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October 9, 2016

We Need Someone Who’s Honest and Plays by the Rules” for President! (Michelle Obama – Tuesday, October 4, 2016 Charlotte North Carolina)

Unfortunately, the “rules” to which the First Lady refers are the rules of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid and well…progressive liberals in general. The declaration is a contradiction within itself . Their rules include total disregard for the laws of the land, the agents and officers who enforce them, the military, morals, honesty or anything that most of us respect and honor.

When you have a president who believes he has the power to rule via pen and phone, you have a tyrant.

When you have agencies such as the DOJ, DHS and FBI that fail to indict criminals, offer immunity to treasonous conspirators, drop charges against gun runners tied to the attorney general and/or secretary of state, release criminal illegal aliens into the population to re-offend, refuse to secure our borders, allow dead people, felons and non-citizens into the polls to elect your leaders, you no longer have a Constitutional Republic. When you have progressives in charge, you have treason.

When you have a government in place whose leaders ignore subpoenas or redact subpoenaed information to the point that it stalls, obfuscates and generally obstructs an investigation of criminals within the government, you; the people of the United States of America, have lost your constitutional freedoms. You now live under an authoritarian regime.

When the Commander-In-Chief, his Senior Advisor and the head of the CIA all show partiality and deference to the Muslim Brotherhood and other despotic world leaders, your adversaries are in charge. You no longer have a strong leader working to make your life and your country better. You have an autocrat subordinating to savages and the global elite to decide your future.

The First Lady is half right. We do need someone who’s honest and plays by the rules. We need somebody other than the nominee chosen by the ignorant, uneducated stooges seeking government handouts and the super wealthy power brokers seeking self aggrandizement and gratification. We need a leader who can command respect for the government, the United States and one who is willing to work on behalf of “We the People”.

Twenty-twenty may be the first opportunity for a reasoned correction. Meanwhile, with either of the top party nominees as president, be prepared for an E-ticket ride. Keep your hands inside the car and hold on tight at all times. Secure your wallet and valued possessions. We’re in for some radical swoops, swirls, ascents and descents until relative normalcy returns to this once great nation.


June 30, 2016

What is happening today in the political arena goes well beyond the extraordinary imagination of Orwell or Verne or Lucas or even Baldacci. But this stuff has to be scripted by a like mind or cabal of like minds. And if none of this bothers you, you must be completely ignorant, still trippin’ from the 60s or on some of the hybrid mind altering synthetics of today.

Lately, I’ve been reading some articles and listening to news reports from lesser known outlets describing the death of former head of the United Nations General Assembly, John Ashe. This might be straight out of a Columbo mystery.  John Ashe died an “accidental death”.

Ashe, 61, was scheduled to testify on federal bribery charges within days of his “accidental” death. He died while working out in his home gym. His death was due to “traumatic asphyxia with laryngeal cartilage fractures while lifting a barbell on bench” (read: he was strangled). The stories state that he had a mild heart condition that could have contributed to his death. A complete autopsy won’t be available for about 16 weeks.

The fact that Ashe was tied to the Clintons via foreign money collectors Ng Lap Seng and Charlie Trie and was facing charges of federal bribery I’m sure had nothing to do with his demise. Though Ashe’s scheduled testimony had nothing to do with the Clintons, speculation has it that it could have inadvertently led to a rotary connection of corruption between the pair, Seng and Trie.

Timeliness? Ashe’s testimony was scheduled for the following Monday, five days hence.

The Clintons have lost so many friends, advisors and donors over the years under highly suspicious circumstances that most college 1yearbooks would overflow with their pictures. For the sake of bulk and ease of handling, a second volume might include the pictures and bios of the reporters, sheriff deputies, detectives and other investigators seeking criminal information about the Clintons. It’s entirely coincidental, I’m sure, that every one of the unfortunate many were cronies, partners, or in some way tied to or rooting information about one or more of the myriad scandals associated with Bill and Hillary.

Though without any connection, this “accident” follows the death of the conservative constitutionalist Supreme Court judge, Samuel Alito. His death “by natural causes” (though no autopsy was performed) happened with sufficient time remaining in Obama’s final term to appoint another socialist activist to the bench; a legacy appointment. Other than the normal ailments that come with age (Alito was only 66), he was also in relatively good health, enjoying a vacation at the time of his demise.

The beat goes on. Did you take your pill today?


April 2, 2016

Another congressperson is under suspicion of corruption. Yes, it happens on both sides of the aisle. This time, again, it is a Democrat.

Simple congressional corruption is commonplace and is generally handled by a committee made up of peers of the accused – The House Ethics Committee. This time, as the committee convened, our most honorable friend Loretta Lynch decided to take over the investigation. The accused is Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida. Rep. Brown is a woman. She is black. She is a Democrat. Thus, the investigation cannot possibly proceed in the same manner as most similar investigations.

The current Department of Injustice only, and always, meddles in these affairs when one of their favor is involved. It is easier to hide and obfuscate evidence, or simply disregard it when there is no outside interference by congress.

