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October 7, 2017

Push back is imminent! The logic of the left decrees that if someone chooses not to participate in, or chooses to claim offense in any way, everybody must respect his, her (or any of 55+ other mind-boggling gender pronouns) feelings by ceasing whatever they deem unsuitable. If we follow the logic to its ultimate conclusion, we see that it boomerangs back upon their very own mandated standards.­

Not everybody chooses to participate in Christmas celebrations – therefore end all public Christmas plays and celebrations

Not everybody chooses to participate in Christian prayer – therefore end all Christian prayer outside of churches

Not everybody chooses to participate in Halloween – therefore end all Halloween festivities in schools and public places

Not everybody chooses to participate in Hanukkah celebrations –therefore end all Hanukkah celebrations except in synagogues and temples.

Not everybody chooses to participate in hunting and shooting sports – therefore over tax and over regulate all private handguns, rifles and ammunition…tightly restrict when and where shooting may occur

Not everybody chooses to honor the flag, our national anthem or our men and women in uniform – therefore eliminate all representations of pride and symbolism related to our country

Not everybody enjoys fast food – therefore over tax and over regulate fast food restaurants until banned

Not everybody enjoys sugary drinks – therefore over tax and eliminate all sugary drinks

Not everybody enjoys jungle gyms – therefore ban all jungle gyms in schools and parks so that no child has access to them

Some children (+/- .02%) are injured when playing on teeter-totters– therefore ban all teeter-totters in schools and parks so that no child has the ability to enjoy them

Not everybody who has goldfish feeds their pets on time – therefore ban gold fish to prevent inhumane treatment

Not everybody enjoys pork products – therefore ban all pork products

Not everybody appreciates dogs – therefore ban all dogs

Not every young girl looks like Barbie – therefore ban the sale of all Barbie dolls

Not everyone believes in truthful history – therefore eliminate all visions and vestiges of history from the earliest record to current times…allow only emblems of glorious events and eras

Some people believe all animals should live an unrestricted life and die a natural death – therefore demean every person who wears clothing made from hides and those who eat meat

Some people are offended by differing opinions – therefore take FOX News off the air


Thus, using the logic of the left…

Not everybody chooses to participate in Gay marriage – therefore we must end all Gay marriages.



September 6, 2017

I recognize that those who most need to read this and other like articles are the least likely to do so. It destroys their implanted narrative and thus must be rejected outright without review or consideration.

It doesn’t take a mental giant, or even an semi-intelligent public school graduate, to see there is a movement afoot to destroy the United States. Unfortunately, most of the imbued high school graduates and certainly the products of many four year colleges are so indoctrinated with “free” and “equal” and “diversity” and “acceptance” that critical thinking and reasoned observation is not within their purview. They cannot see or accept economic, social or political reality and cannot recognize what they are conditioned to bring about.

Today’s scholars, professors and teachers are bred on the disciplines of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. Marx predicted that the internal class struggle of a capitalist society would produce self destruction resulting ultimately in a socialist society. He professed socialism or an ideal classless society such as communism would result. Alinsky popularized the thinking of Marx and directed the initialization of his philosophy.

Alinsky alleged that the best method to effect change is to first create chaos of the highest order. He became the figurehead of the counter-culture movement of the 1960s and 1970s and is the mentor of the liberal journalists, teachers, professors and politicians (the reporters, guides and governors) of today.

Many of our current and recent generations, seduced by the authority of their “educators”, see only the initial and seductive stages of the socialist and communist doctrines. They have been drilled with the notion that these economic and political creeds result in global and total equality; everyone prospers from the efforts and production of the collective. The poverty and starvation that decades of submission to these philosophies is not admitted in the indoctrination. Only the ultimately infeasible Utopian representation is offered and revered.

From the chaotic state, the masses will accept any change to calm or abate the state of turbulence. That change comes in the form of socialism and ultimately communism. A soothing transition from capitalism and democracy might be termed Democratic Socialism; the first step to authoritarian dominance.

Each leader among the disciples of these philosophies believes he or she is the one to make the transition complete and viable. Every one who has tried has failed and each society transformed has suffered. The chieftains of the attempts often die under unexpected and mysterious circumstances only to be followed by stronger figures. The proles of these regimes toil endlessly for their meager existence while the elite governing class becomes enriched.

