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December 16, 2019

At the recent meeting of Women Rule Summit, Speaker Pelosi was asked about the speed with which the House Democrats were moving toward impeachment. “Speed?” she replied, “It’s been going on 22 months—two and a half years, actually.”

She continued digging the hole with, “I think we are not moving with speed. Was it two and a half years ago they initiated the Mueller investigation? It’s not about speed. It’s about urgency. One of the charges against the president of the United States—saying he was violating the oath of office by asking for government to interfere in our election undermining the integrity of our elections.”

Sometimes, in the haze of age and belief in her royal identity, Speaker Pelosi tells the obvious truth, whether she means to or not. She probably put it best over a year ago when she explained the “Wrap Up Smear”. Foolishly, she allowed the world to see the diabolical ways of the Democrat party. (Not saying that the Republicans don’t use this or similar tactics, but Democrats use it often and viciously.)

The Wrap Up Smear, as the Speaker put it, might well be the reason for the multitude of “leaks” that we see happening during this administration. It is so easy to quote The Washington Post or the New York Times as a credible source when it fits the Democrat agenda or cause. Simply feed the info you want to use through a reporter…maybe true maybe not…then use the manufactured article to validate your point.

More recently she shared the latest, or at least the most obvious iteration of the plan when she openly admitted that the impeachment of President Trump is not connected to any phone call, or even Russian meddling in our elections. It is all about undermining the credibility of a duly elected president. The whole impeachment saga began because they are angry they were unable to adequately manipulate the 2016 election and declare victory for the very corrupt Hillary Clinton in 2016. They have been mad at themselves and taking their anger out on our president.

The past week, the Judiciary committee issued and voted on two articles of impeachment.


Hearsay, innuendo, bias, interpretation and desire to remove the sitting president from office were used in testimony to create this article. Unlike his predecessor using his pen and his phone to skirt congress, President Trump did what every other elected official does in the course of their business day. For him, however, it is considered abuse of power. The charge of investigating Joe and Hunter Biden in exchange for aid, is bogus. The president, from what I read in the transcript, asked the Ukrainian head of state to look into corruption within his government and his country. The Bidens had simply inserted themselves into that corruption.


Laughably, the Democrats in the House consider themselves above the other branches of government. When served with a subpoena, the White House properly referred the matter to the co-equal third branch of our government, the Supreme Court, to identify the validity and necessity of the subpoena. In doing so, this was considered defiant of the lords of congress and deemed impeachable.

This impeachment is an attempt to discredit the current president and take over the government. This behavior should bother everyone who thinks the ideals of the socialists seeking the presidency are not possible. This is the type of authoritarian underhanded overreach that can be expected from those diabolic and malevolent minded individuals seeking to preside over the economy and politics of the United States.


January 26, 2017

Anyone seeing the few newscasts or many YouTube videos of the “demonstrations” in D.C. over the past weekend has to feel bad for the tolerant left. They are so out of touch with reality, so uncaring and abusive that they don’t care what or whom they destroy.

In particular there is one video of men in black destroying the windows of a Starbucks. One CNN video showed customers inside, ducking behind tables and fearing for their lives not knowing what might happen next. That makes the demonstration a terrorist act in almost anybody’s book.

The thing I find particularly funny is that Starbucks President and CEO, Kevin Johnson and Chairman of the Board, Howard Schultz are a couple of the most democracy defiant progressive liberals and Trump haters on the planet. Starbucks is, and has been, the socialist icon and hangout of the past three decades.

These idiots were simply destroying property and they didn’t care if it was repressive government property or that of like minded individuals. It was opportunity not unlike Ferguson or Baltimore or anywhere that progressives can gather to cause mayhem and destruction.

According to some accounts they were paid by Soros step down organizations to cause disruption, chaos and engage police. Starbucks is one of the many progressive owned enterprises that donates large sums of what could be employee profit sharing to the radical Soros groups.

The “demonstrators” just act with Twitter fed mob mentality. They are angered by their own lives. They will probably be the politicians or professors of the future. I seriously doubt that there is a private sector income earner in the group. In fact, I question if there are any income earners in the group at all, even those currently drawing a wage from the public sector.

All this took place during and shortly after the inauguration. There was no time to see if any of the policies of the new administration would be to their liking or benefit. It was all caused because the whining vagina did not receive her crown. It was scripted and directed by the same people who drove the government for the past eight years.  At least that won’t happen any more.


November 23, 2016

While most people today (especially conservatives and libertarians) choose not to admit it, we all want a strong government. Strong, not abusive or authoritarian or devastatingly large, but strong is what we want and need. Collectively, we’ve voted against the thing we truly want on four consecutive occasions now. George W. Bush was weak. He had some good points but overall he was timid and politically concerned. Obama is anemic when compared to Bush. Obama’s strong point is his despotic pen and phone takeover of the other two branches of government.

Trump has vastly different views from those of Obama, and though he has not yet shown himself to be a despotic ideologue, he is recognized as authoritative. A major difference between the two might be Trump’s ability to listen and act upon information that is inconsistent with his prior understanding or knowledge. We’ve already seen him bridge chasms created in the campaign process by meeting with and, at this point, speculatively offering jobs within the administration to his former political detractors.

Obama fired those who didn’t immediately smile and nod in agreement with every wild-eyed romantic suggestion he proposed. Once dismissed, he then shamed the fired mercilessly to cover his own reprehensible actions. Those caught breaking the law on his behalf, however, were awarded sanctuary within the administration. Lateral transfers, advancement or retirement with full pension and benefits are commonly noted. His attorney(s) general refused to prosecute on behalf of the American people because, in more than one case, both are implicated in unlawful events.

