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March 10, 2017

Many inside and outside of government accuse the former president, Obama, of laying landmines for future administrations in order to fulfill his quest for a more perfect global society; Utopia. The undercurrent of this speculative theory surfaced as a tidal wave with the November, 2016 election when it was realized that Democrats would no longer be able to act unconstitutionally from the power position of the Oval Office.

Almost immediately after taking possession of the oval office, Obama began executing executive orders and sending regulation requests to create havoc and disorganization as they were implemented.  Some of the directives were considered mini-timebombs to temporarily interrupt governing at irregular intervals and others are far more devastating.

Excavation for the planting of explosives actually began with the highly partisan progressive Democrat controlled House and Senate. The 111th congress was absolutely giddy with the power accessed by deceiving voters and conferred by the presiding Despot-in-Ministry. They began shoveling deep into the Marxist movement of America from their first seating. It was as if they had been given free reign by the ignorant and unsuspecting masses. Regulations rattled from every office of the White House and every agency and department of the federal government.

Republicans, even those who wanted to, had no way of stopping them. If there was a balk to a bill or dissent on any legislation, the questioning individuals were labeled racist, a tag that is virtually impossible to remove. The Marxists simply labeled them, shelved them and continued their journey down the path of national destruction.

One of the largest and most highly explosive land mines is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) aka Obamacare. Over the past seven years, it has proven to offer little Patient Protection, is not Affordable for those who most need it and actually offers less Care than was available prior to its implementation. It Acts as a wealth distribution program.

Designed not to keep the American population well, it was meant to move money from the wealthy and the workers through the government to the poor. In doing so, the workers join the poor and socialism wins. To assure its continued capitalist society disintegration, health care was immediately deemed a “human right”. Because it is impossible to dismantle a government program once identified as a human right, the pressure plate was depressed with the passage of the PPACA. This is what we had to find out after the giant gavel wielding Pelosi and her happy band of Marxists passed the bill that President Obama signed into law on March 23, 2010.

Since that time, there have been unconstitutional changes made allowing this new economic and health wound to grow and fester as the masses acclimate to the costly but only semi-effective antibiotics. Now dependent on the drugs of the social engineering program, it is impossible to effect a quick rehab. The “racist” opposing party was covered in dust. They are still swiping at shoulders and sleeves unable to recognize in the cloud that they can now act as the legislators for whom we voted.

The only way to fix Obamacare is to release the pressure plate. Let it blow. There are simply too many sensitive triggers strategically placed to try dismantle it and find all the primers. Toying with it will only allow the deeply hidden destructive capabilities placed within to explode, individually, creating casualty after casualty.

Yes, some people will be hurt. Most of them are now suffering with tattered bandages on pus filled wounds. They are the people who cannot afford to replace the dressing.  A new and different program with a vision and goal of actual health and health maintenance might provide for cleaning the infection and allow a scab to form as healing begins.

Before any dismantling and rewriting begins, it must be recognized that health care, like economic welfare, is not a “human right”. It is a societal courtesy. It is an earned merit. But, it is not a right! People who feel entitled are simply wrong.  Doctors and other health care professionals are only obligated to care for the injured or infirm by oath; a personal pledge…not government mandate.

A few intelligent heads can remedy the health care system. A small committee comprised of doctors, hospital administrators and insurance professionals  can do a far better job than elected officials without the required knowledge.  They must be mindful that cries from every corner of the nation cannot be appeased.  Trying to do so will injure us all.

* Note to congress.  Clear the ground and take shelter. Blow it!  Stay out of the toxic wind and give us a heads up so we can too. Pick up any pieces that fit together flawlessly and remold anything that has been lost. No malignancies. It must have a completely different look and most of all it must be without detonation capability in 2, 4 or 20 years from now.  Question:  Why does health care, if that’s what we’re really talking about, fall under the jurisdiction of the IRS instead of HHS?

Now, let’s talk about health care for veterans.  They deserve a functioning health care system.  They were guaranteed it on enlistment or commission and they most certainly earned it.


January 15, 2017

There are numerous stories with alarming concern about the possible repeal and replacement of Obamacare. As it is presently, it is a very expensive program that helps very few people but makes some feel it is needed for their own well being. “Free” is addicting, no matter what the cost.

First of all is the incantation that twenty million people will suffer if the failing program does not continue as it is. This is as absurd as “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. From the beginning, the twenty million people figure is pure fiction, aka fake news in current terms. Its falsehood is easily found in the fact that only fourteen million people even signed up for the program. The fantasy continues with, of the true fourteen million, about twelve million (85%) were eligible for Medicaid or Medicare and were thus covered by working, earning taxpayers through inefficient government run programs anyway. The ACA was just a switch in names that reimbursed doctors for services. So, for billions of dollars per year, some two million people receive actual, not perceived, benefit.

