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January 25, 2013

Lies deceit, dissuasion, diversion, blaming, and finger-pointing are not new to government.  They are, however, blatantly obvious and deliberate with the current administration.  For each felonious attempt to weasel power, rights, and privileges from us or otherwise shamelessly subvert the Constitution, there occurs a sham inquiry by congress.  The public showing is just that, a show.  The Democrats layer accolades upon the perpetrator for having done the job well under unfortunate or adverse conditions and offer a few soft-ball questions in attempt to make it look like they want answers.  They always know the answers to their irrelevant questions in advance and simply want them on record.

After numerous lengthy delays, Republican investigative committee members receive a few printed sheets, blackened with redaction ink.  Sworn testimony from presidential appointees brings forth a grandiloquent verbal lap dance.  When that fails to satisfy the questioners, he or she testifying receives the blessing of the President to discontinue charade via Executive Privilege.  The media refuses to invoke their investigative reporters to assist with any fact finding because they choose to assist the administration that shares their political views.

“Fast and Furious”, operated by BATFE and headed by Eric Holder’s (Social) Justice Department helped with the killing of thousands of Mexican Nationals, tourists and law enforcement personnel including two of our own Border Patrol.  A few underlings received reassignment within the government or early retirement with full benefits.  Only abstraction remains regarding the operation, the expected outcome, or why there was no identifiable internal oversight or management.  The nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Green energy giveaways totaling nearly $3 billion went to companies whose executives either donated directly or bundled large amounts of cash for the DNC or Obama election campaigns.  To date, well over half of the recipients filed bankruptcy, but not before distributing 5, 6, and 7 figure bonuses to the “C” level personnel.  All told, taxpayers indirectly contributed $2.14 billion to re-elect President Obama.  The nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

While Solyndra did receive some warranted attention, it was primarily due to the amount of stimulus money received to remain viable.  Little attention followed regarding the speed with which they shuttered the doors and put employees on the unemployment roles.  Of the $535 million taxpayer dollars the company received, almost 10% was approved by the liberal bankruptcy court for executive bonuses because they did their jobs well.  Rush Limbaugh and some FOXNews associates shed light on the travesty, but the nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Perhaps my favorite story of the donor bailouts is that of Fisker Automotive.  Fisker received $529 million taxpayer dollars to hire workers and help with our economic recovery.  Fisker promptly shipped the money to Finland where the company is headquartered to produce the Karma, a high end luxury sports car that only the Hollywood Glitteratzi and other despicable One-Percenters can afford.  The bare-bones Karma carries a base price at $102,000 and first used batteries from A123 Systems (awarded $279 million – now bankrupt).

A few challenges the Karma presents include batteries that become disposable if not kept charged.  Replacement cost for the battery cluster is in the neighborhood of $30,000 and is not covered under warranty.  To be considered also is the cost of charging them to forestall the replacement.  Since the automobile is a plug-in hybrid, not charged while driven, it consumes its electrical energy from those reviled fossil fuel fired electricity generating plants and can cost upwards of $60 per charge.  That charge, however, is capable of propelling the vehicle almost 35 miles before the gasoline engine kicks in and burns more fossil fuel at the EPA rate of 20 mpg.  Congress claims not to have resources to carry out another investigation and the nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Most recently, of course, is the Benghazi attack. After dancing her way around the globe to avoid questions, then taking some sick time to distance the inquisition from the event, Hillary agreed to testify.  She accepted full responsibility for the breakdown in security and deaths of Americans.  Then a breath later, she waved her hands before the committee and antithetically retorted, “With all due respect, we had four dead Americans.  Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk who decided they’d go kill Americans.  What difference at this point does it make?  It is our job to figure out what happened.”   The nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Well, Hillary, in order to identify who’s in charge of the tall tales and who’s outright lying, it makes a great deal of difference to many of us.  In order to find out why security was so lax on the anniversary of 9/11, it is necessary to investigate.  Why was a coordinated terror attack that wiped out an American consulate in a hostile country given the alert attention and response of a drunk with a cherry bomb having a fun time?  For the American public to know why we are paying inflated salaries to people who skirt responsibility at every opportunity, it makes a big difference.  I, for one, want to hear a word of truth come from this administration other than, “Under my plan, Cap and Trade, your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket”.  I would like to see everyone involved in this, and every government scandal, fired without further ado and without retirement pay or other continued economy breaking, treasury sucking, lifelong federal benefit packages.  But congressional investigations can’t identify who to fire with nothing but lies, deceit, dissuasion, diversion, blaming, and finger-pointing coming forth.

What difference at this point does it make?  Apparently, it makes no difference to the nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.