay awake for a State of the Union speech, is not going to vacate her seat. Without a death, there would be no opportunity for Obama to nominate another ideologue. It is obvious that President Obama will not suggest a moderate replacement to replace this man. His two nominees thus far are both idealists who made activist judgements from the bench. A weak Senate has allowed both of his choices who have ably and actively influenced decisions. The longevity of our nation depends on the impartiality of the next person filling the vacated seat. George Soros is probably feeding Obama the list of names this morning if he didn’t on Friday.

There are a number of political decisions yet pending before the court. There is the case of The Little Sisters of the Poor, a highly charged case within Obamacare, affirmative action, union dues and voting rights are all awaiting decisions. The new appointee will undoubtedly be voicing an opinion based solely on transcripts. Gun control laws, the legality of various Executive Orders and abortion issues have been or soon will be heard, and decided.