*Note the referral to two classes of these “equality for all” socio-political comradeships. This, in itself, illustrates a major contradiction to the professed uniform prosperity.

Without direct and personal incentive to produce and prosper for one’s self and family, there is little reason to work at capacity for others to benefit. Feudalism does not enhance the wealth of society. It drains the wealth from it.

I refer you to the totalitarian reign of the former USSR. For those with less historical background or initiative to do the research, read the current news coming out of Venezuela. Both of these nation states passed through the stage of Marxism, into socialism and into autocracies whereby the masses became starving chattel of the dictators.

Capitalism and democracy may not be the best forms of economy, government and civilization for it, too, is flawed. However, it has proven to be among the best for the greatest majority within. We, the U.S., are now at a negative point of transition away from personal responsibility and reward to that of dominance and submissiveness. With each new entitlement easing the need for self reliance, we move closer and closer to the proven failures of totalitarianism.

The United States is now in a hybrid state whereby public welfare is surpassed by government give-away programs. Charitably helping the infirm and incapable through public support is beneficial to a social and civilized community. However, making the lazy and sedentary comfortable and dependent with luxuries such as internet service, cell phones, monthly stipends, housing allowances and other benefits robs them of pride and incentive and allows the government to lord over them. The passive recipients democratically vote for more of the same not realizing they are electively contributing to their own servitude and that of their descendants.

The anarchists we see in the streets today are only ignorant players, for the most part. They falsely believe they are contributing to constructive societal change. Some are paid to organize and engage in protests and riots as suggested by Alinsky; to create chaos. The rest are dupes acting ignorantly, or on partial information regarding the projected outcome of their participation. Most are oblivious to the historical mistakes of multiple attempts to alter the social order. They are unaware of their contribution to totalitarianism.


October 25, 2016

Col. Allen West does not agree that men and women of the California National Guard should be obligated to repay the carrot presented by the Pentagon and handled by the financially inept State of California.  I can only agree.  These men and women offered their lives for a few bucks and maybe a piece of cloth to pin on their chests.  Let it be the responsibility of the bumbling idiots in charge to personally repay the money, not the soldiers and not the taxpayers. Read Col. West’s article:

Cloward and Piven strategized to bankrupt the system. DONE!

The national debt is currently $19,740,000,000,000.

The deficit (that the left claims is cut in half) stands at $590,000,000,000.

The true unemployment rate is 37.1%.  (The difference between the total number of employable persons of working age and those who actually are working), not the claimed 5.0%.

Some young relatives of mine just relocated.  They are among the intelligent and lucky few who escaped California.  They left their jobs but did not collect unemployment insurance so they were not counted among the unemployed.  They have obtained jobs in their new state which are statistically counted for Obama’s legacy purposes.  They are the same people who were working and are now working, but counted as new hires.  Amazing!  Then, we have two individuals filling the vacated positions also counted as new hires to bring down the declared unemployment rate.  The double count is for the benefit of the uninformed idiot voters who believe the propaganda promulgated by the White House and broadcast on the nightly lies and social media.

We have a rampant Marxist government deep in the making and we are on the way to full blown Communism (it takes a village) under a Global Government. This constant agitation of the citizens; the poking and prodding and identifying and dividing population segments are all parts of a strategy.  They are not “unintended consequences” that progressives use to excuse themselves after the lights come on.

If you want to continue the pattern, by all means vote for Hillary.  When everything has been taken from you and your children, perhaps then you’ll awaken.  When you find yourself in a food line dependent on the government to give you a chit for sustenance, perhaps you’ll wish you’d stood for the national anthem when there was one.

By all means, please share this with everybody you know – conservatives and progressives.



July 12, 2016

Donald Trump is adamant about having a wall on our southern border. He said he would make Mexico pay for it. Of course, Mexico’s leaders both past and present are calling him out for the statement and saying that there is no way Mexico is going to pay for a wall.

Trump’s declaration, like so many of his others, are inciting but not necessarily feasible. There are better and less costly ways of shutting down the influx of immigrants from around the globe who choose unpermitted entry into our country primarily through a porous and virtually unmanned border. It is quite well known globally that the easiest line of illegal access is our southern border. Thus, Trump’s concentration on a wall high enough and deep enough to discourage intrusion.

