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February 4, 2015

Sometimes I just love to listen to liberals speak. They can make themselves irrelevant before anybody with sense can even rebut one of their ignorant statements. Here’s an example to illustrate my case: On his return to the floor of the Senate Monday, Reid said, “I have watched very closely… with what has gone on here the last month,” he said. “I’m sorry to say that we spent one month on a bill calling for the importation of oil from a foreign country, and then importing that oil outside of America.”

Number one, you don’t import in two opposite directions, Harry. Perhaps the “excercise accident” did more than just physical damage. (Personally, I can’t help thinking that some left-handed family member beat the crap out of the one-time amateur boxer for acting progressively stupid. The injuries, right eye and broken ribs, lend themselves nicely to the theory.)
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.09.32 PM
Apparently he was upset by the fact that the Keystone XL pipeline bill had been amended a number of times and voted on with each amendment. His method of Senate leadership was to either accept or reject any bill drafted and not allow a vote. Spending time trying to get a bill right before final passage, to him, is unreasonable. Too bad he lost his post.

Reid believes in it’s the “my way or the highway” style of dictitorial dominance. I think I’ll call it “Reiding” the negotiation process. Reiding a negotiation is quite different from “Baracking” one. The term Baracking might be used in a case of giving our enemies everything they want in exchange for nothing.

Swapping five major terrorists for one U.S. Army deserter and possible enemy collaborater might be termed Baracking. Reducing sanctions on Iran in hopes that they will discontinue the effort to enrich uranium to weapons grade in order to annihilate Isreal and possibly America is another instance of Baracking. Returning Gitmo prisoners to the Mid-Eastern battlefields is another. (I wouldn’t doubt that he also accomodates with back pay for their time in incarceration).

Yep, we be gettin’ change now.


March 31, 2012

Our government is out of control.  The president continues to bypass or skirt congress to appoint radicals, create bureaucratic agencies that forge costly and highly restrictive regulating edicts to destroy business and control individuals.  The Constitution is tattered and tread upon with each presidential appointment and massive spending plan.  Congress has been neutered by the moves.

Former military bases have been converted to “FEMA emergency camps”.  Surrounded by high fences topped with concertina wire, they are said to have been transformed to house individuals and families in case of national disaster.  If that is the truth, why is there need for guard towers, 12’ fences and razor wire?

The NSA is building a $1.5 billion cyber data collection and storage center outside Bluffdale, Utah supposedly to intercept communiqués between terrorists and other national security threats.  Facebook, Twitter, text, email and phone conversations of any person can be monitored at any time in the name of “National Security” now.  The archiving of all such personal interaction soon will be norm of the realm.

Security cameras on virtually every street corner, drones patrolling our cities and countryside, communication monitoring and super prisons manned by government officials do not promote freedom.  They impede freedom and abase privacy.  The government is usurping our rights as citizens while telling us the intent is to protect us.  We cannot allow this to continue.

The Attorney General, as head of law enforcement for the United States, allowed violent Mexican drug cartels access to high-powered, high capacity and rapid firing weapons in what has been described as an attempt to show how easily criminals can obtain weapons.  This move, to some, represents an attempt to put greater restrictions on gun and ammunition purchases for the citizens of our country.  Many believe it was a harsh attempt to begin eliminating all firearms from personal use.

Given the above and knowing that the government will continue to appropriate more and more un-granted authority through the restriction or elimination our individual rights in direct violation of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, it is time to take action.

Amendment  II:  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

It may be time to not only consider, but also begin forming a “well regulated Militia” before it is no longer possible.  I’m not suggesting an aggressively hostile, subversive or  anarchist type movement, just one that may need to defend American citizens from an overly abusive government.

We the People must protect one another from a tyrannical government.  Our representatives are becoming more intrusive and dictatorial with each administration.  They have become adversarial.  Each change of guard only builds upon the domination of the previous one.  If we complacently allow the outlawing of all firearms, which is the direction our elected and the appointed puppets of the Executive branch are headed, there will be no possibility of protecting ourselves against them.  That is their goal!

