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May 19, 2017

For a week and a half we’ve heard a trickle of information and a flood of speculation regarding the dismissal of James Comey. The social media meme thread includes questions and accusations involving coercion, bribery, extortion and private threats.

First the Democrats began crying for Comey’s head because he caused Hillary’s presidential demise with his public announcements. Next they gloated and praised his performance for a while after he publicly announced the conclusion of an investigation into Email Gate. Then they turned on him like rabid and starving rats when he stood before another microphone to proclaim his investigators found new evidence and he was reopening the case.

James Comey was the Federal Bureau of Investigations Director from September 4, 2013 until his last day on May 9, 2017. Comey’s career includes government affiliation from 2002 when he became a U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and a stint as United States Deputy Attorney General under George W. Bush. Thereafter, for eight years, he chose the private sector where he was employed as council for Lockheed Martin and Bridgewater Associates before returning to public service as Director of the FBI.

According to his bio, Comey was a registered Republican until 2016. At that time, he changed his party affiliation to Independent. Was this move made due to distrust for the Republican nominee at that time?

As of this publication, it has been eleven days since Comey’s discharge and there still is no definitive explanation for why it happened when it did, only conjecture and opinion. Yet, depending on viewpoint or political bent, there is angst and anger on behalf of both Trump supporters and “the Resistance”. Half want the president to be impeached (but that started about midnight EST on November 8, 2016) while the other side supportively praises his actions.

Neither side has sufficient information to know whether the move was warranted at that time, prior to then or not at all. There seems to be nary a fact available. All judgments at this point appear to be made on innuendo, speculation, allegations, wants and wishes. It is simply another opportunity for the resistance movement to call for resistance. News stations and print media claiming unbiased reporting are all knee deep in the hog pen mire that is national politics today. Social media offers highly charged opinions which become gospel as they twine their way through the web to hand-held electronic devices.

It is said that James Comey, like his predecessor, wrote down the important points of meetings with ranking political officials in case he needed them to testify before congress. Is the wording of those notes influenced by his emotions, fears or ambitions? Does he also have notes of meetings with President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Adam Schiff, Elija Cummings and others? Can/will they be subpoenaed? Will the notes become a tell-all memoir worth millions of dollars to a publisher as with most of the recent politicians upon leaving the political arena? We’ll have to wait to see.

Echoes for a special counsel resounded through the halls of congress and microphones of the media until one was appointed. Shouldn’t they also call for special prosecutors and independent investigators to look into such things as Eric Holder and his Fast and Furious scheme and the Clintons (both) including sexual assault, national security breaches, the Clinton foundation – fraud and influence peddling. Perhaps someone should take a serious look at President Obama and why he made public announcements of troop movements and assault planning days, weeks and months before they occurred. Do you remember Extortion 17? How about seeking more information regarding how it was that James Comey took it upon himself not to prosecute Hillary Clinton? This decision usurped the authority of his boss, Loretta Lynch, though she didn’t object.

I’m all for a special prosecutor and Robert Mueller has the potential to do the job. Let’s find out the whole story about Russian involvement into our election process. Let’s seek the truth about all aspects of government. Let’s quiet the whining. If there is need, censure or even impeach and remove the president. If nothing is found we can announce the idiocy of the call.

As we’re spending thousands of person hours (*note the PC reference), frittering resources and tens of millions of dollars with independent investigations and special prosecutors trying to prove negatives, why not look into the ties between Adam Schiff and organized crime? Perhaps there should be a special prosecutor investigating Eric Stalwell and his connection to child trafficking, enslavement, prostitution and surgical mutilation. There is currently nothing tying these men to the crimes indicated, but how do we know for sure no crimes were committed without a thorough investigation? You’ve now seen their names linked to crimes and both are bred from the corrupt politics of California.

If there’s truly an interest in election tampering or fraud or influencing an election, why isn’t there more attention given to illegal aliens and felons and dead people voting or computers changing votes? Where is the outrage about people voting two and three times in different districts under different names? Where is the concern about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC denying Bernie Sanders equal opportunity?

Who can assure, in this politically charged environment, that even Robert Mueller is unbiased and able to do the job without malice? After all, Director Comey was heralded as “as honest as they come” until he became known as corrupt.


June 15, 2013

It’s just one brownie theft after another.  While everybody is looking at the major scandals, because that’s where Obama wants your attention, the triple-chocolate brownie is being taken from your lunch sack again.

