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June 6, 2012


Apparently, even the Democrats have had enough of Obama imperiling national security to bolster his ego and inflame his narcissism.  CA Dem., Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee expressed concern about the Iran cyber attacks for which Obama has readily taken credit.  She said, (in paraphrase) Bragging by this White House about cyber attacks on Iran is dangerous and will undoubtedly lead to a counter attacks on the United States.

It’s what happened when Bin Laden was “relieved from duty”.  Obama and crew couldn’t wait to give the most detailed description of the operation.  (Much of it was embellishment for effect.)  The end result was that Pakistan, one of many countries with which we share bribe monies now borrowed from China, has turned openly hostile.  Prior to his (Obama’s) braggadocio that almost left out the contribution of the elite U.S. military forces, CIA ground and aerial intel gathering, ground based confidential informants and everybody else who actually did the work leading up to and concluding the mission, Pakistan only quietly denounced the U.S.

With the announcement that Obama had personally turned a loyal doctor into a CIA informant who pointed the finger to Bin Laden, the doctor was captured and sentenced to 33 years in prison.  Thanks Prez, from the family and friends of Dr. Shakil Afridi.

With our Narcissist in Chief, covert military operations are now only secret until completed.  After-mission galas with Hollywood celebrities and billionaire donors to gasconade about how he did it are the only quiet and concealed portions of the credit grabbing press conferences that follow.

The MSM will only acknowledge that Republicans are to blame for casting dispersion upon the President by saying the above is done only to bolster his re-election campaign.  It could be, however, that some alternative news sources want the public to know how our national security is being undermined by our country’s subversive figurehead.  The again, it could be that we’re shouting the truth because we just want the treasonous Marxist out of office.


August 19, 2010

Jeff Foxworthy has a comedy routine he calls “You May Be a Redneck”.  It might go something like this:  If your guest house is a camper on jack stands in your back yard…you may be a redneck.

I’d like to plagiarize this theme and use it in the context of our current state and the people who have helped put us here.  I’m talking in specific about the liberal progressive direction this country is turning.  We have gone from a forthright nation to one that is more concerned about political correctness than honesty and while PC sounds like the right thing on the surface and it makes one feel good, it is dangerous.

I’m going to call my take on the Foxworthy theme “You May Want to Be More Concerned”.  Here’s the way it goes:

If you believe your taxes have not and will not go up…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe that legalizing marijuana is a good thing because alcohol is more dangerous anyway…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe that the U.S. Constitution is not in jeopardy or is no longer relevant…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe that we are in economic recovery…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe government spending is the way to economic recovery…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe Big Government will bring individual prosperity…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe your life and privacy are secure…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe people crossing our borders without authorization are only doing so to do the work Americans won’t do…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe building a Mosque within spitting distance of Ground Zero is the right thing to do…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe anybody that didn’t vote for Obama is a racist…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe the patriots returning from combat are potential terrorists (per Janet Napolitano)…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe congress and the current administration have the general public’s best interest at heart…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe everything that is wrong with this country is George W. Bush’s fault…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe extending unemployment insurance will create jobs…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe ABC,CBS, NBC and CNN provide you with complete, honest and accurate political accounting…you may want to be more concerned.

If you believe anything that Barack Obama says…you may want to be more concerned.


June 14, 2010

The first alert to the country should have been Obama’s refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin.  When questioned about it, the Illinois Senator said he stopped wearing the pin shortly after the 9/11 attacks (when others proudly wore it) because he felt the pin “represented a false substitute for patriotism”.  In fact, the true patriots chose to display their unity with the country.  That was in October of 2007 and it should have been a warning for all, not just a few observant individuals.

During his presidential campaign, he promised the world to the American people then, without even taking a breath he said, “I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” Only a nine year old idiot could have missed that contradiction.  He didn’t promise everything free out of his own bank account, but some interpreted the statement that way.

Also during his campaign, he threatened the country with “fundamental change”.  The country didn’t need fundamental change.  What the country needed was reason and leadership.  His fundamental change includes federal takeover of more than 70% of the entrepreneurial spirit and industry and financial infrastructure from which this country grew and prospered for over 233 years.  He has, through his unfettered borrowing and spending, caused businesses to shrink and the unemployment lines to grow.

He has assembled a presidential cabinet and administration with Marxists, Communists, radical Muslims, tax cheats, hoodlums and thieves.  He and that cabinet have divided the country along race lines with every remark made.  He accused a white Cambridge, MA police officer of acting “stupidly” when he tried to do the job for which he was paid because a black college professor caused a scene.  He urged the nation not to jump to conclusions when a known radical Muslim psychologist and spiritual counselor gunned down 43 unarmed soldiers and civilians (killing 13 and wounding 30 others).

He has taken away the incentive for personal independence by teasing the unemployed masses with extension after extension of unemployment benefits.  They are now disheartened about getting another job and dependent on the government.

Using the power that comes with the presidency and the chiefs he put in place to oversee the automobile industry, he extinguished Chrysler dealerships around the country owned and operated by Republicans.  Sound, viable dealerships were quashed.  The inventory was transferred to nearby dealerships owned by large DNC or “Obama for President” donors.  Thousands became unemployed just so that he could show his political might.

He has become the laughing stock, not only amongst Americans, but also around the globe for his anti-American appeasement and apology tours.  He has berated America for being a superior, leading force around the globe.  He has subserviently bowed to what should be his peers and even subordinates.  He has told the world that America is a Muslim nation though founded on Christian principles and has been primarily a Judeo-Christian nation from its inception until Obama assumed office.

Now, it is quite apparent that this man is anti-American in virtually every way.  His goal of “fundamentally changing” America is obviously to bring us to our knees by melding the middle class into the poverty class leaving only them and us, the ruling elite and we the serfs.  He is also showing his Muslim roots with virtually every move he makes against this country.  He has recently added radical Muslims to his administration and he has overseen the Justice Department dismissal of prosecutions against radical Muslim individuals and organizations.  He even vacationed instead of honoring the nation’s heroes at Arlington on Memorial Day.

He has delayed action on the BP oil spill so that it, too, could become a national disaster, a crisis and he could blame his predecessor’s administration for the lack of regulation of the oil industry.  If the industry required greater regulation, why hasn’t he done something about setting controls in his 17 months in office?

His recent press conferences have been against a backdrop of gold curtains (described by some as being a definite mid-Eastern motif).  There are no American flags to be seen in the immediate surroundings. First it was the lapel pin; now missing is any visual symbol or cloth representation to which many of us have pledged allegiance and for which far too many have died.  The fundamental change that has taken place has destroyed the country in which I was born and of which I have been forever proud.

National destruction is the change he wanted to make.  It will be his accomplishment and legacy unless we stop him.  Vote his cronies and minions out of office in November and perhaps, with wisdom, we can replace them with people who are not for the demise of the country, but want to see it succeed.  With their help maybe we can recall or impeach and remove the remaining subversive and treasonous individuals from office; starting from the top down!

Today, Flag Day, all eyes should be on the White House.