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March 12, 2015

Businesses and lawful organizations are required to track all money paid or received. Everything from component goods, marketing and advertising, payroll and expense accounts to pencils, pens and paper used must be identified. They are also expected to track and report every dollar received no matter what the source. If it is money that comes into and is used as part of a business or organization, it has to be recorded. If it is an expense for the entity, it must be tracked to justify or offset the income.

Comingling personal and company or organizational funds is forbidden in accounting. Regular internal audits identify when disagreements occur between known actuals and records. Immediate correction is made by well-founded businesses when there is any potential for fraud, the appearance of fraud or any illegal or illegitimate activity.

When there is an appearance of wrong-doing including money laundering, fraud, misuse of or comingling of funds, independent auditors are called in to identify any problems. In cases where transparency does not exist, forensic auditors may be brought in to find any evidence of intentionally deceptive legal abnormalities.

Those auditors, (internal, independent or forensic) are paid for their time by the business, group or individual suspected of questionable or corrupt practices. The appearance of impropriety is sufficient to warrant intensive search of all records, (cyber, digital, analog) that may exist. That search may include in-depth research of all computer storage units. When necessary, all CDs, DVDs, hard drives, thumb drives, back-up drives and cloud storage is accessed to determine congruity.

Any costs incurred by the person, group or business may be recovered from the accuser if and when exoneration is reached.

Hillary Clinton inappropriately used a, or some, personal server(s) for both government and personal email, voice and text communication. Effectively, she comingled personal, governmental and possibly highly classified information. She claims there is nothing of taxpayer value on any of the storage units to her avail. She also claims that there was never any classified information handled electronically through her personal hand held devices or server(s).

She asserts that she dumped or wiped only personal communications and that all government correspondence has been forwarded to the proper authorities. We have her personal verbal assurance, but few records. Therefore, in my mind, it is time for a forensic audit of all records and communication for the time she served as secretary of state. All electronic and storage devices used, whether personal or governmental must be made available.

Perhaps the Clinton Foundation should also be viewed as suspicious.