Yes, the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, AP, EPA, NSA, IRS issues and lying before congressional investigative committees are all important.  The hacking of work and home phone lines and computers used by legitimate news reporters (Attkisson and Rosen) in the name of national security has meaning, too.  All pale in comparison, however, to what you are also not hearing about through the Obamadoring news outlets.  If it doesn’t send a thrill up Chris Mathews’ leg, it isn’t worth reporting.

One must surmise that we simply don’t have enough radical Islamic jihadists arriving through our porous southern border cloaked in darkness.  Since we don’t support enough people abroad with our tax dollars, the President of the United States of America and his State Department are making plans to import refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern hot spots.

Worry naught however.  Each and every one of the potential bomb toters will be thoroughly vetted upon entering our country to take part in our Welfare and Obamacare systems.  They will be treated with the same diligence by the DOJ and DHS as the 29-year-old Edward Snowden.  Well, maybe they won’t all be given a Top-Secret security clearance, but I’m sure any who choose to will tour the White House. Perhaps some will even be displayed along side the President when he addresses the Teleprompter American public just like the useful mourning Newtown families.

So now we have the government spying on patriotic citizens but ignoring Mosques suspected of radicalizing Muslims.  Top officials in the administration claim not to know what their subordinates do during the work day.  The FBI Director doesn’t even know who he put in charge of the IRS investigation, how many agents are working to find the truth or what, if anything, has been found to this point. 

The IRS, the people who fine and slander you if you cannot produce proof of a work related four dollar deduction to your income tax, cannot substantiate their multi-million dollar parties with original receipts.  None of the Directors, Secretaries, Bureau Chiefs or other overpaid presidential marionettes can remember the gender of their first-born when questioned by a congressional investigative committee.

“We the People” are simply asked to surrender our personal protection and have trust and faith in the most transparent administration in the history of the United States.

I could be wrong, but it all looks like subversion and treason to me.    


May 13, 2013

Here we go again.  Benghazi has key players in the White House scrambling under the rugs.  They want to make the whole debacle go away quietly.  Democrats in both the White House and on the investigative committee continue accusing Republicans of politicizing the failure to protect Americans abroad.  Almost everybody on the left, whether they do or do not care for their compatriots’ lives, willingly protect the very people they should condemn.  The proverbial buck stops with the highest ranking office assistant who can be reassigned to a lateral position with a mouth-shutting pay raise.

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”  The words and gestures of Hillary Clinton, in January of this year, during her recalcitrant participation in the investigation have become so famous that they can even be seen on ABC.  They’re defended, but none-the-less they are aired.  The administration managed to hide and deflect for four months, after which Benghazi was supposed to be “old news” and unworthy of scrutiny.

It is all a pattern of politics that is particularly well played by this administration. “Get this crap off of me.  Come here and change shirts with me, then go home and burn this shirt.  You can take the rest of the day off.  Here are a couple of tickets to the ball game tonight.  And remember, you never even saw me today.”

So to cause the ignorant masses to turn their collective heads, we now have the IRS/conservative NPO scandal.  How convenient!  In spite it having been known for over two years, it is now news and the media is willing to run with it.  The diversion, saved for just such an occasion is now put to use.  They’ve taken a bad situation and exploited it to take the attention away from a worse situation.  The media gives the second scandal all the attention and soon the lives of four Americans, flagrant lies, and cover-up fall to the wayside.

Again, for those who have not yet heard it, I use the example of the school yard bully saying, “Hey, look over there”.  There’s nothing to see, but when you turn back both the bully and the triple chocolate brownie mom made are gone.

So, which clerk will find them self inspecting the bus undercarriage now?  It started with some doofer in Cleveland who somehow had access to records from Tea Party and other Patriot groups across the nation.  That didn’t work out well and now the fingers begin pointing up the agency food chain.

Remember the DHS directive paper that lumped returning veterans, pro second amendment, anti abortion, anti illegal immigration, or pro smaller government (or more than one or all of the above)  with white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  Virtually anybody who might disagree with the socialist leaning policies of this administration is the enemy.  Not so much Islamic extremists, just national patriots should be watched closely.

How many of us will accept and excuse this faux pas blamed on some low-level operative of the most powerful asset the government has against the people?  How many people actually heard about or paid any attention to the testimony given last Wednesday?  How many loyal Democrats even care a whit about anything other than their SNAP card and Obamaphone? (more…)


January 25, 2013

Lies deceit, dissuasion, diversion, blaming, and finger-pointing are not new to government.  They are, however, blatantly obvious and deliberate with the current administration.  For each felonious attempt to weasel power, rights, and privileges from us or otherwise shamelessly subvert the Constitution, there occurs a sham inquiry by congress.  The public showing is just that, a show.  The Democrats layer accolades upon the perpetrator for having done the job well under unfortunate or adverse conditions and offer a few soft-ball questions in attempt to make it look like they want answers.  They always know the answers to their irrelevant questions in advance and simply want them on record.

