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December 20, 2014

Thanks to the 9th U.S. Circus Court of Jesters based in San Franfeako, California, people in Arizona who cannot read, write or understand English and cannot follow basic traffic signs may obtain a driver’s license and legally drive anywhere in the United States. Like in California, they are allowed an “interpreter” to read, but not answer questions on the written test. There is no proctor overseeing the test, but I’m sure no illegal alien would cheat.

This is not the culmination by any means, but certainly a high point of President Obummer’s Dream Act. We now have people with no want, will or allegiance to the government or the nationals and legal residents claiming that they will be out of the shadows and no longer considered second-class citizens.

They are welcomed, but uninvited guests of this country. They are not citizens, but still they demand the same services, benefits and entitlements as citizens. According to dictionary definitions (which they obviously cannot read), they are not citizens…not second-class citizens, not even third-class citizens.

a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection (distinguished from alien).

From Merriam-Webster
a :  a member of a state
b :  a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it

I thought California had gone to the weeds and moved to Arizona. But Arizona is still under the jurisdiction of the same clown posse.



November 23, 2014

Talking with a neighbor the other day about Obama’s version of immigration reform (“this is what I want so this is what you get America), I brought up my concern for unemployment in the country. I said that I believed citizens and legal residents would be further harmed by introducing more people into the mix. I stated that the true unemployment figure was already about 37% and not what the administration publishes for the lapdog media to broadcast.

The look on his face was not unexpected. It was disbelief to the Nth degree, as it might be with most people. When he questioned where I got such the number, I told him it is from the BLS. I explained that it is the accurate number when you take into account all the people who have given up looking for work. Many people now find waiting for the government to send a check or make a direct deposit easier and almost as profitable as working. You know, the truth, the kind of information you just don’t get from broadcast news, NPR or PBS.

I can’t see how the president’s recent move will rapidly build the economy and move some of the 37.2% potential workers back to employment. For the skeptics and cool aid drinkers that accept the hogwash put out by the government, please check the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ own charts. Sometimes you just have to look beyond the cloud.

The math is so simple even Gruber’s stupid voters can do it. Subtract the labor participation rate shown (62.8%) from the total number of potential workers (100%) and you arrive at a true unemployment figure of 37.2%. Feel free to use your fingers, if you must. That number is somewhat different from the 5.8% that everyone hears.

Still feeling good about the 5.8% rate after seeing the BLS chart? We have over a third of the country that is sitting idle or participating in robberies, beatings, shootings, uprisings, riots or protests for something to keep them busy. People get angry when they have too much free time and too little money.

How can another few million people possibly do any harm?


August 28, 2014

How can Californians shoot themselves in the foot while punching the ballot to take all firearms away from residents?

Not only are businesses scurrying to North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona to escape the excess taxes and ridiculous regulations that make them less competitive, the rational citizens who are willing to work are following those jobs. Soon the entire state will be made up of illegal aliens with driver licenses but no insurance, Welfare and Medicaid recipients and the governing progressives who drove away all the productive people and businesses.

Governor “Moonbeam” is also driving the state further into the hole. Currently, according to the favorably massaged government figures, 11% of the state’s total population is drawing down on the state coffers. That means 9 people earning an income are supporting themselves, their families and collectively one other unknown individual.

EBT, Medicaid and Welfare assistance, with its myriad subordinate state entitlements, drawing from the state coffers contribute heavily to the annual deficit which continues to climb from 6%. Each resident, working or not, is responsible for $11K of the overspent and mismanaged funds. As the state’s $400 billion debt continues to grow, it provides the Democrat in Charge, an opportunity to raise taxes on the few remaining citizens still able to buy their own food.

I recently ran across an article in the LA Times that stated Governor Brown is only fanning the wildfire. He called America “the other Mexico” and welcomed all immigrants by stating that it didn’t matter if they had permission to be in the United States, they were welcome in California.

I guess he needs more bodies to fill the void left by businesses and families leaving the insanity.

Think of that! More children who cannot even speak or understand English bringing greater burden to the already failing school system. More unskilled and under-educated adults to pick the broccoli and oranges and fluff motel pillows and clean floors so that their American equivalents cannot even supplement their Welfare checks with those jobs. Need I mention, the financial burden imposed on drivers with insurance when more uninsured drivers are unleashed on the streets and highways in unsafe vehicles?

Of course, the “new residents” are allowed driver licenses without the normal proof of identity required of U.S. born citizens. Once obtained, that picture I.D. allows them to register to vote in any or all precinct(s) and vote as directed by the local ACORN affiliate.

I suppose the good news is that Governor Brown is expected to throw his hat into the ring for president in 2016. A Moonbeam presidency could only be a continuation of Obama’s goal to ultimately collapse the country, making way for a One World Caliphate.

Now you know why I recently left the state. Good bye, California


September 12, 2012

“Vote early and vote often” is the rallying cry generally attributed to Richard J. Daley, 21 year mayor and undisputed Democratic boss of Chicago.  It does seem to be a prevalent command theme to party members everywhere, though.

