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June 27, 2017

A few weeks ago, Anderson Cooper made a comment in earnest. “If he took a dump on his desk you would defend it,” Cooper said. “I mean, I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend!”

It may very well have been true that Jeffrey Lord (the CNN guest to whom Cooper was speaking) would have had a sheltering response for any comment no matter how true or ludicrous about our current president. Isn’t that the point for bringing a staunch supporter in front of the cameras? All the stations do it. They do it just to show the differences between their viewpoints and those on the other side of the aisle. Fox does it, CNN does it and most assuredly MSNBC does it.

In fact, MSNBC producers must winnow through the same asylum halls their hosts return to each night in search of interviewees. It takes a special kind of stupid or someone with a chemical lobotomy to sit with a host and be abused for having a different take on politics. MSNBC is able to find not only hosts but guests teetering on that fine line of medicated to the point where comprehension is lost but speech is not slurred. The ability to manage drooling without ridiculing and embarrassing the host is a prerequisite. Yet, even the most skilled producers sometimes mistakenly book someone who will take their dollars and still voice a rational opinion.

It’s hard to believe that the followers of one party or the other can debase themselves such as they do when attempting to defend the indefensible. There’s got to be a point where a person says, “Hey, you’re right, he/she is completely off the wall. I have to agree with you”. Can you imagine Katy Perry saying, “Yeah, I know Hillary is a lying, conniving piece of crap, but she’s my kinda crap”. Katrina Pierson would never concede, “Mr. Trump really needs to quit reading tweets at midnight and responding off the cuff, it makes him look like a fool”.

Personally, I’d like to see more of the honesty in conversation like Anderson advanced. When a guest responds with a statement that is incomprehensible to anyone with a modicum of intellect, what is wrong with a host responding, Can you even hear yourself? Did you misread your talking points? It doesn’t have to be a loud, vulgar or nasty response.  Pointed is perfectly okay, however, to express a ridiculous statement.

And, after being honest with one’s thoughts there should be no apology the next day or three days later. That diminishes the honesty of the statement as well as the impact no matter what pastel is offended.


June 24, 2017

The easy answer is because the socialists within our government want to control everything you ever worked for. Starting small, they managed in 2010 to conquer 1/6 our economic freedom to advance their agenda.

Unlike the First Law of Thermodynamics (“neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed”), government entitlement programs can be created, they just cannot be destroyed once implemented. Government programs become indestructible foundation as soon as they are established and there is no destroying them. They can only be built upon. Even studies like “Why Ducks Waddle On Land and Swim Gracefully In Water” or “How to Extend the Life Expectancy of Fireflies for Our Children’s Evening Pleasure” are refunded and extended though no conclusion is found as a 2 year, eight million dollar grant ends with an exhausted budget.

The socialist Democrats of the 111th Congress, saddled the citizens of the United States with an untenable health insurance mandate that now cannot be destroyed. Though the costs to most people is exorbitant, it became an entitlement for some. To take an entitlement away once the slobbering, slurping few have become dependent on it is an impossible task. There are now people caught in the middle who won’t take jobs or accept advancement and a pay raise because doing so could cause adjustment in the premiums required to maintain their health insurance plan.

Before the PPACA was enacted, everybody had access to doctors and other health professionals. The elderly had, and have, Medicare (paid from funds the government sucked out of their paychecks when they were working). Medicaid was, and is, provided for those who cannot afford insurance and it is virtually impossible to find a case where a doctor refused treatment for a sick or injured person.

The rest must have jobs, pay for the health insurance program but cannot afford to take advantage of the service or care offered. The premiums deplete their otherwise disposable income to the point they cannot afford the deductible required to access a doctor. Think about that! Some people are less healthy because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not affordable and provides less timely care than was available prior to its inception. But the federal government is now in control of an entire industry and an additional 16.67% of our GDP.

Even with the help of a majority party in both houses, the new administration is struggling to find a way of actually providing patient care with reasonable and affordable insurance premiums and deductibles. They can’t do it. No matter how hard or what they try, someone will cry foul. Then it will cause an uprising and national attention. Somebody might risk re-election.  They, the powers that be, now control one-sixth of the national economy and rather than helping the majority of premium payers, they’ve managed to make the citizens sick…or sicker at least.

Once again our elected officials have inserted themselves where there is no place for them. Doctors, Physician Assistants, insurers and hospital administrators – those actually involved in the health insurance and care industries – should devise a, or some, workable plan(s). When the knowledgeable professionals agree, a presentation to the lawmaking bodies would be in order. This might keep elite but ignorant lawyers, politicians and other bureaucrats from dictating submissiveness to an infeasible program. *Been there, done that!

Even starting with what we had in 2008 – private insurance companies providing health care insurance – and improving on it seems a more practical and logical way of accomplishing a universal health care goal than “Here’s a plan. Confiscate a bunch of money from those who have a few bucks. Keep a large chunk of it (call it administration fees) and throw the rest into a fund to foolishly try and make an infeasible and unwanted plan work. When it doesn’t we’ll just make the people pay more and more until it does.

Thanks to those who mandated compliance with their deceitful schemes, overall public health today is worse than it was just a decade ago. Hospital administrators, doctors and insurers decline participation in the current government system (PPACA) because of the mandates put upon them (program guidelines, restrictions, regulations, taxes, pharmaceutical purchases and pricing, compliance protocols, recording and reporting, etc.). The low and slow reimbursement for their services doesn’t energize their enthusiasm for the program either.

Due primarily to the guidelines of the PPACA (aka Obamacare), many counties across the country have no facilities or physicians available to participate in the plan. This effectively leaves the public wanting for any plan providers within twenty to fifty miles from home.  Yet they are still forced to pay exorbitant sums for insurance.  Without traveling distances, some are forced to pay additional sums for service outside of the plan.

A transition from what is now decreed to be free choice in health care might be accomplished by releasing the people from the government bonds. Allowing states to set up funds to help with excess costs and preexisting conditions could keep costs down for all insureds. This simply means congress must write a law repealing the joke that is strangling those in need of care.