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June 14, 2020

I remember thinking some fourteen or fifteen years ago that some people were asking for trouble with their Facebook postings. In particular was the case where a friend said he was going to the store, so he would be gone for about an hour. I thought “What a fool, now everybody knows his apartment is empty and ripe for burglary”. That was the first thought off the top of my head.

It wasn’t long after that that I read a news article about an upscale home that was burglarized while both parents were at work late and the kids were with friends. Police suspected that the thieves knew the home would be vacant because of a posting made by the wife just prior to leaving for work that morning.

Since then it has happened many times. People wanting to share their lives on social media volunteer too much information about themselves. Discussing the subject with friends and relatives I have many times over, encountered replies like, “I don’t really care” and “I have nothing to hide”. Yeah, those responses work only so long as some Social Justice Warrior doesn’t notice something you thought little of.

A couple of days ago I read an article about a virtual learning situation wherein police were called to a home due to an object on the wall behind the student.  The article got me thinking once again.

How many Instagram selfies identify the immediate location where the sender is at a particular time? Is the person or people at home or does the church in the background indicate a location ten, twenty or a hundred miles from home. Can the selfie be used as an alibi if needed or perhaps inadvertently implicate the portrait taker? We’ve all recently heard about violators picked up by the police within days and even hours after a video was taken at the time of the theft or hit and run accident.

Other people recording activity of friends or relatives can also negligently affect their lives. Why did you call in sick on the day this picture was taken of you at the Dodgers game? Your fired! Why did you say you were working late when you were at Jake’s Bar?

If the police can become involved because of an innocent BB gun, not being brandished just hanging on the wall behind a student, what can happen if your three-year-old daughter runs naked through the background when you’re live streaming a job interview? Might someone alert authorities of possible child neglect, endangerment or maybe even child pornography? Just one SJW complaint and you are stigmatized for life.

It’s one thing for social media operatives to censor certain postings for political or other agenda purposes. If we’re aware that happens, we have the choice to use other methods to make passionate statements. Now, however, we live in an emotionally volatile world. We must live in a clean room environment (verbally and physically) to avoid having our lives disrupted by some snowflake that doesn’t agree with a thought expressed in an open forum.

In today’s society it is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid being politically incorrect. Someone, somewhere, with a different viewpoint will find a way to identify any one of us as a violator. They will even turn on their own for the slightest impropriety. It makes the progressive soldiers feel superior in their own limited world.


May 8, 2020

This is classic negotiating. Generally, what we have is two political parties that both want different things. Both want the best. One party wants the best for the people of the nation while the other wants the best for the party to which they belong. The only way to get what is wanted is to start from scratch.

When you have nothing, anything starts to look rosy. We, as people and as a nation, now have virtually nothing.

*There are few jobs – We cannot go to work, we cannot be productive.

*Children are no longer being indoctrinated in public schools – an unintended consequence.

*Bills are piling up, both personally and nationally.

*Businesses are closed – some will never reopen.

*We have little personal contact with friends and family.

*We cannot congregate in groups larger than ten people.

*We must stay 6′ apart at all times.

*We are forbade, or at the very least strongly discouraged from, leaving our homes (in some locales citizens are cited, fined and even arrested for doing just that).

*When we do go out in public, we are told to cover our faces.

*We are told not to touch surfaces or other people.

*We are to be “tested” by having blood drawn and carry a card identifying our status.

*Churches must maintain record of congregants.

*And the list goes on…

Due to a laboratory created (at least enhanced) virus, we are forced to relinquish our rights as citizens and as people in general. We are subjected to the edicts of government officials “for our own good”. The majority of former productive, independent and self-reliant individuals are now dependent on federal, state and local authorities for our welfare and well being. Subsistence payments are slow coming yet welcomed with smiles when they arrive.

When they, the medical and political authorities, allow us to return to our natural state it will be a revised natural state with fewer rights and privileges and more authority over our lives. This is nothing more than conditioning; the social engineering many of us have watched develop over the past decade or so. We are now starting with nothing. They will tell us what we need, can have and can do. They will tell us where, how and when we can do it. And we will appreciate all we are allowed because that life will be so much better than the one we live right now. It will not be what we’ve had because that was excessive and unnecessary. Austerity is in the future. Socialism, authoritarianism is our future now.

