I heard it a few years ago. The Democrats were saying they wanted to raise taxes on gasoline but it was the wrong time; prices were too high. Well, now they are saying it is the opportune time because prices are low.

Just when the poor and stupid drivers think they have finally gotten some relief the government steps in.   Now that they are able to get to and from the jobs for which they are now underpaid because of federal regulations and taxes, they won’t balk at a twenty-five cent price rise, they’ll make do. Gu-huck, it jiss happened again. Gas gone up ’cause a them damned A-rabs! Guess I’ll jiss head down ta the Welfare office an’ git me some money ta live on.

You know the opportunistic money grab won’t go away when prices again rise. Seems to me, back in ’07 and ’08 I heard someone say something like,  “Under my plan of cap-and-trade, your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket”. Well folks, this is how it happens.  Just when you think you caught a break, the overbearing central government breaks your back and your spirit.

Work hard and vote Democrat in November. The federal cabal needs more of your earnings.


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  1. Says:

    Another good post, Bob.


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