Political correctness is such a farce that even the name is false. Trying to make something sound better or less harsh or less truthful than it really is is indescribably wrong, not correct. George Orwell labeled it “Newspeak” in his book titled 1984.

We are now encouraged to call the guardians of offspring parent 1 and parent 2. No longer are mother and father appropriate because those names do not fit a generic mold. Sometimes guardians are two men or two women. Rather than identifying the people as who they are, we are now expected to use the homogenic terms above. Immediately, those two individuals and all other parents are unable to distinguish themselves from others and the world turns from brilliant and beautiful colors to dull, bland, depressing gray.

Taking the hard earned money from one person or financial plateau for distribution on a lower level is another attempt to repudiate individuality and accomplishments.

The Marxist President and his progressive followers refuse to distinguish between radical Islamic extremists and Muslims. Because they evade clarity and distinction, they are caught in their own sticky web. He and they claim that specifically identifying the problematic faction of Islamic religion casts a disparaging light on the entire religion. By lumping the Islamic State into the belief system of peaceful Muslims, as they do, makes anyone talking about terror or beheadings or Jihad guilty of demeaning an entire doctrine. Thus, they speak naught of the evil or wicked by referring to the despicable acts as workplace violence or man-made tension.

In some cities police cannot record witness statements accurately because someone might be offended or profiled. Identifying an assailant as wearing a red bandana or Raiders football jersey might cause law enforcement to look at a group or gang to find an individual. The P.C. crowd would rather have police wasting time and energy heading to the other side of town where fewer potential suspects reside. Thanks to political correctness, accuracy is now a fault.

Only nefarious purposes can back the mandate for political correctness because it blurs the normal and natural. Home owners and residents (progressives, please play this game too), see if you can relate: You’ve just been robbed and beaten. You want your goods and cash back, and you want justice for the perpetrator. Would you rather the police look for a Japanese or Asian man, 5’7” with a mustache carrying a large revolver and wearing a blue baseball cap, black jacket, white T-shirt and jeans…or a suspect with male-like features wearing a jacket and hat?

I submit that the chances of getting your valuables back remain with the first description. And, I’m willing to bet that at this time you give the police a detailed description of your Rolex and Rembrandt as well.  You won’t say “a time piece and a painting”.  Political correctness be damned here!


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  1. Marion Says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found
    something that helped me. Thanks!


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