The death of Justice Scalia on either Friday night or Saturday morning continues to plague my senses. He was declared dead of either a heart attack or natural causes depending on the reporting source by a justice of the peace. Not a medical examiner or even a doctor examined the body before the declaration. The body was then embalmed within a day of his death without an autopsy destroying any trace of foreign elements in the body.

Though not without the ailments expected of a seventy-nine year old Scalia’s physician pronounced him fit for normal activity just days before his trip to Texas. He even had an MRI; there were no health concerns.

The President stated on Sunday, that he already has a short list of nominees for the vacated seat that he wants the Senate to consider. ZIP, ZOOM, BANG, Government simply doesn’t work this fast folks.

Scalia was probably the most level-headed defenders of the Constitution in the past 100 years. Obama is the most anti-Constitutional president not only in that same period but ever in our history. Scalia presented reasoned opposition to Obama’s overreach and was determined to continue doing so for not only the remainder of this presidency, but beyond.

That means is that a string of Executive Orders, Obamacare, abortion rights and many other unlawful or questionable actions taken by this president would be heard by the Supreme Court in the coming months and years. The accomplishments claimed and the perception of honor and integrity of this president and presidency are due to be judiciously debated. The outcome could be devastating to an ego-maniacal narcissist who acts on his own when congress doesn’t explicitly agree with his goals.

In his 2010 State of the Union address, Obama expressed contempt for the Supreme Court. He has since been condescending toward any legal decision of that and other courts when those decisions don’t align with his ideals. He has defied many court decisions by acting beyond the scope of his presidential authority. Justice Scalia was a stumbling block to his quest.

Because of a timid and compliant Senate headed by Mitch McConnell, we can plan on Obama nominating some of the nation’s most radical judicial activists to fill the vacant seat. There may be some debate, but we can expect the seat will be filled before the elections in November and that move will achieve Obama’s desire to “fundamentally change” America and secure his legacy. At that time, if even for a short period unless he declares Martial Law and thereby extends his autocratic reign, he will have ideological or coercive control over the entire three branches of our government.

At that time we will have bypassed Marxism, slid right through Socialism and become a full-blown Communist nation. Welcome to “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”!


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