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June 27, 2010

If an issue is so important that it requires federal, or even state governmental regulation; if a bill has to be written and passed, why can’t it be done as a stand alone issue?  Every bill written has some offshoot with no connection “riding” on the passage of the main bill.  Some bills, such as the National Health Scare bill, fund so many pet projects that health care becomes almost secondary.

If it’s truly important for the Three Winged Tootle Sucker to have a protected habitat, why can’t congress or the state legislature vote on that issue alone?  Why do the legislation and funding sources have to be folded into and disguised behind a bill titled The Growing Human Population and How To Drive The Masses Into Abject Poverty?

“No one will know until this is actually in place how it works.  But we believe we’ve done something that has been needed for a long time.  It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done.”  Chris Dodd, speaking about the latest financial reform boondoggle. What he’s actually saying is “We created a crisis to make this crap more palatable.”

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…”  Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care and bacon bill. In plainer, non-congress speak, she could have said, “We have no clue what we’re going to stick you with or how you’re going to pay for it.  But this is what the Messiah wants, so let me get my giant gavel out and make a mockery of the legislative process.”

These idiots in congress are passing bills they haven’t read and haven’t a clue about what is actually in them.  They don’t care! They are allowing for compromised spending of your money so that they and their friends can line personal pockets.

In some cases, such as in California’s Central Valley, farmers and ranchers have gone from productivity to poverty because of a tiny silvery fish called the delta smelt.  No forethought, no afterthought, just catering to progressive environmentalists.  State legislators cut the water to the agricultural industry extraordinarily, also drastically reducing the household supplies to millions of central and southern Californians in order to save the spawning ground of a bait fish.

There is no reason that I can see for not scooping up some of the minnows and transporting them to breeding farms until the drought is over, then reintroducing them to their native environment.  It would have saved agricultural businesses worth billions of dollars.  It would have saved farms.  It would have kept moderate prices on fruits, vegetables and meats that are shipped around the country and overseas.  It would have kept at least a small portion of our workforce employed and provided at least some revenue to the ailing state.

In any given hierarchy, every man tends to rise to his own level of incompetence.  That statement has never been truer than when applied to a government agency or organization.  The natural corollary is that over a time, the entire government is manned by incompetent people.  We have reached that level with this administration.  This administration and the entire congress have the collective executive and management experience and expertise roughly comparable to the pimply-faced nineteen year old night shift manager at your local McDonald’s.

There is not one person capable of making a decision without calling together a staff meeting or commissioning a month-long study for any given situation.  Obama, himself, wears loafers because he can’t decide to tie shoes right over left or left over right without a five staff person consensus each morning

Isn’t it time to make some wise and significant changes regarding our nation’s elite?


December 20, 2009

It was 1970 when Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.  Though it was originally intended to destroy the Mafia, as with most laws passed by Congress, the RICO act was not confined to that one, or any, recognized criminal organizations.  In fact, it has almost never been applied to Mafia activities.

RICO has, however, been used to indict individuals and enterprises involved with or engaged in murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, embezzlement of pension and welfare funds, unlawful debt, obstruction of criminal investigations, obstruction of law enforcement, peonage, retaliating against a witness and various other nefarious activities.

For the RICO Act to apply to a person or enterprise, the entity must have committed any two of the 35 crimes the law encompasses.  We have in the United States of America, right now, a minimum of two such enterprises.  Those enterprises would be Congress (the Legislative branch of our government) and one of like ilk would be the Executive branch.

Taking a quick look it is easy to see how and why I conclude that the RICO Act is applicable to these two government branches.

1.   Extortion – Congress forces the citizens to pay them money for such things as working (employment and income taxes) under threat of fines and/or incarceration.

2.   Bribery – We have seen this take place through out our lives.  Both houses of Congress use the tax money collected from the citizens to pay for votes from other congressional members to get bills passed.  Our elected officials might actually vote their mind and principles (had they had any of either) if not for the purchase of their votes.

3.   Embezzlement of Pension or Welfare funds – This is also done, and has been done by both houses and the Executive branch.  The Social Security system that we are forced to pay into through payroll taxes (extortion) has been commingled with other funds to balance budgets for years.  The supposedly secure funds have also been used as matching funds on more projects than could ever be covered even if the money hadn’t been embezzled.