One way to accomplish the task without an unsightly barrier is law enforcement. Stated another way, if the federal government would enforce the laws passed by congress and signed into law by past presidents, there would be little problem.

President Bush allowed restrained enforcement of our existing border enforcement laws. President Obama has virtually scrapped them. He has actually instructed the troops not to enforce the laws.  He has passed the word that there will be disciplinary action for not carrying out his unlawful demands to allow those entering the country safe passage once they have answered a few questions. In some cases, agents are instructed to transport them to federal transitional housing.

It has also been reported that under the current administration, many of the illegal border crossers are then being transported to various locations of their choosing within the country. More than one article states that U.S. taxpayers are providing air transportation all the way from South and Central America into the United States. All under the false front of refugee assistance. Taxpayers are now importing unvetted danger.

Simply reversing these unlawful policies would go a long way toward making our country safer and lessen the burden on the taxpayers and government. Allowing those hired and trained to track down, detain and deport foreign lawbreakers the opportunity to do their jobs would also accomplish what a much more expensive and ungainly wall might achieve.

We have the laws in place to protect our country and the citizens within. Those laws are being overridden and effectively overwritten in a despotic attempt to fundamentally change our country. The tyrannical methods used to transform this country are exactly the ones used in the South American countries from which many of the people flee. The changing of this country is one doomed to fail…or succeed depending on the preordained goals.

If allowed to continue, this pattern of executive mandates outweighing congressionally passed laws can only lead to a full Marxist/socialist or even communist government. There is not, and has not been, a Marxist, socialist or communist government that does not impoverish, enslave and abuse the citizens before total economic collapse and/or violent revolution. We are already seeing escalating unrest and violent protest throughout the nation. The next step is now a short one.


July 7, 2016

Sometimes (often now) I think I’m experiencing a long-term flash back from the acid tab I never dropped back in the 60s or 70s. Life simply cannot be this surreal.

College students so incensed by truth and honesty that they have to hide from the reality or see a psychologist…or the psychologist tells them to sequester themselves in a safe place until the shuddering eases. Political correctness overcomes and stifles free speech.

We now have:

A front running presidential candidate under FBI criminal investigation for top secret national security violations who continues to garner more campaign funds from foreign sources and government contractors. There is more doubt about honesty and integrity surrounding her, her husband and their family foundation than any other crime syndicate in history. However, her supporters routinely dismiss the allegations or mightily defend against her every action. The news media regularly fails any mention of her short comings.

Another presidential front runner says such outrageous things even his own mother would cringe when he speaks.

A third presidential candidate who only recently dropped out of the race garnered strong (riotously strong ) support. He openly stated that he would follow the path set forth by Alinsky, Cloward, Piven and Marx and bring to the U.S. the same failed socialist system that has produced dictators and brought down the economic systems of countries throughout history.

A president, and proclaimed Constitutional expert, who exerts more power than allowed by that very document. When the courts decide against his moves, he continues to enforce his unlawful mandates or has one of the agencies under his command “regulate” them into enforcement.

A congressional majority from the opposing party who ignores or approves the unconstitutional edicts, rules, regulations and fines imposed on the public. They continue to fund such unconstitutional mandates as imposed health insurance and relocation and Welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

A political targeting of citizens by IRS, DHS, DHHS, EPA, DOJ and other federal agencies, apparently at the behest of the White House.

An apparently politically partisan Supreme Court rather than one impartial and dedicated to upholding the Constitution.

An administration infiltrated by appointed Muslim Brotherhood members that sides with foreign terrorists over American citizens.


Today, if the LCD screen on the cash register goes out, a high school graduate cannot give you the right change for a five dollar bill when the purchase is $3.58. If the register doesn’t tell them to remit $1.42, the cashier has to call in a manager. Depending on the age of the manager, there might still be a challenge. Common core math tells them that $1.20 and $2.00 might both be right if they can verbally justify the number.

Want to have a little fun? Next time you have the opportunity, give one of these fifteen dollar an hour scholars a five dollar bill for that $3.58 purchase. Then, after he or she has entered the amount into the register, say “wait a minute” and hand over another sixty or seventy-five cents and enjoy what happens.

*CAUTION – Do not do this if there is a line behind you. It’s not fair to them.