First, they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

By Pastor Niemoller


December 9, 2011

There was no massacre at Fort Hood.  What took place on November 9, 2009 was simply “workplace violence” as deemed by the administration in Washington D.C.  It could have been a co-worker punching another in the arm.  The 13 dead and 29 wounded are guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They simply shouldn’t have been in the presence of an identified Jihadist who could not be relieved of his commission because of his Muslim heritage.

A child with head down, speaking softly to him or herself or humming a gospel tune during lunch or recess receives a three day suspension for praying on school grounds.  A note is archived in their permanent record for reference in case of any future disruptions.

A manager brings his secretary flowers and mentions her hair color is very becoming.  She complains of sexual harassment and receives a five figure settlement while the boss spends ten hours attending unpaid sensitivity training.

You can buy a health insurance policy that will cover Viagra, condoms or abortion but will not cover a needed knee replacement or carpal tunnel syndrome.

A parent or guardian must sign a comprehensive liability release so that a male child can have a complete health exam prior to try-outs for the soccer or football team.  No such requirement, or even mandated parental notification, is necessary for a school to send a 12-year-old girl to a doctor for an abortion.

A belligerent activist who is removed from a town hall meeting for his disruptive action files a seven figure lawsuit naming the police, city, private venue owners, host and presenter for racism because his ethnic background is not represented in the event.

Houses of worship acquiesce to the removal of nativity scenes because they present a view different from, and unwelcome by, the two local atheists.

A disabled war hero loses a lawsuit for displaying a flag in front of his home on Memorial Day.  The exposition is considered overly patriotic and offensive to people not born in this country.

Men and women who “believe themselves” to be of a sexual orientation other than their apparent gender may use the toilet facilities of their choosing at public events, libraries, parks and other municipal buildings.

Black Panthers can intimidate voters at the polling booth by displaying “nightstick” clubs in a threatening manner without repercussion but handing out political flyers down the block will net the perpetrator a day in jail and fine.

Burning a Bible is acceptable, but accidentally dropping a Koran is disrespectful and warrants severe punishment.  The ACLU will fight, and often win, cases of religious persecution tried by liberal judges.

Bankers, brokers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac threaten bankruptcy and receive billions of dollars by obligating productive workers and their families to multi-generational debt.  Meanwhile the “C” level executives of those companies and organizations take home multi-million dollar bonuses for doing a stellar job of leading.

Congress makes laws for the citizens from which they exempt themselves during and after their elected service.  Insider trading, health care, tax exemptions, reimbursable expenses and retirement are just a few of the myriad exclusions.

Can I be the only one who sees this once great nation overwhelmingly and rapidly becoming the world of BIZARRO?


April 13, 2011

Last week Republicans showed weakness in the chamber.  They “compromised away their core values to keep the government from closing.  They were afraid the progressives might call them bad names.  Would a government shutdown really be a bad thing?  Noted: Welfare checks, pay checks for “non-essential government employees” (92.7% redundancy is duly recognized) would not be paid if it were to happen.  We would all get by just the same.  All military and law enforcement personnel are essential employees and continue to receive their over-earned and under-paid income.

Home foreclosures would not occur at any faster rate and credit card companies would not cancel credit any more rapidly.

Some areas that can definitely withstand some major financial aid adjustment might be Amtrak, the USPS, NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood and other entities that are either so bloated with bureaucracy or have so little true value to offer that they cannot survive on their own.  The National Education Association is a superfluous bureaucracy created to oversee the overseers of those who oversee the overseen; it has nothing to do with the education of our youth.  The other NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts also falls within the scope of those whose value cannot justify their existence.  Assistance with start-up of entities with potential should remain available, but discontinued after three years.

