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November 16, 2016

For well over seven years we’ve all observed that President Obama is a great orator. He delivers the lines from his ever-present Teleprompter with great aplomb. I have also observed many times over that if you watch his face as he reads the words scrolling it says, “Who the hell wrote this? Nobody’s gonna to believe this crap”.

With his re-election, however, that non-verbal expression vanished. An air of exalted haughtiness became apparent. A more Gruberesque attitude prevailed with every new locution. The demeanor became more like, “The American people are so stupid that they’ve bought everything I’ve said up until now. Why question if they’ll believe this or anything I say”?

While dividing the country like a giant pizza (black v. white, young v. mature, poor v. middle class and above, LGBTQ v. straight, etc.), he would stand behind a podium and Teleprompters proclaiming how he has managed to unite the country. As he promoted regulations against business (either via EPA, IRS or other agencies under his thumb) that prohibited growth and stifled the work force he boasted how he, and he alone, was able to steer the nation from the abyss of recession. With millions of people out of work so long they can no longer receive unemployment benefits, he proclaims how the unemployment rolls have declined. Today, over 37% of the potential workforce remains idle. Welfare distribution to poverty stricken families and the new poor has skyrocketed.

His words do not match his actions. To be truthful, they are most frequently polar opposites.

In a stated effort to unite the world he claimed had been left asunder by his predecessor, he started his presidency with an apology tour. He bowed to adversarial monarchs and autocratic leaders in the East. That strengthened the resolve and antagonism of our enemies. Unedited history will surely reflect his presidency as one of acquiescence, not leadership.

He’s now ending his reign on a note to make it harder for his successor to rectify the differences created within our own country and around the globe. With the same superciliousness he has exuded throughout his time in office, he warned the people of Greece and the people of the world “to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism”.

Without specifically identifying Donald Trump, he also made sure to mention that “targeting specific racial, religious or ethnic groups could backfire”. He, Barack Obama, did it successfully. He mastered it! At this point point in time he has been given a pass, but don’t let anyone else try it. Along with his obedient compliance to the unrequited demands of global despots, his legacy must include this passive aggressiveness.

Continuing his “Fear of the Future” expedition, he went on to say, “Globalization, combined with technology, combined with social media and constant information, have disrupted people’s lives, sometimes in very concrete ways, but also psychologically. People are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world. It starts looking different and disorienting.”

He and his pastel lemmings championed political correctness. This common core lack of specificity is a major factor in confusing the issues of the day. When you cannot honestly identify a situation, you cannot work to resolve any problems created by it!

Now is not the time to fear the future for it once again offers potential. Now is the time to begin anew with an invigorated administration. Bye, bye Barack.




November 25, 2015

As President Obama imports tens of thousands of foreigners into our country, as refugees or simply out of economic compassion, he is fundamentally remaking the country…just as promised. Under his plan for “diversity” he is inviting chaos, animosity and exploiting factioning. As with most liberal mandates for inclusion, this is sure to create myriad unintended consequences. Or, perhaps it will aid the intended consequences.

He is doing so at the expense of not just the 1% against whom he has contrived hostility, he is digging into the pockets of what is left of the middle class and working poor. By executive edict, you are paying for airfair and accomodations as well as Welfare benefits and other social programs to welcome them and make them more comfortable. In some cases the stipend given for relocation exceeds the annual income of many working American families.

In large, these people do not choose to become part of the American culture. They have little desire to learn English or partake of American customs. They want to clique with their fellow countrymen. They want to have all that Americans have been known for without becoming Americanized.

Already Obama’s attempt at diversifying established neighborhoods is raising ire and provoking unrest. Planting new arrivals from Somalia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Iraq, Syria, El Salvador, etc. in conventional American communities invites the potential for animosity. It is instigating antagonism. When forced upon both the “refugees” and citizens, it is bound to cause rancor and enmity when the new arrivals dissasociate themselves from their new neighbors.

This diversification action could well be another step toward martial law!

For years I have listened to the echos that Obama is incompetent. I am convinced, and have been since early in his first term, that he is scheming toward his own end. Each step he takes: lack of military action when and where needed, business busting over-regulation, silently escalating taxation among those who can least afford it or provoking and exacerbating the rift between conservatives and liberals takes America down a another notch in world standing. Interjecting foreign nationals into traditional communities and giving them more than American citizens can earn only images his flipping us the bird.


October 22, 2015

Think back just a moment to late 2008 and throughout 2009 when Obama was heralded as the savior. He received accolades and awards including the renaming of schools, roadways, buildings and of course the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems many of his disciples are now not only backing away, they are running from any connection or association. The Nobel committee gave Obama the coveted award not for any accomplishments, for he had none, but to encourage him. They are now questioning why it was done and some committee members flat-out regret their votes. The distinction was bestowed on him for his pontification, not any actions. Like many of this nation, they are now sorry to have been duped. It seems there have been no significant actions to quell the ascent of the rebels of the globe. In fact world peace, if ever to be accomplished, is further in the future now than it was in 2009 thanks, in large, to his lack of action and will to show authority.

As well, there are some presentations from which Obama would like to distance himself. One such is the former Custer High School in Milwaukee,WI. The school was redesignated The Obama School of Career and Technical Education to honor the nation’s first president of color.

While Custer was at best a questionable leader, remaking the honorable and effective educational unit resulted in a failure as grand as the new namesake. Though, as Custer High School it was a typical underperforming public education entity, it is even worse since the change.

Adhering to Common Core State Standards, the K-12 institution now ranks 2.2 of 50 in reading with an overall rating of 39.4 of 100 (well below a failing grade) statewide.   It beats out only 14 of the demographically comparable schools of the state system. Like the president himself, the school’s rating is accompanied by the words “fails to meet expectations”.

Using the program of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) seems not to help disciplinary problems or pregnancies any more than the introduction of Common Core has helped academic achievement. Physical altercations are more common than study sessions and the police are called to the school almost as frequently as some students show up for class.

Obama is making his own legacy. However, because of the way he was cherished by the goof-eyed and ignorant masses before taking office, it is difficult to live up to the expectations held by even the semi-informed and quasi attentive Americans.


June 8, 2015

From The Telegraph by Ruth Sherlock, Urfa

The Syrian businessman was enjoying a much-needed holiday in Turkey when the phone call came from the tax inspector of the Islamic State.
His business partner in Raqqa had been arrested, the inspector told him, and he would not be released until his company paid the $100,000 (£65,000) it owed the “Caliphate”.
“They told me that because I have a lot of money, I have to pay my share,” said Ammar, whose asked that his real name not be used. “They analyse your income and take a percentage.”

The last couple of sentences sound like our president might have said them just after saying “under my plan, your taxes will not go up”.

The article went on to say, “As Isil works to establish its empire, the jihadists have become fastidious bureaucrats: imposing taxes, paying fixed salaries and imposing trading standards laws in a bid to create a healthy economy that will sustain their autocratic rule.”

Wow! Did I just enter Bizarro World, USA, or what?


March 31, 2015

Andrew Klavan pretty much sums up the Obama philosophy in this short video.

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama’s H-1B and L-1B visa policies for immigration not only suppress American wages, they supplant them with allowable wages far below any state prescribed or federal mandated minimum. Literally, his policies allow, and even promote, slavery in America with the slaves being imported from abroad.  Sound familiar?  Democrats…gotta love ’em!

It’s the quickest way to poverty for all but the truly wealthy and elite.  It’s how to get the ignorant masses dependent on government for their very existence. 

Here’s your gruel.  Now eat up and back to work!