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April 18, 2016

For years now, since I first read about colleges allowing women and men to access the restroom, locker rooms or shower facilities of their choice, I have questioned on these pages how it could occur in our society. I even (jokingly) voiced that if I were younger, I might take advantage of the rules and decide to “get in touch” with my feminine side.

I have expressed concern for those pranksters who would take advantage of such a situation as well as sexual deviants and predators who might use the Internet to spread uncomely still or video images, or worse. I have been fearful for women and children who might be genuinely traumatized by these perverts while dressing, showering or attending to normal bodily functions and expecting privacy to do so.

There is no way to enforce the laws now on the books in Seattle and many other cities. Stationing a guard or even law enforcement personnel outside or even inside every public facility (libraries, public restrooms, schools, municipal buildings, etc.) is infeasible. Certainly, having a monitor two buildings away isn’t good enough to allow a meaningful response. And, dentifying the true gender confused person is nearly impossible.

The foods we eat are often laden with taste enhancements, chemical curing, antibiotics, growth and development hormones that sometimes also alter the human makeup. We are bombarded with medications, mandated vaccines, laboratory created or modified food and drinks daily. Some of the modifications are beneficial, but the side effects may not be discovered, recognized or acknowledged for decades or generations. Adjectives such as genetically modified and growth enhanced and geoengineered should be suspected, questioned and avoided where possible when choosing our foods.

Even the air we breathe contains unnatural substances that effect mental, emotional, psychological and physiological changes.  Is early onset Alzheimers still a wonder when government approved aluminum (one of the primary causes) is released into our atmosphere daily?  <link>

Because of these common but unnatural influences, I have to agree that there should be some accommodations for those people who are unable to accept and appreciate the gender to which they were born. The facilities should be as separate and distinct as those designated for men and women. Where none yet exist, it is suggested that the accommodations for the gender of their birth be used.

I don’t believe there is a conscious will to depart from the norm. As listed above, it’s the outside influences that cause the diviations. They may be direct ingestion, injection, inhalation or even cutaneous absorption that cause the mutations. The adulterations may be recent or genetically inherited, but the changes are real. Though they may have no ill intentions, those suffering from the anomalies do make life uncomfortable for normal human beings in areas where gender privacy is expected.

The stories have begun. Unfortunately, they will undoubtedly continue until sanity returns to government and reason once again triumphs over politics. A couple of quick examples include:

A man in Seattle challenged the new law of “acceptance” by entering the locker room at a public pool and undressing. When confronted by the staff on hand, he simply exclaimed “the law has changed and I have a right to be here”. Even the police were unable to discourage him or remove him because to do so would deny him his rights according to the newly enacted law. Any trauma caused to the women and young girls by the law is theirs to be borne.

A man calling himself Jessica and designated as a “dangerous offender”, entered the otherwise safe zones of women repeatedly. Over time he sexually assaulted women, a five-year old girl and raped a mentally challenged woman. The man claimed to be transgendered.

This is the New World Order we can expect with liberal progressives in charge.



April 11, 2016

I thought I’d escaped the idiocy of California when I made the move out of state. Yet, this is happening in my recently adopted home town in a very conservative community of a very red state.

This move by progressives in the field of “education” encourages unlawful activity while depriving U.S. citizens of the opportunity to attend the college of their choice. *Note – Prescott College has a student body of only 400 undergraduates (total enrollment is around 1,200). Annual applications exceed that number by about twenty-five to thirty percent. One scholarship per year to someone who is in the country illegally deprives and displaces one academically qualified citizen and local taxpayer.

The story linked above does indicate that students may opt out of the levy when paying their tuition. In order to do so, they must carefully read the detailed information in the tuition guide and mark the appropriate sections to take advantage of the option. Otherwise, they are contributing their, or their parents’, money to aiding and abetting known law breakers.

Someone please tell me how academia is not projecting progressive influences on our kids instead of imparting the knowledge that will help them obtain lucrative careers to sustain self sufficient, productive and long happy lives.

This is nothing more than another social engineering control measure or “nudge” that causes people to subliminally participate in actions or causes they might consciously reject. And, this is just one of many such encounters we face in our daily lives. Most people tend to accept the subtleties taking place around them and are swept into actions they would otherwise renounce.

Please pay close attention to the influences of your daily life; observe and analyze before making a decision or taking an action . Your vote this year will determine the future of your immediate family, your children and grandchildren and generations beyond.


April 4, 2016

Over my 70 years, I have been part of or have interacted with people of various social and economic levels. I have encountered people with tremendous talent and I have known totally incapable people. Some I’ve known are /were brilliant. I have also known dolts. My acquaintances include those of high education and some of just bare literacy.

