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February 22, 2017

After eight years of coddling people who have skirted laws and agents in their quest to break into our country, some employers finally found the strength to push back. Stories abound from coast to coast regarding the many business owners who decided that their livelihoods would not be dictated by the people they employ.

Last Thursday was labeled “A Day Without Immigrants”. Natural born citizens as well as legal and illegal immigrants took to the streets in protest of what some call security for our borders, economy and nation in general. Many of the protesters found that actions have consequences. Employers have an abundance of applications and resumes for people anxious to fill the now vacant positions.

According to news articles:

Tulsa, OK – 12 Latinos were dismissed for failing to show up for work. The business had to close for the day and the owner lost his ability to pay his ongoing bills that day.

Statesville, N.C. – 18 people lost their employment for failing to report to work on time-sensitive contracts.

Lexington, S.C. – after being warned, 21 workers were fired for defiantly not showing up for work.

Bonita Springs, FL – 6 staff members no longer have jobs.

Commerce City, CO – 30 brick layers were set idle.

Nolensville, TN – 20 households lost, at least, a significant portion of their income.

Before you cry RACIST you must understand that when employees of any nationality shut down a business, the owner must assure that it will not happen a second time for the same or any other reason. When a person invests their expertise, labor and money to produce an ongoing income for themselves and their family, that becomes his or her priority. Employing people is only a means to achieve that personal goal. There is no obligation to provide for those willing to cause harm to that business or employer. If only we could get rid of the insubordinate deadwood in government as easily.

It’s not a matter of race or nationality, it’s a matter of protecting one’s investment. If these employers were truly racist, would he or she have given a job to someone they despise because of their national origin or skin color?

Restaurant patrons coast to coast experienced delays in receiving their fare because waiters, cooks and other staff failed to report for work. Some establishments were forced to close for the day due to lack of staff. From California to Maine, the unreliable are now seeking new employment. While many, but not all, are Hispanic, that is not the reason for their firing. Caring more about making a political statement than they did about their employer’s right to continue in business is the reason.



February 3, 2016

I agree that workers should not be exploited. However, there is a place for minimum wage. There must be a reasoned wage platform which allows some people to learn compatibility with company standards and performance. Minimum wage gives people an opportunity to earn some money as they develop their work skills. Entry level or “bottom-rung” positions might be considered on-the-job training. They are not meant as long-term positions. The wage should be equal to the value an employee offers the employer.

Employees moving into an industry with which they are unfamiliar or others who have little skill, knowledge or motivation may also fall onto that platform. There are also people who use the base wage as a springboard to demonstrate how they can perform and prove their value to an employer. The skilled and motivated might use the lower-rung positions as temporary or transitional subsistence until a job opens that is more compatible with their abilities and worthiness.

At any rate, minimum wage jobs are not, and never have been, meant to support a family or even an individual long-term.

With the argument for minimum wage out of the way, let us move on to equal pay for equal work. This request or mandate is usually presented by women and minorities. And they are right! There should never be a disparity in pay between people performing the same job at the same performance level no matter what their gender, perceived gender, desired gender, race, ethnicity, religious background, belief system or any other quality or notable characteristic. And, with few exceptions, this rarely occurs in the workplace.

Employers generally want the best possible person in the most suitable position. This maximizes the output of the individual employee and that of the company. Intelligent employers do not want a valued employee disgruntled enough to cause an undercurrent that disconcerts the workplace or one who leaves the company with ill feelings. The last thing they want is for a worthy employee to defect for employment with a competitor. Employers, managers or supervisors will do what is necessary to protect his or her workers from dissatisfaction. If that means raising pay or benefits for merit or performance, that is what generally happens. Thus, it is possible and correct for two people working side-by-side, at the same task, to receive different compensation.

The same basic rule applies to workplace equality. Except for irrational bigotry on behalf of senior staff, there is rarely cause for inequality in the workplace. There are various, and often overlapping, government agencies to remedy such occurrences. Most states have agencies to mitigate offending circumstances within the workplace. They may be called Labor Relations Board, Labor and Workforce Development Agency or other such names, but they are in place to protect workers.

On the federal level there are the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration and for the health and safety of workers there is the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Remedies abound.

No employer wants to suffer excessive fines imposed by the above listed agencies for actions that may occur from discontent among employees and/or senior staff. Very few are willing to chance the outcome by these liberal oversight agencies prone to act on behalf of the employee.

So basically, I guess what I’m saying is “Quit your whining and take control of your life rather than complaining, blaming and waiting for someone to make your stay on this planet better for you. If you don’t like your job or employer or don’t feel you’re being treated fairly, leave.” Why would any sane and intelligent person want to remain in an untenable situation?

No matter what the current crop of politicians propose, we don’t need any more duplication of services or any new government agencies to carelessly waste the precious tax dollars of those producing them.

We do need producers who are willing to apply themselves for just consideration. The workplace is not an extension of public education.  Work cannot be compared to regurgitating what the teacher or professor imprinted on your mind. It takes desire and effort to succeed and prosper in the real world.


