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October 25, 2011

The past three years have brought us many things not thought possible in the United States of America just a few years prior.  Not only have we had a Congress passing multi-page bill after bill that were unread, we had (and have) a President with so little regard for the Constitution that he simply skirts it with Executive appointments and edicts.  To help his cause he has had the opportunity to lord over confirmation of two radically idealized activist Supreme Court nominees.

With this kind of showing from the top, some states now relinquish the sovereignty of the country to foreign nationals.  In Texas and California, after usurping citizen tax dollars on elementary education and impeding the progress of other students, Mexican and South American nationals are afforded the rights and benefits of in-state tuition, Pell grants (for foreign nationals) and extremely low interest loans for attending state run colleges and universities.  American citizens from neighboring states do not qualify for the same or similar benefits.

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the California County of Sonoma now accepts the Mexican matriculár consular ID.  Once in possession of this “identification” an individual immediately becomes eligible to receive a California Identification Card guarantying hassle free travel throughout the United States.  It is sufficient to board a plane or train or enter any unclassified area of any military complex.

While this may sound most humane, it is one of the most dangerous steps to our national security that could possibly be taken.  *This is not to say that every Mexican or foreign national in this country is here to do us harm, however…

To obtain a Mexican matriculár consular ID, one must fill out a simple form for a representative of the Mexican government.  It may as well be a series of questions (in Spanish, of course) such as:

  1. Who would you like to be today?
  2. When would you like to have been born?
  3. Where would you like to have been born?
  4. How old would you like to be today?
  5. On what date would you like to celebrate your birth?
  6. Given the opportunity, at what address would you like to live?
  7. Did you bring someone with you who can verify these statements or should a consulate representative witness the document.

One must understand that, like becoming President of the United States of America, it is not imperative that one is able to prove their background.  To receive the Mexican matriculár consular ID, one must simply make statements.  If one is illiterate, a Mexican official will fill in the form on his/her behalf.  The requirements are very basic.  1.  Show up at any permanent or temporary site or send a friend on your behalf.  This can be done as many times as one chooses to change identity.

Thanks Barry.  Thanks Janet.  Thanks Eric.  Thanks Jerry and thanks to the Sonoma County officials.  You’ve taken the country to the precipice of Hell.  I only hope that with the 2012 elections we can get it back.


August 19, 2010

A lot of people are giving their all to identifying Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president based on his place of birth.  Others are concerned that he may be Muslim and not really the Christian that he claims.

The birth certificate is an excellent example of division and diversion.  It is rumored that Obama has spent over a million dollars of personal money (perhaps not his own, but not public funds either) to seal all files that could reveal his history.  Some individuals have been prosecuted for attempting to access those records.  While groups and individuals devote their attention to finding the truth, they cannot offer full diligence or thoughtfulness to current events that may be far more important.  Whether he is eligible or not, he is making major changes in America.  He is collapsing our foundations and systems and turning us rapidly into a third world Marxist dictatorship.

He has certainly shown an affinity for the ways of Islam and Muslims.  He was raised and schooled by radicals, Muslims, and radical Muslims.  He did change his claimed religious affiliation to Christian as he pursued elected office.  He joined the Trinity United Church of Christ while he was still too young to be accepted as an Illinois State Senator, but with the political goal in mind.  Establishing a Christian background allowed him to progress with his political future.  I personally believe it is a façade and he remains more influenced by his upbringing than his camouflage.

I, and many other people, have said over and over again that what Obama says is 180 degrees from his actions.  Obama claimed during his campaign to be a uniter not a divider.  As with most of his words, this too is false.  His entire intent for this nation is to divide us unmercifully so that the chaos can become a reason and excuse for greater government interference.

It has worked in congress.  There remain no more moderates in our legislative branch.  In just a few short months, Obama has managed to polarize congress by signing the most radical and unmanageable bills ever to land on a president’s desk.  He allows the majority in congress to dismiss each and every bill or amendment proposed by the minority then claim that there are no new workable ideas coming from the right.  When they vote against legislature that will saddle the American people with untold debt and little reward, Republicans are referred to as the “Party of No”.  The chasm is growing ever deeper and wider with each new piece of legislation.  It is done by design.

