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November 21, 2016

To liberals, and those claiming to be progressive in particular, words have much greater meaning than actions. The left is controlling the narrative. Conservatives are being persecuted and prosecuted for holding beliefs which are honest and thus normal. Progressives, on the other hand, riot and destroy in the name of protest against what should be standard words and actions. A simple cry of racism immediately and unjustly ostracizes the object person.

Some of us are always going to be unjustly admonished and belittled for such things as “cultural appropriation”, or “covert racism”, or “xenophobia” or “micro-aggression”, etc. Apparently, we do it unwittingly because we’re so self absorbed that we cannot see, or simply don’t care, who may be disparaged. Careless and thoughtless language obviously displays our innate bigotry.

On any given day, a delicate pastel seeking reason to cry may choose to selectively re-identify a particular word, gesture or expression. There’s no telling where or when this might happen (It is generally done after the fact). But when it does, the dainty one is immediately insulted and horrendously aggrieved to the point of tears and quaking. Thus, we must succumb and complete the cycle. It is the only route to peace and harmony between us and the wailing and frangible few.

Beyond the obvious, like tight pants and the showing of well muscled (male) players, there is overt aggression displayed in the naming of sports teams. Let’s run down a few of names that must be changed starting with the NFL. Feel free to rethink the name of your favorite sports team.

EAGLES – Birds of prey. Carnivorous. Let’s change that name to PARAKEETS. The smaller birds are herbivores eating only seeds and grains.

COLTS – Young male horses. Not yet developed defensive skills. Vulnerable. Let’s now call them STEEDS because that name connotes subtle stateliness.

FALCONS – See Eagles

BEARS – Large, aggressive carnivores capable of ripping off one’s head with a single swipe. This team must become the TEDDYS.

BROWNS – Obviously racial connotation here. Just delete the team.  They don’t deserve to be renamed.

REDSKINS – This has been overdone. Native Americans don’t seem to mind the name, but pastels do on their behalf. Leave the name alone.

CHARGERS – Whoa, unbridled aggression. How about TROTTERS to show advancement without vigorous onslaught. We can only hope no Tennessee Walkers feel excluded.

PATRIOTS – Showing honor and allegiance must be abolished. Replace this name with DIPSY DO-GOODERS.

TEXANS – Far too exclusive. Must be renamed the DIVERSITIES to offset years of exception.

And there we have a sampling of idiocy, aka; political correctness. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll destroy schools, states, cities, roadways or regional identifications named after historical figures with whom the left does not agree.



February 5, 2016

Political correctness is such a farce that even the name is false. Trying to make something sound better or less harsh or less truthful than it really is is indescribably wrong, not correct. George Orwell labeled it “Newspeak” in his book titled 1984.

We are now encouraged to call the guardians of offspring parent 1 and parent 2. No longer are mother and father appropriate because those names do not fit a generic mold. Sometimes guardians are two men or two women. Rather than identifying the people as who they are, we are now expected to use the homogenic terms above. Immediately, those two individuals and all other parents are unable to distinguish themselves from others and the world turns from brilliant and beautiful colors to dull, bland, depressing gray.

Taking the hard earned money from one person or financial plateau for distribution on a lower level is another attempt to repudiate individuality and accomplishments.

The Marxist President and his progressive followers refuse to distinguish between radical Islamic extremists and Muslims. Because they evade clarity and distinction, they are caught in their own sticky web. He and they claim that specifically identifying the problematic faction of Islamic religion casts a disparaging light on the entire religion. By lumping the Islamic State into the belief system of peaceful Muslims, as they do, makes anyone talking about terror or beheadings or Jihad guilty of demeaning an entire doctrine. Thus, they speak naught of the evil or wicked by referring to the despicable acts as workplace violence or man-made tension.

In some cities police cannot record witness statements accurately because someone might be offended or profiled. Identifying an assailant as wearing a red bandana or Raiders football jersey might cause law enforcement to look at a group or gang to find an individual. The P.C. crowd would rather have police wasting time and energy heading to the other side of town where fewer potential suspects reside. Thanks to political correctness, accuracy is now a fault.

Only nefarious purposes can back the mandate for political correctness because it blurs the normal and natural. Home owners and residents (progressives, please play this game too), see if you can relate: You’ve just been robbed and beaten. You want your goods and cash back, and you want justice for the perpetrator. Would you rather the police look for a Japanese or Asian man, 5’7” with a mustache carrying a large revolver and wearing a blue baseball cap, black jacket, white T-shirt and jeans…or a suspect with male-like features wearing a jacket and hat?

I submit that the chances of getting your valuables back remain with the first description. And, I’m willing to bet that at this time you give the police a detailed description of your Rolex and Rembrandt as well.  You won’t say “a time piece and a painting”.  Political correctness be damned here!


September 14, 2015

No, this is not the beginning of an off color joke. This is a story of just how far we’ve fallen. And no, she was not Caitlyn/Bruce/Combo/? Jenner.

A woman walked into an upscale barbershop and demanded the barber cut her hair. The owner gracefully declined to perform the service and explained why.

He was trained and experienced in cutting men’s hair, not women’s. He explained that to the customer as reason for not performing the service. He said he had no experience styling women’s hair, he did not have the products to complement the cut and he didn’t have curling irons or other specialty hand tools needed to do a proper job.  He was concerned that he would not be able to perform a service worthy of his shop’s reputation. It was a barbershop, a long established barbershop. It was not a styling salon or hair boutique.

Perhaps she was looking to file a multi-million dollar law suit against the barber for incompetence had he failed to satisfy her.  We’ll never know since he did not lay scissors to her.  She did, however, file an action with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.  That action resulted in a fine to the shop owner of $750. 