Obama is strong in his Utopian views and willingly defies the very constitution on which he claims profound knowledge and is sworn to uphold. Perhaps he studied law, and the constitution in particular, simply to identify how to violate them and avoid expeditious rebuke or repercussions.

We need a strong government, one within which are public servants with strong convictions and adherence to our founding documents and laws made with regard to them. The original documents were written with reason and caution, not emotion or political bias. That is why changing them requires an “act of congress”.

At this point we’ll have to wait and see if the next president drains the swamp as promised or lags along with what we have; a costly bloated and inefficient government filled with regulatory statutes lacking reason or meaning. Already, Democrats are rallying to find the best way to deny confirmation to any right-minded appointees. Donald J. Trump has pledged to rightsize (a business term coined in the late 1990s) the government through attrition and request budgets that help that process along.

Congress may once again act in a congressional manner, as a third member of the government, rather than fearful of being termed racist because they don’t cow-tow to radical wants of a president of color. And yes, orange is a color. Just ask John Boehner. Supreme Court appointees upholding laws rather than common culture will also restore and strengthen the government as it was meant to be.


November 13, 2016

Wearing a safety pin, the symbol of solidarity among people, began in Britain following the Brexit vote earlier this summer. It has since been taken up by the left in America supposedly to show unity with immigrants here. As with most people of light intellect, liberals follow the lead of others. There can be no original thought, only allegiance to a figures considered superior.

The safety pin quickly gained popularity for its ability to hold fabric together in such a way that there was no sharp protrusion. The small tool was smooth and rounded and presented no threat. It was safe! It became the most useful instrument for holding diapers on infants who were incapable or had not yet learned to control and provide for their bodily needs especially their evacuative systems.

I find it comically ironic that the “progressives” use this symbol to non-verbally express their whining and need for coddling and protection against the realities of life which they cannot yet master. In addition to seeking like-minded babies who can only coo amongst themselves in empathy of soiled garb, these delicate infants also wail against life outside the ideal warmth and shelter of the womb.

These are the people who exuberantly celebrate what they consider victory; that which makes them “feel good” or upon which they all find unity. They are the same people who willfully and wantonly destroy public and private property when the don’t get their way much like the attention demanding suckling (if you don’t take care of my needs, I’ll be loud and make your life miserable).

As they riot, damage and destroy, they give little mind to the fact that the conduct of their protest(s) not only belittles their cause, it takes resources from the coffers that might serve to effect their desired outcome. E.g. Jobs are not created in Detroit by burning down the very establishments that offer work. Or, randomly killing police does not protect one who rapidly withdraws a cell phone from their back pocket when approached by an armed law enforcement officer.

Today there is Velcro. There are magnets and other methods of attaching or combining two or more items. The safety pin, while protective when securely fastened, can be extremely painful if mishandled. Why have the pastel progressives chosen such potentially dangerous item to illustrate their fragile existence? Could it be because some other unthinking person popularized it?

To use their communal culture against them, I quote the lyrics from the 1967 Youngbloods, “Come on people now smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now”.

The election of Donald Trump is no more the end of our nation than that of Barack Obama was…or for that matter what could be if Hillary Clinton had won. The future might even be better. Let’s give peace a chance and ride out the next four years together as we have the current administration. If it turns out to be a disaster and pricks you, we’ll have another election in four years. That’s your safety pin.


November 8, 2014

Almost immediately the tide changed with the seating of the 114th Congress.

The first thing accomplished was the start up of the Keystone XL pipeline that put 150 people to work. The first people to be employed went to work culling resumes, interviewing prospects and hiring thousands of workers for positions paying in excess of $25.00 per hour. Once shuttered hardware stores, restaurants and convenience stores reopened in dying towns. The revitalized businesses employed more people, many of whom hadn’t worked in years. They were ecstatic. As the pipeline grew, so did businesses, towns and cities along the way.

Peripheral businesses also recovered. People began paying their bills out of their earnings. They were able to buy cars, houses, snow blowers and lawnmowers. They once again frequented local restaurants and movie theaters. America came alive once again.

When it was established that employers would be heavily fined for hiring illegal aliens despite the president’s de-facto amnesty, many more Americans were hired into positions consistent with their education and skill levels. The tax base grew and fewer people drew down on Welfare and subsidies.

Mexican authorities were overwhelmed by the flood of people repatriating through their country from America when congress cut funding to undocumented aliens. No longer were law breakers given taxpayer money and benefits. Pregnant women entering the country to have anchor babies were transported to the point of entry shortly after the delivery of their healthy baby. Only those with valid visas were allowed to claim citizenship for their children delivered on American soil.

Citizens of Central and South America and other global countries once again found their way home. Some had to spend time in Mexican jails to answer for criminal activity or while authorities established their true identities and origins. Some of those headed home carried as many as five different identifications each with a different name. This was confusing to the guards on the Mexican side of the border. America left the border open with one-way gates to the South.

It became easier to enter the country, work, earn, pay taxes and become citizens for those who followed the rule of law.

It was around October of 2015 when the final modifications to the healthcare mandate, aka Obamacare, were finally ironed out and passed over the president’s veto. It once again became a right of the people to care for their own health. No longer did they have to pay unreasonable premiums for medical services they could not use or face unaffordable deductibles that kept them from seeing doctors. The general population of the United States could once again afford to go to the doctor without taking out a title loan on the family automobile.

The terms racist and sexist took their places in history with the election of women and men of all races and religions, elected to govern under the Republican ticket.