4.    Income Tax Evasion – Per capita, more people in the higher levels of office could be found guilty of this one crime alone.  Because of their elite positions, they are often offered the opportunity to amend the lies originally presented on form 1040 with no penalty.  Google Timothy Geithner for more information on this one area.

5.    Unlawful Debt – Originally applicable to gambling activity, this section of the act could also be argued for the way Congress and the President are incurring debt on future generation who have no ability to either grant or deny the use of any real or potential earnings.  Causing yet unborn citizens to begin life beholden to the government can only be seen as creating “unlawful debt”.

6.    Retaliating Against a Witness – Directly applicable to cover whistle blowers within the government.  Instead, those who come forward with inside information about criminal activities are most often threatened, intimidated and/or bribed to remain quiet, comprising both Obstruction of Law Enforcement and Obstruction of a Criminal Investigation.

Can you see two or more sections that might be applicable to our government officials either collectively or severally?  The major problem, as I see it, to applying RICO to our government is that charges would have to be brought by the Attorney General.  He would be calling for investigations of racketeering and other criminal activity in which he is most likely also guilty.   It’s a real fox and hen house situation.

Take a minute to think how applying the RICO Act to our elected and appointed officials could make life in the United States and your life better.  While you’re reflecting, you might also try to identify the best venue for the next American Revolt.  Boston worked once, but now we need a much, much larger stage.


May 6, 2009

Is it a hate crime not to have voted for this president?  It seems to be such. In fact, by the looks of things as they are happening in Washington and throughout the country, if you have any opinion other than that which is entirely in line with this president it is because you are a racist, bigot or Negrophobe.  And, if they can’t fit you into one of those broad categories, then you must simply be a ‘Right Wing Extremist”.

I consider this rhetoric a direct assault on my personal beliefs and desires for this country.  I feel affronted by the arrogant statements made by this president and members of his cabinet but I am not offended, because I know I’m a better person than that.  It’s their paranoia, not mine. Obama’s goals and objectives may be right, but the achievement methodology is ultimately going to hurt more than help.

I am not a racist!  I do believe that it is time for this country to recognize the leadership abilities of men and women other than Caucasians of European descent.  I just don’t believe that this man or his methods for the country are right for us at this time.

Furthermore, I am a combat veteran.  As such I no longer believe that taking a life that is not trying to take yours is not warranted under any circumstances.  Thus, if you don’t want a child, do what is necessary to avoid conception.

I welcome any individual, from any nation, into this country that is authorized to be here.  I only ask that they be screened for any infectious diseases and should be of ‘average or above’ moral character with no serious criminal offenses on their record.  Anybody racing across our borders, (North,  South, East or West) evading our border security does not qualify.

I believe that the citizens of America are the most generous people to grace this earth.  So don’t call me selfish because I choose to share my earnings more directly with those in need than with a bunch of sticky-fingered bureaucrats.  (Completely unlike most liberals, I even generously tip service people for doing a good job).

I believe that the Second Amendment was written and added to the Constitution of The United States of America for the specific purpose of giving the citizens of this country the right and opportunity for personal and community protection.  It was added to protect us from tyrants in government, others or our own.

I attended some of the Tea Parties, on and before April 15, because I wanted to find out what others are saying and doing about the current uncontrolled spending and income theft in Washington.  I wanted to know what I can do to right what I believe are wrongs that have taken place over the past four months and the many years prior.  The proper assembly permits were drawn (city taxes were paid), and the gatherings allowed  peaceful dialogue exchange between concerned citizens.

Call me a “Right Wing Extremist”.  Call me a “Bigot”.  Call me a “Racist”.  Call me anything that makes you feel better, but understand that the label you affix is your label and it doesn’t make me any different person.  I am concerned about the sovereignty and viability of this nation and the well being of my fellow citizens.

I also ask not to be surveilled  or carted off to some detention center simply because I believe in this country and its Constitution or that this administration has an agenda that is contrary to my own.