After numerous lengthy delays, Republican investigative committee members receive a few printed sheets, blackened with redaction ink.  Sworn testimony from presidential appointees brings forth a grandiloquent verbal lap dance.  When that fails to satisfy the questioners, he or she testifying receives the blessing of the President to discontinue charade via Executive Privilege.  The media refuses to invoke their investigative reporters to assist with any fact finding because they choose to assist the administration that shares their political views.

“Fast and Furious”, operated by BATFE and headed by Eric Holder’s (Social) Justice Department helped with the killing of thousands of Mexican Nationals, tourists and law enforcement personnel including two of our own Border Patrol.  A few underlings received reassignment within the government or early retirement with full benefits.  Only abstraction remains regarding the operation, the expected outcome, or why there was no identifiable internal oversight or management.  The nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Green energy giveaways totaling nearly $3 billion went to companies whose executives either donated directly or bundled large amounts of cash for the DNC or Obama election campaigns.  To date, well over half of the recipients filed bankruptcy, but not before distributing 5, 6, and 7 figure bonuses to the “C” level personnel.  All told, taxpayers indirectly contributed $2.14 billion to re-elect President Obama.  The nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

While Solyndra did receive some warranted attention, it was primarily due to the amount of stimulus money received to remain viable.  Little attention followed regarding the speed with which they shuttered the doors and put employees on the unemployment roles.  Of the $535 million taxpayer dollars the company received, almost 10% was approved by the liberal bankruptcy court for executive bonuses because they did their jobs well.  Rush Limbaugh and some FOXNews associates shed light on the travesty, but the nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Perhaps my favorite story of the donor bailouts is that of Fisker Automotive.  Fisker received $529 million taxpayer dollars to hire workers and help with our economic recovery.  Fisker promptly shipped the money to Finland where the company is headquartered to produce the Karma, a high end luxury sports car that only the Hollywood Glitteratzi and other despicable One-Percenters can afford.  The bare-bones Karma carries a base price at $102,000 and first used batteries from A123 Systems (awarded $279 million – now bankrupt).

A few challenges the Karma presents include batteries that become disposable if not kept charged.  Replacement cost for the battery cluster is in the neighborhood of $30,000 and is not covered under warranty.  To be considered also is the cost of charging them to forestall the replacement.  Since the automobile is a plug-in hybrid, not charged while driven, it consumes its electrical energy from those reviled fossil fuel fired electricity generating plants and can cost upwards of $60 per charge.  That charge, however, is capable of propelling the vehicle almost 35 miles before the gasoline engine kicks in and burns more fossil fuel at the EPA rate of 20 mpg.  Congress claims not to have resources to carry out another investigation and the nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Most recently, of course, is the Benghazi attack. After dancing her way around the globe to avoid questions, then taking some sick time to distance the inquisition from the event, Hillary agreed to testify.  She accepted full responsibility for the breakdown in security and deaths of Americans.  Then a breath later, she waved her hands before the committee and antithetically retorted, “With all due respect, we had four dead Americans.  Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk who decided they’d go kill Americans.  What difference at this point does it make?  It is our job to figure out what happened.”   The nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.

Well, Hillary, in order to identify who’s in charge of the tall tales and who’s outright lying, it makes a great deal of difference to many of us.  In order to find out why security was so lax on the anniversary of 9/11, it is necessary to investigate.  Why was a coordinated terror attack that wiped out an American consulate in a hostile country given the alert attention and response of a drunk with a cherry bomb having a fun time?  For the American public to know why we are paying inflated salaries to people who skirt responsibility at every opportunity, it makes a big difference.  I, for one, want to hear a word of truth come from this administration other than, “Under my plan, Cap and Trade, your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket”.  I would like to see everyone involved in this, and every government scandal, fired without further ado and without retirement pay or other continued economy breaking, treasury sucking, lifelong federal benefit packages.  But congressional investigations can’t identify who to fire with nothing but lies, deceit, dissuasion, diversion, blaming, and finger-pointing coming forth.

What difference at this point does it make?  Apparently, it makes no difference to the nightly liar news crews could not care less and remain silent.