Michelle Obama, on May 14, 2008 admitted, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children.”

With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Obama now has the opportunity to nominate his third (3rd) Supreme Court political activist. I find it very convenient that this one man with a penchant for extremism, dictatorial political activism and the shredding of the U.S. Constitution will now redirect the impartiality of the Supreme Court and build his legacy.

He will have effective control of the Supreme Court in his final year by having chosen one-third of that judicial body. With this opportunity he will have ideological control of two-thirds of our tricameral government. This is bordering on oligarchy and quite a change from our Democratic Republic.

Please understand, I am making no accusations at this point. We will not know the cause of death for Justice Scalia for days and perhaps weeks. However, all who knew him well have said that he was in very good health and excellent spirits for a 79 year old male. At the time of his death he was enjoying a well deserved vacation. He also recently said that he was going no where; he would remain on the bench. Justice Scalia was a strict constitutionalist – the polar opposite of our current president. Sudden deaths in the political realm always cause question. Can you say Vince Foster ?

I would like to see a full, complete and exhaustive examination regarding the death of this judicial mind at this time when even Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who cannot even stay awake for a State of the Union speech, is not going to vacate her seat. Without a death, there would be no opportunity for Obama to nominate another ideologue. It is obvious that President Obama will not suggest a moderate replacement to replace this man. His two nominees thus far are both idealists who made activist judgements from the bench. A weak Senate has allowed both of his choices who have ably and actively influenced decisions. The longevity of our nation depends on the impartiality of the next person filling the vacated seat. George Soros is probably feeding Obama the list of names this morning if he didn’t on Friday.

There are a number of political decisions yet pending before the court. There is the case of The Little Sisters of the Poor, a highly charged case within Obamacare, affirmative action, union dues and voting rights are all awaiting decisions. The new appointee will undoubtedly be voicing an opinion based solely on transcripts. Gun control laws, the legality of various Executive Orders and abortion issues have been or soon will be heard, and decided.


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