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February 14, 2017

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, wealthy Mexicans are willing to put up multiple millions of dollars to assist Mexican nationals illegally in our country as they fight to remain in the U.S. The Mexican government has also allocated $50 million to its consulates to help the movement. I guess neither the wealthy nor the corrupt government of Mexico really want the low skilled, uneducated (even after attending public institutions in the U.S.) law breakers returning to their home country.

The offered money is to tie up the U.S. courts, exhaust resources and frustrate government lawyers. Protesters will undoubtedly take over the grounds outside federal courthouses. An opportunity for drones equipped with facial recognition cameras overhead? Perhaps an apprehension or two, immediate escort to a courtroom and a speedy trial? With courts backlogged already, the proposed foreign money will prolong the stay for the possibly tens of thousands of potential deportees. Cloward and Piven would be very proud of the way foreign nationals extrapolated on the lessons the pair taught budding socialists back in the 1960s.

However, this battle is easily fought and won: (a) President Trump appoints immigration judges to the courts who are willing to uphold current immigration laws. (b) ICE has buses lined up and idling outside the backdoor of immigration courts. (c) Judge asks plaintiff if they were born in the U.S. If answer is no, then he or she asks, “Do you have a valid passport, green card, entry visa or other government issued authorization to be in the country”? If the answer again is no, a bailiff escorts the defendant to the awaiting transport. NEXT!

The above suggestion allows for clearing each case in three to five minutes. That’s 12 to 20 per hour per courtroom or plus or minus 150 of the criminal trespassers per day per courtroom. Can you imagine the Mexican economy with so many returnees?

It only took minutes to cross the border without permission, it should only take minutes to reverse the process and correct the problem. Family matters should not be considered by the courts. They are the responsibility of the lawbreakers who created the situations. The responsibility is upon the adults who should have made arrangements beforehand, not the citizens of the U.S. Yeah, responsibility. What an unconventional thought!

Harsh? You bet! We have millions of people on the welfare and unemployment rolls who should be “encouraged” to pick apples or lettuce or make up hotel beds or pluck chickens, etc. in return for their government handout. Perhaps picking up trash alongside the roadways or after a Democrat rally might be in order. Without people here illegally taking those positions, there might be more interest by otherwise lazy Americans to do the work. No work, no sharing the taxpayer’s money. Let’s call it redistributing the work.

We, as a country, have been remiss with our border security since before Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. That act legalized some three million lawbreakers in exchange for the promise of enforced immigration control that never came. Today, the seditious lot describing themselves as progressives, Democrats and occasionally as “independents” are again demanding the same tit-for-no-tat that occurred thirty years ago. They use the same mantra, “the people only want to better their lives, and America offers that opportunity”. They neglect to account for the people entering who want to destroy our systems and values and kill as many of us as possible. Certainly those who break a second law need not be taking up the courts’ time or the taxpayer provided interpreters’ time or that of the free legal aid lawyers.

This isn’t tag or a flag football game, folks. It’s for keeps and the players on both sides get hurt. At best we need not be importing criminals, potential criminals or terrorists.  Protecting our country against illegal aliens is only part of what is necessary. Protecting our sovereignty by defining and defending borders is a requirement for any sovereign nation.

PM Trudeau is affably willing to aggregate people with unverifiable histories from war-torn nations without viable governments.  Perhaps we should allocate more resources to the northern border as well.  Immigration reform must be comprehensive.

When deportees are found in the U.S. a second time without authorization as six month stay at Sheriff Joe’s pink panty tent city might be in order.  No trial at the end of the sentence, just immediate expulsion.


January 30, 2015

The Obama administration is now allowing Mexican consulates in the United States to issue birth certificates to Mexican nationals living here illegally. Just walk up to your local consulate and have a birth certificate printed with whatever information you state. Want to be Jose today? Fine! If Jose gets in trouble, you can always become Jesus or Manuel. Just go to a different consulate and give new information to the typist.

Why is this being done, you may ask. Is it to express good will between the countries?  No. It is being done to buttress the Obama amnesty program. It is being done to allow more people access to your tax dollar give-aways. It is being done so that more people can have all the benefits of U.S. citizens.  It is being done for global wealth redistribution.  It is being done to make your savings account worthless. It is being done in the name of fundamental transformation. And, it is being done to destroy all that America stands for and has offered the world for the past 227 years since the U.S. Constitution was ratified.

You might hear from the mainstream media that it is a good thing and that it will allow more law breakers newcomers access to employment. They present it as if there is too much work and not enough workers and that illiterate (in both English and Spanish) laborers drawing minimum wage, EIC and Welfare will actually help the economy grow.

What is difficult to find in any of the MSM pro-Obama articles are the facts. Here are just a couple. According to Judicial Watch, the majority of households across the country benefitting from publicly-funded welfare programs are headed by immigrants, both legal and illegal. Buried deep in an article by, can be found the statement “Mexican migrant workers, many who live in the United States, sent home $21.6 billion to their families in 2013, according to the country’s central bank”.

