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February 18, 2015

ISIS is rapidly taking more ground and becoming a larger threat. They may be just JV, but their offense is deadly. As they behead more Jews, Christians and even non-compliant Muslims, their recruitment numbers rise.  Unless something is done soon, they will have their world dominant caliphate.

Be it in the name of religion or perverted manifestations of such, low information youth of all countries and backgrounds are led to believe and accept that life is transient, thus death is acceptable. Killing only accelerates the inevitable life and death cycle. Killing infidels enhances one’s own glorious afterlife.

However, in order to stop the spread of this insidious debauchery, the U.S. forces must undergo another sweeping change. No longer can the rules of engagement, set forth under this Commander-in-Cowardice, continue. The “No firing until you see the whites of their eyes and a muzzle flash” policy must be replaced with the ability for our troops to actually engage the enemy rather than sitting and waiting for the impact of a bullet before requesting permission from a command center to return fire.

ISIS, by that or any other name, has now taken over large swaths of land from Arabia to Indonesia, showing no mercy for the inhabitants they encounter along the way. The limited and often under-trained, under-dedicated and under-educated armies encountered along the trail of quest are often intimidated by the brutality of Islamic barbarians with eleventh century mentality. Rather than being killed outright, many of the people along the way are incorporated into fighting on behalf of the uncivilized and inhumane forces.

The open border policy of this administration is allowing the same destitute and ignorant masses from third world countries to invade and populate our country. This change can only make us more vulnerable as ISIS is allowed to expand.

Obama’s policies have severely downsized both manpower and weaponry among our military. They have lowered morale and respect for leadership among the troops. We are headed in the same direction as Somalia or Iraq or Indonesia and it is by design.

Our president was raised and influenced by Marxists, Communists and Muslims. Is there still any wonder about why Obama refuses to recognize the enemy through action or even verbalize who they are?

One of the many contradictions to his policies is allowing these philistines to reign over large territories. It is antithetical to the views of his anti-colonialist father. But then, they do claim to be Muslims.

ISIS, open borders, restrained ICE agents and border agents without weapons, animus generated and projected against police officers, progressive judges, unchecked early release of felons, gun control, low troop morale, and government accentuated (class, religion, race, gender and wealth) warfare…nothing to see here folks, move about your normal business. Go watch the last few Daily Show broadcasts to improve your education about governance and foreign affairs.


December 22, 2011

Many years ago as a sales representative, one of my customers was a philosophy student at UCSD who wore a large button with the words, ‘Question the Answer’.  He was almost like a 3 year-old child.  Every encounter was the same, he would pose a question, and no matter what the reply was, he would require clarification of a certain word or phrase within the response.  Though he was a buyer and I appreciated the commissions, I found him time consuming, extremely irritating and eventually I quit calling on his company.

I knew that one didn’t have to be aggravatingly abrasive in order to achieve knowledge.  I did understand the button, which came in very handy when I awakened to how politics were shaping my life, like it or not.

I am constantly amazed how words of the English language can be misinterpreted or over interpolated and broadcast to benefit a particular plan or idea.  It is done constantly by politicians as well as marketing campaigns and sales pitches.  If we accept the words without question, the influential affect can be tremendous and in some cases devastating.  “We the People” are manipulated daily from myriad directions without any awareness or thought to question.  However, we must question.

Here I offer a video from Brasscheck to view with an observant mind.  It is a 2006 dissertation by Keith Olbermann when he was with MSNBC.  No matter which party you endorse; no matter what your political views, I urge you to view the eight-and-a-half minute video, then listen to it a second time with your eyes closed, substituting Obama each time you hear the name Gingrich.  It will still be true.

The same words have an entirely different affect on the psyche and may even alter your belief system.  I doubt that even today Mr. Olbermann recognizes the wisdom of his own words which were once voiced in outrage against a man because of an (R) following his name.

Train yourself to confront each important piece of ‘factual information’ presented to you and you will be able to make much better decisions for yourself, your loved ones and our country.  Today, with the Internet available with answers to any question, you don’t have to be an acerbic jerk to achieve disclosure.


January 24, 2011

From Special Report with Bret Baer 1-21-11

The Venezuelan government has demanded a private broadcaster stop airing a Colombian soap opera that features a girl named Venezuela who owns a dog named Little Hugo.

Reports say Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was not amused, calling the show “horrible.”

In one episode, Venezuela is shown searching for her dog and asks a friend what will become of her without Little Hugo. Her friend responds, “You will be free, Venezuela…. Hugo is messing up everything in the house…. He’s making you look bad.”