This insanity goes well beyond a baker not catering a gay affair. It is the lunacy du jour.

I have said before that soon a Ford dealer, somewhere, will be put out of business for not allowing customers the opportunity to test drive a new Chevrolet. I thought I was joking. Now I’m not so sure. It is rapidly coming to pass that a business cannot specialize without an activist judge ruining the owner’s life and livelihood. A nurse practitioner will be sued for not providing neuro-muscular surgery, or a pub might be sued for not stocking a full array of bath oils and scents behind the bar.

People, judges, listen up! In spite of the fact that they both provide transportation, you cannot reasonably expect to buy a horse at a car auction. Do not go there if you want to buy a horse! Don’t sue the auctioneer for not providing horses and don’t have him or her fined for not having horses.  And judges, don’t award the plaintiff monitary damages for being an idiot.

The madness escalates. Welcome to BizarroWorldUSA.


July 14, 2015

The Washington Redskins have been under attack by the politically correct gestapo for years now. The P.C. corps (maybe 10 drops of Native American blood among them) say the team name is offensive. So, let’s change the name to something less offensive and satisfy everybody.

First, we have to do away with the name Washington. George Washington was a slave owner and must no longer be honored for anything he accomplished due to that one fact. Second, Redskins is as offensive to some as being called black, brown, white or mauve. It’s far too descriptive.

A new name might be Honored Hunters. Wait, PETA and vegan alert! Can’t have that. Animal killers just won’t cut it. How about Brave Warriors? Nope.  That’s offensive to our current president who finds bravery despicable. And warrior, well that connotes aggression. Rule that out.

Perhaps the Burgundy and Gold Fleet Feet? That should be universal enough.  Nah, that might confuse people who are color blind and make them feel less than whole. And, what about lower extremity amputees? Chuck that suggestion.

We can also discard any animal names – Jaguars, Lions, Eagles, etc. That would either remind people of predators or prey because that is the animal world. Certainly we can’t use names of any domesticated animals like dog or cat either because that would indicate diminution, dependence and subservience. Calling them Democrats might be generic enough, though.

I think we’re getting close.

The New Orleans Saints now have a problem, too. The name Saints is offensive to any atheist, so it has to go. And the logo, an artful representation of a lilly, simply cannot reside. Despite it’s provenance as a symbol of French monarchy, and its continued and honored use throughout the ages in Europe and the Mediterranean region, a select few people censure it as a mark dominance. Runaway slaves were sometimes branded with the image when returned to their owners.

Perhaps if we are considerate to all and simply identify football teams numerically it might satisfy the few dissonants. This week is the Team #4 against Team #9. We can’t have team rankings, though, because that is elitist and the lower ranked team members or fans might cry. Of course, we have to eliminate #13 from the name lineup to appease the superstitious. Wives against Gambling (WAGS) see the #s 7 and 11 as evil so they must go as well.

Aw hell, let’s just do away with all sports because some people are just too uncoordinated to partake and they will be offended. Dancing? Gotta go. Singing is out for the tone deaf. Reading? Eliminate that, too.

The seventh century is looking better and better to me now. I think I’ll stop by a Mosque today and look into converting.

Oh, don’t get upset now.  I mean, it’s not like I drew a picture of a barbaric child molester.


June 26, 2015

Once again I offer: The cabal behind the man who now calls himself President set this plan in place.

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Before he was even elected, Barack and Michelle set up revisions to take place. Since that statement was made: we have seen an escalation in crime, an escalation in racist remarks, teachers refusing to educate about poets, military and politial figures because of their skin color. We have seen historical figures depicted for their sexual preferences rather than their contributions or accomplishments. Our traditions are changing, our history is in re-write.

While the President, the naked Orator-in-Chief, cannot vocalize “radical Islamic terrorism” he pontificates about the involvement of racism in almost every American crime. He tells us how police act with disregard for the citizens in their attempt to uphold the law. He demeans Supreme Court justices when they rule according to the Constitution and not according to his desires. He even hires lawyers who lie to the high court to get his way. He signs Executive Orders written by the cabal, not congress, for enforcement and readies his legal staff to defend the unjust mandates against the people before the ink is dry.

Yes, we are seeing the changes that were promised. Due to a spate of shootings condoned by his words and actions, the country is angst filled. The crises created must not be wasted. Tradition and history must change.

Future generations will not know about the caliphate sought by ISIL. They will only know that the world’s oppressors were overcome. They will not know that, with few isolated exceptions, the United States overcame widespread racism in the middle of the 20th century. If one psychotropic addled demented mind exists, they will continue accepting that we are the most bigoted country on earth. That is, if the United States is even depicted on any globe or atlas.

The First Tyrant has effectively destroyed our borders, the boundaries that identify a nation.  Acknowledging an anti-colonialist viewpoint, he is siting specific groups throughout the land we know. Lorded by the cabal he has, via pen stroke, changed our immigration codes and patterns to colonize certain sectors of the nation with Muslims and others with Hispanics whom he welcomes without vetting for even basic criminal, violent, radical or terrorist leanings.

Removing offensive tributes from government spaces is an intelligent must.  However, eliminating flags, statues and photos of men and women who played major roles in forming this nation, editing school books to eliminate references to events, changing the names of roads, highways, buildings and military bases will most definitely distort history and destroy tradition for future generations. Someone, somewhere will choose to be offended if you smile and say “Good Morning”.

As with so many past essays this blog again chides, You were told in advance, you just didn’t pay attention!

With July 4 just around the corner, embrace your heritage and praise our patriots.  God bless America!