While Eric Holder vehemently denies a need to show I.D. at the polls because there is insignificant voter fraud, at least one party member votes as often as she can.  I’m not talking about the dead who show up on the voter roles and at the polls on election day and I’m not speaking of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Yogi Bear who do the same.  This time a Democrat candidate for public office has been caught.

Meet congressional candidate, Wendy Rosen.  She’s a Cockeysville (you can’t make this stuff up, folks) Maryland business woman and challenger for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.  Ms. Rosen lives in Maryland and owns vacation property in Florida.

Maryland State Democratic Chairwoman, Yvette Lewis, reports that Rosen registered and voted in both Maryland and Florida.  Records indicate Wendy Rosen cast ballots in both Maryland and Florida during the 2006 and 2008 primaries and general elections.  Without compunction, the Democrat congressional candidate readily admits voting in Florida to help a good friend get elected to local office(Given she is voting Democrat tickets in both locations, there may not be any fraud found.)

Meanwhile, on the other coast, city officials in Los Angeles are seriously considering a multi-use library card.  The government issued card will constitute a valid a form of identification for the city’s large illegal immigrant population.  It could also be used to open bank accounts and access an array of city services.

A large number of illegal immigrants enter the U.S. knowing they may participate in government give-away programs.  This, or any other form of I.D., will not be required to vote and grant themselves more money and services from local, state and federal resources.  If they vote Democrat, as expected, they can vote in as many locals as they can reach on election day.  Some may also vote via absentee ballot in those and other precincts because they will be “out of the shadows”.


June 17, 2012

Prostitute: a person who willingly uses his or her position, talent or ability in a base and unworthy way for personal gain, usually for money.

In 2008, the majority of citizens (and others) living in the most densely populated areas of the country voted to elect a relatively unknown orator to the highest office of the United States.  That office, formerly known as the Office of the President, has since taken on a number of cognomens that reflect disrespect for the man elected.  Within weeks of his inauguration, he was known as the “Apologist-in-Chief” for his world tour deprecating the accomplishments of our country from inception to present.

He is probably best known for his reluctance to accept responsibility for the position he sought so desperately.  For every move he has made; for each ill he has created he has pointed the finger to his predecessor as the cause.  Thus he has locked up the name “Whiner-in-Chief”.

Due to the unprecedented increase of entitlement recipients he rates a couple of names.  Extended unemployment benefits to assist those unexpectedly out of work for lengthy periods to complete government dependence scored the titles of “Welfare President” and “Food Stamp President”.

For his oversight of the NSA personal data collection program he has earned the crest of “Personal Information Overlord”.  While virtually all presidents before him have collected and stored information about opponents that could prove politically beneficial, President Obama has taken full advantage of today’s technology to extract and harbor personal information about every citizen and others.  The massive amounts of information gathered by our government today leaves no person with any privacy.  There is no warrant required for the DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI or any alphabet agency or authorized government contractor to pluck and warehouse cybernetic data because there is no “reasonable expectation of privacy” to information electronically communicated.

Small drones hover in the streets and alleys within our cities, peering into apartment windows to gather personal information about our movement within and outside our dwellings.  Larger drones fly higher over agricultural land to count farm animals and acres of wheat or strawberries.  Though the information gleaned can’t specifically be used against us in a court of law, doesn’t mean it can’t be used against us.  Livestock and crops are destined to be taxed on their potential instead of their true value.  Who came to visit or where you went and what you did on Thursday is now a digital record

The many White House Wednesday night concerts with chefs, food and celebrities flown in from across the country and around the globe cause many people of the country who are paying for the extravaganzas to dub Obama the “Entertainment Czar”.

Endangering ally nations, the lives of service personnel and confidential informants for no purpose other than self-aggrandizement unofficially knights him “The World’s Least Trustworthy National Leader” and “Commander in Cheap”.

For his most recent antics, however, I classify him as “Prostitute-in-Chief”.  Shamelessly saying anything to secure a bank of votes with no consideration of follow through is one thing.  (E.g. stating that he personally affirms his support for gay marriage in the waning hours before election.)  However, purposefully bypassing Congress to stomp on and shred the Constitution of the United States of America with spiked boots is beyond condemnation.

With Americans lining up around the block to apply for 6-10 openings at a manufacturing plant, there is only one reason for granting work permits and de facto amnesty to 800,000 working age illegal aliens.  That would be to secure a voting block.  The recent move endears him to the Hispanic population including those now able to take the few available jobs and their friends and relatives in this country as well.  The President is betting they will say thank you with their votes (no I.D. required at the polls).  Mega corporations and small businesses will also save money by hiring the hard working individuals.  Perhaps their campaign bribes helped the decision evolve.  The right vote will also accommodate those “newcomers” by providing their families with free education, healthcare and supplemental income at the expense of Americans who cannot find gainful employment.

A person who uses his position in a base and unworthy way for personal gain is a prostitute!