Second is the fallacy about liking and keeping your doctor. Thousands of doctors and many hospitals refused to participate in the wealth redistribution (money laundering) farce from the beginning. The program forced others into bankruptcy and they shuttered their doors. If you were among the lucky ones who liked your doctor, and he or she did cooperate with the extremely restrictive rules set forth by the ACA, chances are great that your wait times for an appointment became exaggerated almost overnight.

Many people report that prior to the inception of the ACA it was possible to get an appointment to see their doctor within a week. Today that time might be as long as six weeks with an average of three weeks. Then, after spending extended time in the waiting room, they find they are hustled through the intake process before a physician assistant (PA) arrives to treat the now severely infected wound or takes some notes and scribbles a prescription to be filled. If necessary, a subsequent appointment is made two weeks hence with the doctor they liked and kept. 

As expressed so frequently over the past 7 years, Obamacare offers little in the realm of medical care.  It is a tax mandated under the guise of health insurance.  It even falls under the authority of the IRS (a tax collection agency), not HHS (the government health agency).

Third comes the fact that many people are not going to the doctor when necessary because the deductible or co-pay is excessive and often not at all affordable after paying $400+ per month for the insurance premium. Thus, the people receiving the most benefit from the program are those who would otherwise have had fully paid government coverage through Medicare or Medicaid.

So, all in all, the panic being created by the possibility that Obamacare might be dismantled and replaced by something different, possibly even better, is vaulting off of anecdotal stories; “I wouldn’t have survived MRSA if it weren’t for Obamacare”. In fact, the insidious infection might have been treated and controlled much more rapidly, more completely and even less expensively if the person suffering with the devastating disease simply went to the ER. Even those with insurance now often wait too long while fretting payment of their deductible.

They tell us that Obamacare is the answer. It was implemented in the dark of night by the Marxists and socialists of our elected body. From the beginning it had little to do with maintaining health or longevity of the American public.  We were even told, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”, by the very people pushing it despite none of them even knowing what they were sponsoring.

People are now under the belief and assurance (thanks to the propaganda proclaimed by the administration and promoted by their extended media arm) that the ACA is a program commoners cannot do without. They’re hooked.  They’re addicted. They’re afraid methadone will not continue the high to which they’ve become accustomed.

Why was change such a good thing just eight years ago and not now?


February 19, 2016

From the back rooms of Washington D.C. you can hear the quiet mutterings about “pre-kindergarten”. This has been the chatter for a few decades now. Launched in 1965, the Head Start program came into being to help low-income children “catch up” and transition from kindergarten to elementary school. Thank you liberal, progressive Democrat, President Lyndon B. Johnson.

From there, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) morphed the program to include health, nutrition and education for low-income families and provide workshops for parents and children to prepare them for entry into kindergarten as well. The innocuous sounding program was early indoctrination for the children and Welfare immersion for the parents.

While learning to stack blocks, tie shoes and count, the children also learned to accept one parent family life as equal to having two. They learned that getting food from the local non-profit or government subsidized food bank was equivalent to shopping at the local supermarket and that the free clinic provided the same care as did the private general practitioner. Children and parents alike learned to graciously accept what was handed to them by the government. The parents learned new ways to subsist while raising a small child.

Study after study show the Head Start program does little to elevate the learning ability or energize the need or desire for education. Virtually no evidence exists that Head Start enrollees do statistically better than those who do not participate. Early nutrition education, hygiene and health training provided by the program do little to enhance the academic or health levels of the Head Start members. The failed program continues today as a large bureaucracy consuming hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fast forward thirty years and we have another prominent progressive, First Lady Hillary Clinton, writing a book, “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us”. The book describes how influences outside the home impact the emotional well-being of children. It does, however, evade speaking about how government intrusion and indoctrination make victimization forefront in the mind of today’s youth who now commit suicide rather than facing the challenges of life.

The failed social programs of yesteryear continue to evolve and grow into the monsters we have today where true education is diluted to reflect higher graduation rates. Public schools focus more on liberal doctrine and social interaction than they do on scholarly instruction, mental development and cognitive skills.

Not to be outdone by their predecessors, today’s Marxist / Socialist / Progressive liberals now want to allow parents to participate in the raising of their children. Yes, allow participation. Under the combined bureaucracy of the Department of Education and Health and Human Services parents will be “equal partners” in the raising of their children.