Those are very few of the many areas in which the working few are carrying the burden of the unnecessary.  I will grant that discontinuing funding to the hundreds of thousands of Congressional Created Pork Projects would still hold the rough equivalent of expecting to make your car payment from the change you find in your local 7-11 parking lot.  It would be a start, but in no way, the complete answer.

We continue to pay farmers not to grow certain crops because it would lower the price of those crops up on the world market.  We subsidize oil companies making billions of dollars in profit annually with billions of taxpayer dollars to keep them from extracting the natural resources that would make everything from gasoline to toys and circuit boards more affordable.

Health and welfare support for illegal aliens should speak for itself.  We give foreign aide in the hundreds of billions of dollars to oppressive oligarchy headed governments around the world so that they can make life better for their citizens.  We then grant special favors, privileges, subsistence payments and medical advantages to the escapees form those societies.  Adjusting our foreign aide policies to disrespectful countries that consider America and Americans arrogant for needlessly slinging dollars around the world could save us untold trillions of deficit dollars. Not enabling the unlawful behavior of the illegal aliens with subsidies would both reduce the number of lawbreakers and allow some states the opportunity to meet obligations.

The crumbling of the Republicans only adds fuel to the fire of the progressives attempting to collapse the American systems.  From $100 billion promised savings to $61 billion compromised and down to $38.5 finalized, the party of SPEND managed to defeat the American public once again.  Conservatives have again caved from fear of being called bad names by liberal progressives.


Chapter 11 bankruptcy law gives troubled companies and corporations the opportunity to take a step back, regroup, reorganize.  It allows a respite from the daily pressures and gives the leaders an opportunity to objectively review and change policies, procedures and renew controls to assure viability and longevity.  Corporations under Chapter 11 evaluate what is necessary and essential and what is fluff and foo-foo.  An objective arbiter or team of business professionals, generally appointed by the court system, sometimes set up pro-rated payments to those creditors without whose assistance the business would collapse.  The arbiter may also skeletonize the workforce for efficiency.  Chapter 11 is an opportunity to fine tune a business to meet the needs of its customers, share-holders and creditors until full profitability is restored.

It is now time to declare Chapter 11 for the federal government.  The reorganization contingency might also be considered for almost every city, county, and each individual state in need.  Not only is it time for fiscal reorganization, it is time to review and eliminate many of the redundant laws and regulations that are burdening our courts.  It is time to enforce those remaining in such a way that enforcement produces revenue and not deplete it.

Continuing to raise the debt ceiling without controlling spending will cause total collapse of the financial system and the nation.  It’s what the progressives are shooting for and we need someone with vertebral strength to recognize and prevent it from happening.


January 10, 2011

It’s all Sarah Palin’s fault!  Well, at least that was the incantation of most of the media and all but one of the gun control politicians.  The gun control advocates in power are still going to use this shooting to push through another freedom-limiting legislation because Sarah used what appeared to be rifle scope sights on maps indicating which of the Democrats up for re-election would be campaign targets.  Had she used arrows, I suppose Native Americans would be banned from walking or standing within 100’ of any campaign offices or election polls.

Jared Loughner’s peers paint a different picture of him from the initial media projected right-wing nut case.  They portray the shooter as being a pot smoking left-of-center loony who once worked for Gabrielle’s re-election campaign.  As a Blue-Dog Democrat, she may have been more moderate in her politics than his thinking, because his favorite reading material included the ideology and teachings of National Socialist German Worker’s Party (more along Barack’s line of thought).

So, the idiots in Washington will use the incident to legislate, regulate and handcuff the citizens once again.  From THE HILL by Peter Schroeder: “Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) reportedly plans to introduce legislation that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress.”  Also included in the bill is a provision for public official personal offense (POPO).  If you are caught chewing gum with your mouth open in the presence of an elected official, you will be ordered to report to a dentist to have between one and three teeth extracted, depending on how insulted the official claims to have been.

Let the idiots elect their peers or get out and vote in every election.  Any mistakes made last year can be corrected 2012.