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September 6, 2014

I’m happy that some of you think so highly of yourself that you can demand pay at twice the value of your position. When it comes to mundane and rote tasking, I can understand how you might be bored, but continue doing the job just to have somewhere to go and some spending money.

In our president’s own words, “If I were busting my butt in the service industry and wanted an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, I’d join a union.” He was referring to raising the minimum wage and how joining a union might help you make more money.

I can only agree with him. But, if you’re busting your butt in the service industry or at any job, why are you unable to earn a supporting wage? If you’re busting your butt, most employers will promote you to a position commensurate with your skills, abilities and work ethic. You will be making an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. If not that employer, find one who will.

The problem with demanding higher wages, more hours, sick time, vacation time, paid maternity leave, and employer paid medical coverage is that there comes a point where wages and benefits outweigh the value of the position to the employer.

Case in point: Some of those nasty old (and young) people with education and motivation working for Momentum Machines have developed a robot that can whip out 360 burgers per hour. It slices tomatoes, onions, pickles, etc. and assembles the final product for delivery. The stainless servant never asks for time off to attend a baby shower and doesn’t have to rush off to the restroom. Thus, it doesn’t require a sign in the restroom in four languages saying “EMPLOYEES MUST WASH THEIR HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK” As of now, people must still collect money and make change. But that, too, is soon to be automated. Vending Machines!

If a computerized contraption can slice, dice, cook, assemble and wrap a sandwich, how long can it be before a card or currency operation module is added? Insert your money, push a few buttons to order tomatoes, relish instead of pickles, hold the onion and add that secret sauce to a sesame seed, whole wheat or ciabatta bun. You can order in the language of your choice, without the difficulty of understanding a foreign national’s dialect. If you can’t read the menu, you will have pictures to guide you…just like the pimple face wanting your money now.

Special orders may take a bit longer than a standard fare, but you can expect to have your meal within a couple of minutes no matter what combo you order. Would you like fries and a drink with that? Just insert another bill or two into the slot and push a few more buttons.

About that job. Not to worry, you’ll be helping the economy by causing employers to automate. Nancy Pelosi thinks the idea is great. Why, just four years ago, in 2010 she said, “Let me say that unemployment insurance… is one of the biggest stimuluses (sic) to our economy. Economists will tell you, this money is spent quickly. It injects demand into the economy.”

So, now, are you sure flipping burgers is worth $15 per hour?