So I just have to ask, “What country’s economy is being helped by the new policies”? and “Who will continue to loan us money to finance the world economies”? 

Just wait until the consulates for Honduras, Guatamala, El Salvador, Cuba, China, Russia, Syria and Iran begin issuing birth certificates for people claiming to be their former citizens.



December 17, 2014

Under the absolutely ugly lie disguised as compassion, we are cycling back 150-200 years heretofore.

Yes, I understand and accept that people from around the world want to come here for a better life. I sympathize with them and welcome their lawful arrival. However, the way we are blindly accepting hoards of people seeking the American dream is destroying that dream, for both us and them. The dream is becoming a nightmare due to a lack of screening and diligence. We are becoming the country so many are trying to escape.

The greatest majority of illegal entrants are primarily hard-working, family oriented and honest people who are truly trying to better their own lives. I get that. But most often they are poor and uneducated, providing a whole new perspective on slavery. While these people are not owned, traded or sold by private individuals or property owners as in the past, they are psychologically and economically enslaved by the 21st century planter – the U.S. federal government.

Once on this side of our make-believe border (it’s like an Obama “red line”), they become wards of the power elite. They are bussed or flown to their new plantation. Many such estates exist throughout the country. Upon arrival, the new servants are welcomed by under-masters in charge of labor at motels, restaurant kitchens, chicken ranches, orchards, lettuce and broccoli farms. Some under-masters even lord over tobacco farms and cotton fields. Many are not cordial to their new charges and treat them with contempt. The slaves are encouraged to speak their native languages and are dissuaded from interacting with workers of different ethnicities, social or economic strata.

They are trained by the public system on how to think, vote and why they should be grateful to their new masters for allowing them to stay. They are given identity tracking and electronic stipend cards to supplement their menial wages. They are provided medical care, child care, housing and transportation assistance to keep them happy, healthy and productive.

Because they are provided minimum but highly influenced public education, (pseudonym for social indoctrination), they accept that their subsidies come from the political elites…the new planters, not the free people. The bestowed tutelage is designed and developed to help them recognize their life station, indebtedness and allegiance to the planters.

Either we shall be a great country with laws and opportunities for all or we shall fall like the civilizations of yesteryear. We need architects, engineers and entrepreneurs right now…not more hoe and shovel wielders.  We need leaders, not activists and law defiers clamoring for more indulgence and entitlements.


November 21, 2014

One of the talking points for the president’s speech last night was to, “prioritize deporting felons not families”. Obama went on to say, “We need to focus on deporting felons, not families; criminals, not children”. There was no mention of keeping felons out of the country. There was no mention of turning potential criminals or anybody away at the border.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported that last year Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released from custody 36,007 illegal immigrants, convicted of crimes. The list includes 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 9,187 dangerous drug convictions, 16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions and more. Just released! Poof! Gone from sight and blending in to Hillary’s village.

So now, does ICE now start looking for those they previously had in custody, or are they safe since Obama has declared party time for law breakers?  This isn’t reform, this is presidential absolution.


November 15, 2014

President Obama is adamant on effecting amnesty for the millions of individuals already in the country illegally. No matter how it is presented, this move is not a humanitarian effort. The motive is not altruistic. And, this move will only invite more illegal immigration while DHS relaxes control of our borders even further.

Many believe the reasoning is to increase the number of Democrat voters. While it may do that, that is merely a transitional footfall toward the end result. The desired outcome is to level the playing field for a smooth transition to a Global Government. It is, in his mind, a mandatory step to lower the status of the United States so that the world can accept us as equal and no longer superior.

At the same time, and in accordance with the progressive program, government standards for education are also being lowered. Common Core is a swing from academic proficiency to social acceptance and societal conformity. With a majority of students accessing only public education, this makes for a more compliant and receptive plebian society.

Amnesty for lawbreakers is only part of the continuing effort to trash the country and the Constitution. Cloward and Piven rule #1: overload the Welfare system of the U.S. to precipitate a crisis. Bankrupt the system to the point where a guaranteed annual income is acceptable. The Utopian consequence is to end poverty as we know it. Welfare and Immigrants Follow the embedded links for a more complete understanding of the immigration picture.

Yes, it will end poverty as we know it. It will, however, create a class of people dependent on and subservient to an all-powerful and ever-growing central government. (Read: Marxist / socialist / communist / dictatorship / global oversight) There will ultimately be two classes, the governing and the governed.

The more uneducated and undereducated people we have in the country, the greater the pull on the taxpayers. The net effect will lower the discretionary income of the workers to the point they become working poor and also deriving subsistence from the government.

Making the minimum wage a “living wage” also helps to produce the same outcome. Since businesses can only allocate a given percentage to wages and still remain viable, those making what is now considered middle-income will see their potential for meritorious income increases stagnate as the unskilled usurp their abeyant raises.

Intentionally misquoting a pre-presidential speech, “Under my plan, your taxes will necessarily skyrocket”. Logic warrants that taking from those who earn and/or have is mandatory to fund the already increasing dependency class Obama is threatening to explode by using his pen.