Experiencing life, I have known people who comprise the reviled 1% as well as people who could proudly but barely get by on their own. I have interfaced with people who are, or were, complacent and unconcerned or with little desire for self betterment. This collective accepts what others give them though they want to receive more. They believe they deserve to have more because others they know or have heard of have so much more. Yet they would rather await a handout than put forth the effort to offset their keep.

I consider myself a member of each societal subset briefly described above. While I don’t have the wealth of the top earners of the nation or the world, I know I have worked hard to earn everything I have. If there is something I still want and cannot afford right now, it is up to me to either belay that desire, or do what is necessary to satisfy it. I try to graciously accept what others are willing to share with me.

I am a person shy of many talents but not without any. I recognize that I am not the best educated or most intelligent being of any venue except when I am alone. I have opinions, some very strong opinions, that have withstood the tests of decades only to strengthen their influence on me. Other viewpoints I hold are subject to refinement and have changed. I respect myself for the ability to accept incoming data that helps form a more meaningful and accurate outlook. I do not shrink from differing viewpoints but embrace them when they are justified and rebuff them when they are meaningless.

I long ago discarded the trophy I received for putting on a wool uniform and playing in the Little League. Everyone got one. It was meaningless. Had I received a plaque or trophy for the most home runs, best fielding or best pitching, etc., it would probably still be with me. That would show accomplishment. Frankly, my ability did not warrant one. I do revere the certificates, plaques, trophies and awards I have received for education, training, performance and contribution. They are with me to help me reflect on my accomplishments.

I am entitled to the best life has to offer. I know I must do what is necessary to achieve what I long to have. Like everyone in this country, I am entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. My mother chose to give me life, for which I am thankful. Within reasonable bounds of responsibility, I have the liberty to do as I please, have what I earn and travel as I desire. I have accomplished enough to enjoy life and continue the quest for self betterment. Attempting to make life more fulfilling for those around me who strive to better themselves adds to my happiness.

I am equal…to me. I am entitled…to what I have legally and morally gained, and I am proud.
You, too, are entitled. You are entitled to all you do for yourself and others. You are not, however, entitled to what others have worked and gained. You are not entitled to “free” anything at the expense of others. You are entitled to what you have produced and what you will produce. Don’t cower or demean because someone likes the color blue when your favorite is green. Make your case for green, but accept that blue is also beautiful. Everybody has the right to enjoy the life equal to which they are entitled.


April 2, 2016

Another congressperson is under suspicion of corruption. Yes, it happens on both sides of the aisle. This time, again, it is a Democrat.

Simple congressional corruption is commonplace and is generally handled by a committee made up of peers of the accused – The House Ethics Committee. This time, as the committee convened, our most honorable friend Loretta Lynch decided to take over the investigation. The accused is Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida. Rep. Brown is a woman. She is black. She is a Democrat. Thus, the investigation cannot possibly proceed in the same manner as most similar investigations.

The current Department of Injustice only, and always, meddles in these affairs when one of their favor is involved. It is easier to hide and obfuscate evidence, or simply disregard it when there is no outside interference by congress.

Even though he was ultimately censured (read: got a slap on the wrist), Charlie Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which has oversight of tax issues, was allowed to face the non-partisan House Ethics Committee chaired by Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) when charged with thirteen ethics violations. Those “violations” included tax fraud, evasion and using rent controlled apartments as headquarters from which to solicit seven figure donations. But then, the Democrats held the majority in both houses at that time. Another factor that might have influenced the committee’s findings is that Rangel has been in government practically since birth. Charlie was found guilty of 11 of the 13 charges. No partisanship here! You or I would still be in jail for the same corruption. Rep. Rangel, on the other hand, remains at his job until such time he decides to retire with full retirement pay and benefits.

For a non-partisan committee to investigate and ultimately find a black woman responsible for graft in accepting over $150,000 from a fraudulent non profit entity that she bolstered by assisting in the collection of over $800,000 in donations could be nothing short of racist, sexist and abject partisan subjectivity.

Thus, Atty. Gen. Loretta lynch, at the behest of President Barack Obama, will thoroughly investigate the allegations to find nothing worthy of reprimand. They will sweep it under the rug, so to speak, just like Benghazi, the ATF, AP phone records, IRS, HUD, EPA, New Black Panthers and multiple other scandals and the way they will ultimately handle the Clinton Email debacle when the FBI hands the case over to them.

If you have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. in the next year, you may not be allowed into any of the Justice Department’s many offices. You see, it’s a safety issue. They don’t want citizens getting in the way of the bulldozers shoving evidence of wrongdoing under the carpet and certainly not tripping over the edges of the rugs covering mounds of scandals and corruption created and buried by this administration.