As of this writing, federal spending is rapidly approaching 117% of the GDP <link>. That spending will progress and grow very rapidly as the tax base continues to dwindle. At best, the spending will continue and even escalate as businesses reopen and slowly begin to once again pay into the federal coffers.

Of the two major political parties of this nation, one is conservative and wanting to adhere to the Constitution, curtail unnecessary spending by building a broad tax base, taxing lightly but sufficiently to underwrite the limited spending. The other is liberal with your earnings and wants to raise tax on everything in order to spend lavishly on programs that keep us all under government control.

There will be a rebound from the current situation. However, the direction of that rebound will undoubtedly not be on a course desired or expected by the majority of God and America loving patriots. Be aware, be very aware that “We the People” have been manipulated since long before the beginning of this latest crisis. The current situation is being over-amplified to present an opportunity for the dark forces to move harshly and swiftly.

Vote wisely!


April 30, 2020

If you think all this caution, social distancing, stay-at-home, business closings, non-essential surgery cancellations etc. are necessary to keep you and others healthy, you are already on your way to total psycho/sociological conditioning.

Not to make light of the deaths, but, as we are availed to more and more data regarding this virus, it is more and more obvious that there is less and less to fear from the virus than there is from the controls put upon us. While this virus is more widespread than the annual flu, it is proving to be proportionately less deadly. More infection; fewer deaths. Therefore, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is roughly the same threat that we face annually between, November and March. It may even be lower when all the co-morbid deaths are separated from the actual Covid deaths. Yet, for this respiratory ailment we are being forced by the governments (federal, state and local) to completely disrupt our lives and livelihoods. Why?

Undo panic was created early with the mass purchasing and hoarding of toilet tissue. There is no association with diarrhea and this pulmonary malady. This carried over to food stuffs then to fear of proximity. 24/7 news coverage promotes a needless response to a virus similar to those we have encountered and overcome many times in the past.

Deaths are being reported and recorded as caused by Covid-19 when symptoms of the virus are concurrent with other debilitating diseases or ailments. This is like saying that Covid-19 is the cause of death when someone chooses early death (suicide) due to cancer when an autopsy displays signs of Covid-19. Thus, the actual mortality rate of this virus may well be far below that of our annual battles.

The best explanation for isolating and quarantining healthy people is control.

Control over:

*Economy – Financial collapse – unemployment – inflation – printing money – individual poverty – commercial/industrial poverty – recession/depression.

*Purchasing needs – Hysteria-created panic buying – from bathroom tissue to firearms and ammunition. However, some in government say you cannot purchase flooring for projects or jigsaw puzzles while confined to quarters.

*Physical activity – Arresting people paddle boarding off the coast, walking on public beaches or in public parks.

*Dress code – Enforced covering of face when in public – whether alone or with others.

*Healthy people – Quarantined, mandated isolation, assertively to protect self and others.

*Mindset – created fear of environment, evil virus may be out there. Wear a mask, social distancing, no physical contact, limit activity outside home.

Even within the Democrat party, if you are not of the “total control” mindset and choose to associate with people outside your party, you are to be censured; outcast, e.g. free thinkers Vernon Jones, Karen Whitsett.

Was “Jade Helm 2015” a prelude to what’s here today and what might be coming tomorrow? Was it an exercise to identify our reaction to an armed, uniformed presence?


November 25, 2019

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Illinois) defended the testimony of “witnesses” during the first day of public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump arguing that “hearsay can be much better evidence than direct.”

“I think the American public needs to be reminded that countless people have been convicted on hearsay,” he added. “Because the courts have routinely allowed and created needed exceptions to hearsay. Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct as we have learned in painful instances, and it’s certainly valid in this instance.”

He doesn’t, however, say how many innocent people have been erroneously convicted of crimes based solely on hearsay evidence. He did not go into how bias and hatred can cause simple hearsay to be used with damning influence.

The major problem with hearsay evidence, and even direct witness recollection, is mindset and objectivity at the time of observance and when testifying.