The Marxist takeover of the health care system of this nation changes the dynamic of family. It removes the authority of child raising from families and gives it to the government via regulation. Parents do remain responsible for negative outcomes.  Written into Obamacare is the ability for the federal government to “monitor” the household of any child and the new agency becomes a shadow parent until the child reaches majority. Physicians within the program have the ability to screen and diagnose perceived problems such as anger and depression and prescribe synthetic pharmaceuticals according to their observations. One need not be degreed in psychology, simply medicine. Nurse practitioners may also prescribe the mind and mood altering drugs. This will allow for a more mellow and compliant society.

Unless something is done to change the direction, I can visualize a soon-coming nation where genetically selected ovum and sperm are introduced to the host birther. Supplied by the State, the resultant product becomes the property of the State. The host woman then gives birth in an institutional birthing hospital, at no charge mind you, and is immediately escorted from the facility. There will be no parental duties or interaction with the child. I predict this societal metamorphosis will take place in no more than two generations. Soon thereafter, all will be accomplished in laboratories and women will have no roll in the process.

For now, Uncle Sam just wants control over your child. You remain responsible, the government simply has authority over how the child is raised. With the continuance of the aforementioned progress, the central government will have complete control over youth and adults alike.

I believe the new social order might take on the name of Societal Collectivism. Under Societal Collectivism, there will be no need for elections. With Rulers decided between and among only the “naturals”.  No laboratory produced proletariat will be allowed to participate in the process and none of the sub-lifers will be capable of reproduction.


March 22, 2015

Let me preface this essay with the understanding that doctors, as a whole, are not to blame for the lack of care we are now receiving. Most would like to provide more service than time and reimbursement allows. However, volume is the only way they can pay back their student loans and live a decent lifestyle.

Here’s a comparative sample to illustrate how Obamacare works. WalMart. WalMart is not successful because they offer the quality found at Nordstrom at 20% of the cost. WalMart is successful because virtually anybody can afford a boxed three-piece kitchen appliance set (toaster oven, coffee maker and crock pot) for $39.95.

The appliances from WalMart won’t last as long as those from other manufacturers sold through premium retailers, but they do have a value. However, WalMart is able to sell cheap by buying cheap merchandise by the ship load.

Here’s another example. I once purchased a “lifetime tire rotation, balance and alignment” from Express Tire. I was having a problem with wear on my left front tire which I noted. I watched and measured the tread depth only to see that the left front was continuing to wear unnaturally on the inside. Back to Express Tire again, again, again, and again. This continued over a period of a year and about 12,000 miles before I took the vehicle to an independent shop.

For a single alignment at the independent shop, I paid over half the cost of the lifetime service at Express Tire. However, 5,000 miles later and the tire was wearing normally. When I went back to Dan’s Alignment for a routine maintenance adjustment, Dan shared some valuable information with me. He had worked for a similar outfit when he was younger, but was dissatisfied with what he was able to do for the customers.

There are three settings for alignment, they are camber, caster and toe. All three must be adjusted for proper alignment and tire wear. According to Dan, a common expression at Express Tire, Evans Tire and the like is, “Set the toe and let ‘er go”. Most drivers never know and continue to bring their car back to be sold unneeded ball joints, tie rod ends, struts, bushings, etc. Some even purchase new tires as theirs continue to wear rapidly.

Yes, some people who chose to spend their limited funds on things other than health insurance are now covered under Obamacare. No denying that. Some people who truly could not afford health care are now covered. However, Obamacare is not necessarily health care. It is more like, “Thanks for coming in today. Ooh, that’s a nasty rash. Here’s some ointment, NEXT!” In some cases it might be “Take this pill and sign your will”.


November 24, 2013

“Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.            Barack Obama – Dover NH, Sept 12, 2008

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare is a tax.  Within the Act is included a provision that if you don’t pay the tax, you will be taxed.  To assure you are taxed, access to any and all bank accounts on which you are a signer is available to the IRS.  You will be taxed!

The IRS will debit bank accounts for fines and premium payments for Obamacare.  This can only hurt the banking business as people avoid institutional services and begin stuffing mattresses and pillows with cash until needed.

First, commandeering 1/6 of the GDP in no way protects any patient.  The fact that more people are losing their insurance than those who never had any insurance is not protection.  It brings about an uncertainty, a concern, a fear that if any physical harm or dire ailment occurs one might not be insured against such harm or ailment.  The “Patient Protection” portion of the act’s name is nothing but doublespeak.

Second, it is not affordable.  With exceptional anecdotes, insurance premiums are rising at above recently recorded rates for the average individual, family and business.  In addition to the doubling and tripling of premiums that will acutely restrict disposable income and savings, comes deductibles that can drive the average family into bankruptcy should a catastrophic event descend upon any of the household members.

Is this why so many elites are exempted from the care and protection afforded by this law, and why do so many intelligent commoners fear it?