January 19, 2016

Raising the minimum wage is a prime example of how our economy is in recovery and beginning to flourish. NOT!

One prime example that the left loves to sling crap at is WalMart. Last year WalMart announced that they would be raising wages for those employees paid at the federal (or state in some cases) minimum wage. These are the most needy and in many cases the least skilled of all employees in any industry.

The new minimum wage announced was $9.00, or $1.25 per hour above the federal minimum. By February of this year, 2016, the proposed wage is to be $10.00 per hour. Well…that is for the people who are still employed. According to the current schedule, the retail giant is closing 269 outlets globally on or by January 28. Approximately 150 of which are in the U.S.

With a per store average employment force of about 60 FTE (full-time equivalent) positions, that means a considerable bump to the touted 5% unemployment rate. Many of each store’s positions are part time meaning somewhere between 9,000 and 13,000 U.S. workers from Alaska to Puerto Rico will be idled.

Though WalMart executives claim the move is to “sharpen their portfolio”, it is truly so that they can remain afloat in the economic recovery that Obama lauds. In the fourth quarter of last year, Starbucks also closed 23 La Boulange locations along with two manufacturing facilities. That put a few people out of work, too. Kmart, Sears and JCPenney are following suit by closing locations or folding the businesses completely.  Yeah, we’re rolling now!

As the stock market tanks and oil becomes unworthy of extraction, you can listen to the politicians or open your eyes to the truth and adjust your finances and your lives accordingly. Good luck making the right choice!

Obama’s remaking of America has been very good for the super wealthy. They have flourished. The rest of us…eh, not so much.


January 13, 2016

America needs business and American businesses need profit. Mandating more pay in a time of recession, and yes we are still in a recession, is a foolish move. While I sympathize with those receiving minimum wage and those not earning a “living wage”, I cannot agree with raising those wages and destroying businesses and employment opportunities at this time.

For those who accept the fallacy that unemployment is dropping and that jobs are created monthly, I implore you to look beyond the government spoon-feeding you are getting. Delve into the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Even with the December 0.1% bump, which could be temporary Christmas hires, it shows that only 62.6% of the available workforce is currently participating in employment.

For you airhead, cool-aid drinking, non-math, liberal arts majors that means the true unemployment rate is 37.4% (100-62.6=37.4), not the 5% your president and the MSM are propagandizing. As jobs are added, more people drop off the rolls and are not accounted in the normally published hogwash. They have been unemployed for so long they are now considered idle and unemployable.  This constitutes counting only one side of the issue, the bright side. It’s political B.S. and it’s wrong.

Hey folks, there is a corelation between education, skills, known work ethic and value to an employer. If you have less than a high school education and no proven work related skill, minimum wage may be your value to a new employer. And if your previous employer says you were late for work 3 out of 5 days and showed up with a bad attitude or didn’t do the job properly or completely, perhaps that is why you can’t find a decent job that pays a “living wage”.

The demand for higher wages by the least capable causes small businesses to shutter locations and larger employers to send their business to other countries. Either scenario means fewer jobs available in the U.S. and more people vying for them. Allowing the unending influx of South and Central Americans with strong work ethic and skills but low education also keeps wages low. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Right now the toiler supply is high and demand is low.

If you are among the above described, this is the perfect opportunity to improve your education and training.  Apply a little integrity so that advancement, when the market is better, will come your way.

Automation is taking over some of the lower rung positions because initial cost plus maintenance costs allow more profit over time than the salary and benefits, headaches and mood-swings of employees. Machines don’t get sick and don’t take vacations. Remember, businesses need profit.

One industry of the very near future promises to be repairing and maintenaining the automatons that move in to handle the rote chores now done by low wage workers.

Now, quit grousing and either get to work or get some education or training.


January 11, 2015

While the administration is lauding 252,000 additional  jobs in the last month of 2014, in actuality the labor participation rate fell again.  In Nov. 2014, 62.9% of all eligible workers were employed.  In Dec. 2014 only 62.7% were employed.

The published  “unemployment” figures don’t account for those former workers who have consumed their unemployment compensation benefits or those who have been out of work for so long they are discouraged from seeking gainful employment. So, even though some 252,000 people were hired, more potential workers were dropped from the data roles publicized by the government for consideration by the broadcast news nodding masses–economy-8ac1593494.html

Additionally, the average wage dropped by $.05 per hour.  So, those still working or joining the workforce are making less money.  Potential for a pay raise or advancement now comes only with attrition, not merit.

The good news, if there can be any declared, might be the average number of hours worked by “full-time” employees remained a stable 34.6 hours.  That has not dropped.  However, with more illegal immigrants vying for the few available entry level positions, that too, could change in due time.  Anyone entering the workforce or workers with minimum skills can look forward to a harder time earning even a subsistence living.

Completion of the Keystone XL pipeline would create hundreds of manual labor and semi-skilled jobs with an estimated average wage in excess of $35/hour, labor positions in the $25+/hour range.  This would be a tremendous boon to many families.  The President has guaranteed his veto.