Even though he was ultimately censured (read: got a slap on the wrist), Charlie Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which has oversight of tax issues, was allowed to face the non-partisan House Ethics Committee chaired by Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) when charged with thirteen ethics violations. Those “violations” included tax fraud, evasion and using rent controlled apartments as headquarters from which to solicit seven figure donations. But then, the Democrats held the majority in both houses at that time. Another factor that might have influenced the committee’s findings is that Rangel has been in government practically since birth. Charlie was found guilty of 11 of the 13 charges. No partisanship here! You or I would still be in jail for the same corruption. Rep. Rangel, on the other hand, remains at his job until such time he decides to retire with full retirement pay and benefits.

For a non-partisan committee to investigate and ultimately find a black woman responsible for graft in accepting over $150,000 from a fraudulent non profit entity that she bolstered by assisting in the collection of over $800,000 in donations could be nothing short of racist, sexist and abject partisan subjectivity.

Thus, Atty. Gen. Loretta lynch, at the behest of President Barack Obama, will thoroughly investigate the allegations to find nothing worthy of reprimand. They will sweep it under the rug, so to speak, just like Benghazi, the ATF, AP phone records, IRS, HUD, EPA, New Black Panthers and multiple other scandals and the way they will ultimately handle the Clinton Email debacle when the FBI hands the case over to them.

If you have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. in the next year, you may not be allowed into any of the Justice Department’s many offices. You see, it’s a safety issue. They don’t want citizens getting in the way of the bulldozers shoving evidence of wrongdoing under the carpet and certainly not tripping over the edges of the rugs covering mounds of scandals and corruption created and buried by this administration.


November 17, 2014

Obama is a team player. His team, aka cabinet, is good at playing the game, really, really good. His second string, the mainstream media is also a force of reckoning.

Obama isn’t surrounded by yes men. He is the yes man surrounded by decision and policy makers. Anyone who has paid even a bit of attention to the government since 2008 must see that he is not one to make decisions. This man cannot tie his shoes in the morning before consulting with, and deriving a majority opinion from, his cabinet on whether to tie them right over left or left over right this day. Sometimes he wears loafers because he’s not sure if they’re joking with him.

On Osama Bin Ladin…after missing not less than three opportunities over six months, it still took him 16 hours to okay the SEAL operation. Due to the time-lapse, the strike team nearly lost the window again. Perhaps Valerie Jarrett’s phone was on charge and she could not respond any sooner.

On Benghazi…the team took on the truth with the vigor of the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. Susan Rice, at center stage, lied like a five year old with purple smeared across her face and hands claiming she knows nothing about any empty jelly jar. Perhaps the dog did it! Not just once did she do it. She practically made a career out of that one lie. (In all honesty, she undoubtedly cemented her career with it).

Together, the team has kept Eric Holder out of jail for almost six years now. Congress should be held in contempt for not calling for an independent prosecutor after he lied to the Fast and Furious investigative committee. Beyond that, however, the targeting of news agencies and reporters for disclosing the DOJ’s criminal activities has been well covered up by the team and second stringers.

Obamacare…well if you haven’t seen FoxNews in the past two weeks, you are probably unaware of Jonathan Gruber and the duplicitous misdirection he orchestrated to have the government take control of one-sixth of the nation’s economy. For that lack of information, you can thank the second string. This, along with swelling the Welfare rolls, are essential steps in the president’s quest to bankrupt the nation.

They may not be working for the people of America, but you can’t say they’re not working together.


September 12, 2012

“Vote early and vote often” is the rallying cry generally attributed to Richard J. Daley, 21 year mayor and undisputed Democratic boss of Chicago.  It does seem to be a prevalent command theme to party members everywhere, though.

While Eric Holder vehemently denies a need to show I.D. at the polls because there is insignificant voter fraud, at least one party member votes as often as she can.  I’m not talking about the dead who show up on the voter roles and at the polls on election day and I’m not speaking of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Yogi Bear who do the same.  This time a Democrat candidate for public office has been caught.

Meet congressional candidate, Wendy Rosen.  She’s a Cockeysville (you can’t make this stuff up, folks) Maryland business woman and challenger for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.  Ms. Rosen lives in Maryland and owns vacation property in Florida.

Maryland State Democratic Chairwoman, Yvette Lewis, reports that Rosen registered and voted in both Maryland and Florida.  Records indicate Wendy Rosen cast ballots in both Maryland and Florida during the 2006 and 2008 primaries and general elections.  Without compunction, the Democrat congressional candidate readily admits voting in Florida to help a good friend get elected to local office(Given she is voting Democrat tickets in both locations, there may not be any fraud found.)

Meanwhile, on the other coast, city officials in Los Angeles are seriously considering a multi-use library card.  The government issued card will constitute a valid a form of identification for the city’s large illegal immigrant population.  It could also be used to open bank accounts and access an array of city services.

A large number of illegal immigrants enter the U.S. knowing they may participate in government give-away programs.  This, or any other form of I.D., will not be required to vote and grant themselves more money and services from local, state and federal resources.  If they vote Democrat, as expected, they can vote in as many locals as they can reach on election day.  Some may also vote via absentee ballot in those and other precincts because they will be “out of the shadows”.