Rep. Quigley, with his statement above, illustrates the ability of authoritarian people seeking absolute power to make the absurd sound real to people who hear only what they want to hear. Remember, he is a member of the party that denies life until it can be seen outside the womb. Even then, if the mother and doctor involved choose not to accept it, that non-life might be terminated at will.

This is the group-think mentality under which progressive liberals demand adherence from all. If an activist progressive identifies yellow as a color of objection, then we must all eliminate yellow from our everyday lives or be outcast. If yellow ever adjoined one’s intersectionality (past or present) the only remedies are publicly renouncing and rejecting ever showing appreciation or even accepting the color yellow immediately followed by humiliating one’s self with apology or accepting excommunication from society at large.

So, if hearsay evidence is sufficient to incarcerate someone, then anyone who has flipped off another in heavy traffic becomes subject to gun confiscation (display of anger). Red Flag laws, now on the books and proposed, allow anyone to make a claim against a gun owner. With that claim, firearms and other lethal devices may be removed from the accused persons possession until there is an adjudication by the courts. A simple claim, even if that claim was experienced by another and verbally related to the claimant contacting authorities, is now enough to cause a home invasion and confiscation.

Progressives are taking this country from one of “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty by accusation and innuendo”. They are making our world less safe by making crimes such as illegal entry, hit and run, theft, child rape, assault, battery, fraud and many other crimes into minor misdemeanors. There is no deterrent penalty to prevent recurrence or escalation to greater crimes. However, verbally defending your position against an angry idiot is enough for the police to confiscate all your legally owned weapons until you can prove that the idiot who lost the disagreement and engaged them is the one who should be jailed…and then the case is dismissed without redress for the false accusation.

People with this mindset are the same people who believe that Marxist/socialists will see to it that there is no charge for health care or higher education (aka their control and influence over your child pre-K – grad), that whoever wants to take advantage of the generosity of Americans is welcome to come from around the world and do so. No job, no skills, no education, no problem…it’s all free. And if you act now, the government will pay you $1,000 every month just for being here.

God, please save us!


April 13, 2018

There’s a lot of attention recently given to David Hogg and a few other “survivors” of the MSDHS shooting of February 14, 2018. However, the high school students are only pawns of the anti-gun movement. Those who believe the students are in charge are obviously mentally ill. Such a belief indicates that they are incapable of rational thought.

Even those indoctrinated in the Marxist/socialist centers, aka public schools, must recognize there is no way for a small group of students experiencing a traumatic event to organize these marches and media campaigns. The permits alone for the marches cost thousands of dollars. This group of students probably couldn’t afford the cardboard on which the slogans are painted or professionally printed. Few, even with the help of parents, could afford to travel to the protest sites like Washington D.C.

So, who’s funding and organizing the students and “their” protests? It’s the same cabal that funded and directed the last administration. It’s the “resistance”, the George Soros (Gyorgy Schwartz) crowd. It’s the billionaire One World government – Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030 – America hating Communists who are leading the mush-minded school kids and dim-witted adults who refuse to comprehend what they ask for.

If you want to control gun violence, keep guns away from the mentally ill, criminals and those who are easily and ignorantly duped; those who are too stupid to know they are being used. Those are not people who should be followed. Quite the contrary; those are people who should be feared because they are easily propelled by people with evil agendas whose violence is a proven acceptable means to their end.

The “education system” has, over the past few decades, taught our children how to be victims and how to follow. The current youth generation is afraid of themselves and can only take in the worst of society. Only a few have the rare capability to think for themselves or see beyond victim hood. Those who do are considered privileged. Choose what you like: (white privilege, class privilege, male privilege, female privilege, gender privilege, race privilege, etc.) and vehemently rail against it, but certainly don’t take the time or make the effort to better yourself for that will give you a contemptible privilege.

So, why do they want to take away our guns? It’s so that a powerful and well armed centralized government can further dictate your existence. It’s the means to the end. The end is Communism; government ownership of all property with tightly controlled rationing of food and all other necessities to the minions who ignorantly followed billionaires’ leadership to destroy their own world.

We must make sure they cannot aggress or defend themselves with weapons. They are too unstable and dangerous.