For the general population, those opposing the legislation or proposals because they appear to be contrary to the Constitution or against the better interests of the citizens, they are deemed racist.  The world is told that the only reason for resistance is that the president is black (half-black).  While it may be true that a few citizens exhibit racial bias, it is a generally false label intended to divert attention away from the issue at hand.  It also casts a cloud, not easily dispersed, that remains attached for future justifications.

The uniter is doing exactly what he intends.  He is parceling the country along lines of politics, race, religion, wealth, security and every way possible to accomplish the conquering of America so that this once great county might be replaced by a political system that is a greater failure than any republic in history.


June 23, 2009

People across America and around the globe are clamoring for Obama to make a definitive statement regarding Iran, the recent election or the protests occurring there.  His avoidance of direct statements could just be political no-speak, but I think otherwise.  I believe it is beyond the fear of being perceived as a meddler.  I think it goes even beyond his inability to make a non-personal agenda driven decision without finite polling data.  I think he’s afraid to take a stand.

Think about it for just a pair of seconds.  The protests in Iran are about election fraud.

If Obama takes a side, if he backs either the protesters or President Mahmoud I’m-in-a-Jihad, he would be admitting that there is really a thing called election fraud.  Can you say ACORN? It would open more questions from even more people regarding his personal ascension to office.

It is readily accepted by the majority of intelligent people, and others as well, that the media and ACORN were the primary drivers in our most recent presidential election.

I’m not a conspiracy nut (at least I try not to be), but when you look at the number of court cases currently surrounding ACORN for (allegedly) mishandling monies, unaccounted and unaccountable millions of dollars, voter registration, the use of felons (people who have lost their voting rights) to collect voter information, paying some people in cigarettes, alcohol and even cash to register and vote, transporting people without identification to the polls and telling them how to vote…

Then, if you factor in that Obama has reportedly spent millions of dollars protecting from public view and scrutiny the very documents (birth certificate, school records, tuition grantors, thesis paper(s), passport information, etc.) that would legitimize his authority to make decisions affecting over three hundred million U.S. citizens and untold millions of people around the world you must have a genuine concern.

If he supports Ahmadinejad, and the election is found to be rigged, he’ll be wrong in front of the world.  If he backs the protesters, he’s effectively admitting that he believes the election could have been fraudulent.

We know that Mahmoud has no respect for Barack.  But Ahmadinejad may have a lot more in common with Obama than first appears on the surface.  For one thing, neither is commenting on the other’s election.


January 10, 2009

It is incomprehensible to me that there are such strong feelings for a relatively unknown politician.  How many people across the nation had even heard the name Barack Obama mere 3 years ago in January 2006?

In the time since, he has managed to mesmerize a large section of the nation and won the presidency of the United States. Yet still, no one knows anything about him.  Yes, we know about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Rev. Pfleger, we know about his ties to, and involvement in, organized crime and corruption (Rezko, Blogojevich), we do know that he has been endorsed and praised by Hamas and Hezbollah and we know that the mere mention of his name makes Chris Mathews’ leg tingle.  What is it that causes so many people to disregard the facts and become weak kneed at Obama’s charisma?

We don’t even know where he was born, for sure.  We know that (as reported) his grandmother and at least one aunt say they witnessed his birth in Kenya.  We know that if you say anything negative or even question him about his past you are immediately labeled a racist.   We know that that sentiment has caused even the Supreme Court to deny or delay hearing multiple cases regarding the release his birth certificate and proof that he is even eligible to be President.

We know that the media from which most people get their political misinformation is so enamored that they will not ask the necessary questions, possibly because they don’t want to hear the answers.  And we know that when the questions are posed, the questions are brushed aside and the questioners are ridiculed.

Can you say Jim Jones?

I dislike the thought of being afraid, but I am.  I don’t believe that growing government, taking money from those who earn it and giving it to those who refuse to earn any is the right way to lead a nation out of hard times.

Yes, I believe that this country is ready for a black president.  I just don’t believe this black man is the right one.

This is BIZARRO.  If you too are bothered by this political anomaly, Please forward this email to every intelligent and thinking American you can.