April 15, 2009

Our new ‘left-of-center’ Secretary of Homeland Security has now put out an alert to keep a vigilant eye on what she has termed ‘Right Wing Extremists’.  Her description of Right Wing Extremists includes American citizens concerned with abortion, immigration, terrorists, public education; the current economic situation, taxes, insane spending, kickbacks, freedom and I guess people who like baseball, hot dogs, mom and apple pie.

Another group that receives special attention in her mind are the veterans returning from war zones, fresh with ideals about all the above and willing to fight and die for their country and its Constitution.   She calls them Right Wing Extremists that should be carefully watched; I call them Heroes and Patriots that should be praised and honored.

Basically, as I see it, the government has turned its major law enforcement concentration on the American people.   This body of elected idiots is willing to give amnesty to those who have broken into the country (friendly or not), educate them, house them, employ them and give them the rights of citizenship, with none of the responsibilities, all at the cost of the taxpaying citizens.   And we’re supposed to sit by complacently and accept it.

Today, April 15, is a special day for many Americans.   It’s the day that determines whether the various government entities have taken and held our earnings – interest free – for the past year and will allow us to have some of it back or take more of it.  This is TAX day.   According to Joe Biden and others in this administration, this is the day for citizens to do their patriotic duty and feed big government.

Why has Ms. Napolitano turned  against us?   Not that she was every really with those of us who believe in ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.  Why is it that because some of us don’t agree with the unending spending and excess taxation that our government has recently thrust upon us, that we require special attention?   Are we really a physical threat to Obummer because we don’t agree with his socialist economic plan or his repressive view on our freedoms?   Are we really racists just because he’s black?   Are we racists if we are black, too?

We are being taxed on everything we earn, buy, do and use.   In every case we are paying taxes on taxes after paying taxes so that our ‘governing’ bodies can have money to spend as they choose.   Is it wrong to raise a question?  Doesn’t our Bill of Rights allow us to do just that?

Please excuse me while you satisfy these questions in your own mind.   This tax paying combat vet has to attend some Tea Parties before meeting with the Minute Men.   Today is the day I’ve chosen to seriously look into protecting you and myself against the factions on both ‘Left’ sides that want to do away with our wealth, culture and freedoms.

Follow me Janet, I’ll smile and wave to the concealed cameras.


February 18, 2009

Are we just participants in an experiment?

This whole political administration seems to me to be nothing more than a social experiment. Let’s take a quick look at what we have:

  1. The American people were so enamored with his charisma, looks, ethnicity and oratory ability that they elected a President with no management, domestic policy, foreign policy, financial, human resources or military experience to lead a nation in times of global chaos and recession.
  2. A President who had never made an executive decision before taking office and foisting five Executive Orders upon us in his first three days.
  3. He is the same person who, while in the Illinois Senate, could make a “yes” or “no” decision and voted “present” over 130 times.
  4. He announced that there would be no room for lobbyists in his administration, yet he has appointed not less than six to cabinet level, deputy level or other high positions.
  5. He appointed, and Congress confirmed, a man to the position of Secretary of the Treasury under which the IRS falls who cannot even correctly report and pay his own income taxes. Tim Geithner, the new Tres. Sec., even and hired a CPA who couldn’t, or didn’t calculate them correctly.
  6. The man signed a bill obligating the American public for generations to come in the amount of $787 billion that not one of the legislators, or him, had read thoroughly or completely.
  7. He claims to this day that there are no “earmarks” in the bill. Yet, Harry Reid has been vying unsuccessfully for at least ten years to build a bullet train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There it is in the package, $8 billion.
  8. He has cut the military budget by 10% at a time when we are most vulnerable to terrorists and need to be ready and well supplied to defend America.
  9. He flew on 150 miles (no consideration for the environment or costs) on Air Force One to promote and defend this Pork Barrel Spending Bill. Congress admonished and ridiculed the auto execs for flying three times that far to D.C. to beg for dollars. And that was just before Nancy Pelosi climbed aboard “HER” Boeing 757 to head back to California.

In just short of a month this President and this Congress, courts around the nation and the Supreme Court have made a complete farce of our nation through lies, contradictions, and poor judgment. We don’t even know if Obummer is a natural born citizen because he has hired a team of lawyers to defend his right to keep that information private. The courts are so enamored with him that they continue to deny the citizens the right to know for sure if a foreigner is leading us straight to hell.