Just how far are we away from this?  With a big push for the Fairness Doctrine and the FCC already implementing Net Neutrality, public opposition to government policies will soon be silenced in America as well.


October 4, 2010

Once again, I would like to caution everyone in this country about our current Liar-in-Chief.  Please, do and expect everything opposite of what this man says.  You might remember that during his campaign for president, he stated that he wanted to bring the people of the country together.  He has, in fact, done just the opposite.  He has polarized every group, faction and segment of our society for supreme control over the will of the people.

He and his minions or underlings have pitted blacks against whites (primarily) by proclaiming every objection to his political agenda is founded on racism.  There is no credence given to the fact that some of the policies are too radical and out of touch with mainstream Americans for comprehension by economists or constitutional scholars much less by the electorate.  Racism seems to be a preferred diversion so that legislation can be passed, unnoticed, until after-the-fact.

He has divided the have little from the have lots by proclaiming that the wealthy are evil and want to oppress the working person.  The wealthy, and some not so wealthy, do not pay their fair share, he says.  They must pay more!

Suggestions offered to equalize taxation across the board are summarily dismissed.  What would be unequal about everyone paying, say…20% of their income?  That way, Working Joe making $3,000 a month would remit $600/month or $7,200 per year to the government.  By the same formula, Insanely Productive Walter who makes $8 million a year would contribute $1.6 million.  Wouldn’t that be fair?  When Joe gets a raise, he is allowed to keep 80% of it, as does Walter.  Of course, equity would mandate that Welfare payments and benefits to Couch Sitting Sally be reduced by the same 20%…to be fair.

What would be wrong with the government cutting back on spending and abbreviating waste, fraud and corruption within their own ranks?  That would allow for an overall reduction of individual obligation and collaboration toward that waste, fraud and corruption.

As president, Obama has widened the gap of perception between citizens and illegal aliens, Christians and Muslims, England and the U.S., rich and poor, blacks and whites, straights and gays, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, industry and ecologists.  He has maximized the paradigm “divide and conquer”.  He does not intend to unite anything other than believers and followers of his agenda.


July 31, 2010

What the elite are doing to this country at this time is akin to nonconsensual sodomy by force.  We are constantly and continually being told, “Keep your head down and your eyes closed” (Do not watch FOXnews or listen to talk radio; do not educate yourself).  “If you yell out I’ll hit you and beat you hard” (I’ll deem you racist and you’ll spend your time defending the false charge).  “This isn’t going to hurt a bit” (Your taxes will not go up – not any of them).  “When I’m finished, my friends will be next, one after another, until we are all exhausted” (TARP, stimulus, health care, endless bailouts)”.  “Depending on how long and how well you survive, more of my friends will come to take advantage of your compromised position.”  (We will saddle you with unlimited growth of the government and unending restrictions on your freedom.)

“When we’re finished with your body we’re going to go through your closet.”  (You had the audacity to work hard and earn more money than some other people.  You bought your clothes at Sacs and Nordstrom and Abercrombie & Fitch and Macy’s while others who chose not to work hard and advance themselves could only afford clothes from WalMart or even the Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores.)  “We’ll take your clothes and give them to the less fortunate.”  You must understand you don’t deserve to have more than other people do.

The elite in Washington D.C. and their mentors behind the curtain are the rapists.  The rest of us are the victims.  There will soon be no incentive to build business and hire employees.  The elite will take any profits for distribution throughout this country and the world until everybody is “equal”.

However, that equality can never happen because there will always be the elite few who are in charge of doling the benefits to whom they choose as recipients.  They will be the controllers of wealth, always taking their administrative fee off the top for their efforts.  They will continue to gain more wealth at the expense of the second-class citizens they overlord.

Who, in their right mind, can actually believe that the government can or will do a better job with the proceeds of individual citizens’ efforts than those citizens?  Who, of any ambition, would want to see their efforts diverted to others with few, little or no aspirations leaving little or nothing to share with choice?  At what point will everybody just give up and say to the government, “Feed me, clothe me, take care of me?”  Oh Lord will you buy me a Mercedes Benz?  My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. When that point comes, the decision to do so or not is in the hands of the elite.

Those not paying attention, those not concerned, simply have not had their pants ripped away…yet.  It is coming and it is coming fast.  Yes, there will be a few masochists allowing it to happen and perhaps even enjoy the domination.  Elimination is the only answer for the others among us.

Now is the time to choose.  Do you enjoy the rape?  Will you tolerate it or are you willing to do something to stop it?