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November 25, 2010

Recent news relates many stories about people complaining that the alternative screening at airports would be considered molestation or sexual assault if it were done by any one other than a government employee.  One after another, in various parts of the country and at many airports, passengers say that TSA is abusive or oversteps the guidelines of reasonable searches or pat downs.

I have to question, knowing how the progressive movement will “end-run” an issue; force it through looking like something other than it is, if this action isn’t meant to be.  We know that there is a lot of controversy about gays serving openly in the military.  They can serve, they just can’t approach, fondle or advance sexually on fellow service members.

Could this be the way to allow them to serve their country openly and shamelessly?  Is this a way for the president to appease or reward his gay constituency for their patience and understanding?  As alternative screeners for TSA they can touch, handle, fondle the breasts and genitals of same sex passengers – get paid for it and be defended for so doing!

“Don’t worry about the accusations, agent.  And yes, you can take another twenty minute shower break now.  Be sure to wash the smile off your face.”

Progressivism – You’ve got to keep your eyes open and question the motives of every move and statement.  Otherwise, “We may have to “pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.  Then We the People have to fight to reverse the wrongs foisted upon us after they passed the unread bill.


May 7, 2010

The signing of Arizona’s newest law brings with it a lot of controversy.  Some Hispanics are saying they fear being stopped by police simply because of their skin color.  One 19 year old U.S. citizen is afraid he’ll be arrested anyway if police see him driving around with friends and relatives, some of them illegal immigrants.  That is exactly why the law was drawn and passed!  Knowingly transporting illegal immigrants is currently against the law; it is just not being enforced.  This AZ law will give local police authority to enforce laws currently on the books.  How can that be wrong?

If legal aliens and citizens would help law enforcement rather than encouraging unlawful entry by friends and family members, there might not be need for such regulation.  Instead, they embolden others to ignore laws, break into this country and force legislators to pressure police into becoming more pro-active on the job and administer the law they are sworn to uphold.

So you think profiling is wrong; that it disadvantages a particular sector of our society?  Well my friend, whether black, white, Asian, Hispanic, felon, frequent flyer or GM product buyer, you’re being profiled right now – as you read this dispatch.  Somewhere, someone is identifying your personal habits and preferences.

Every time you open an Internet site or click on an ad or read an email; every time you use your Von’s, Best Buy or Pep Boys discount or rewards card or make a purchase with your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, J.C. Penney’s or Nordstrom or Chevron credit card, someone is recording that information for future use.  Where you live, what you drive, how many and what type of firearms you have registered is information available for use against you.  Driver license encoding allows electronic access to historical information about you and your family.  Medical data bases log prescriptions and frequency of refills as well as ailments, broken bones, teeth cleanings, vision acuity, etc.

Profiling is not just a racial, ethnic or religious undertaking.  Profiling has been done for decades by marketing companies.  They want to identify what you buy so they can sell you more of the same or similar products and services.  Until recently, information gathering has been done for specific purposes; sometimes for sale to others with specific marketing plans and needs.

It is now being done in earnest by our governmental agencies.  Mining the data banks that have been built for specific purposes is one reason for the growth of our overlords.  More people are being hired to hack single-purpose and collective databases such as AOL and Google and Yahoo, for information that can be used against a person, family or company.  You don’t have to be in the country illegally.  You don’t have to be a terrorist.  You can simply be one who served in the military in a combat zone or someone who attended or attends Tea Parties to be profiled as a potential insurrectionist or subversive by a government that has grown so large, so powerful and so anti-American that everyone at the top is paranoid.

The gun toting, bomb setting anarchists of the 60s and 70s (the Weathermen, the Black Panther Party, Symbionese Liberation Army and other Obama mentors and associates) were apparently nothing compared to the Tea Party movement of today.  Today we are cautioned against our own military veterans, moms with babies and those with walkers and wheel chairs who carry signs showing disenchantment.  It is therefore necessary that the federal government have all the information possible about them (us).  It is important for the IRS or perhaps the Civilian National Security Force in case they have to keep knowledgeable, law-abiding and peaceably assembled patriotic citizens in line.

Arizona’s new law does not condone racial or ethnic profiling.  In fact, before enforcing it, all police must undergo training to avoid such conduct while being diligent at their job.

Profiling?  Yes, it does exist and will continue to happen.  Only those with something to hide or those who have committed or want to commit a crime or those who want smaller government or those who want and expect privacy have anything to worry about though.

Okay, I can understand the reluctance of some people to agree with Arizona’s new immigration law.  It undeniably enforces the federal law using local and state enforcement agencies.  However, existing laws were written to be enforced.  If federal agents can’t or won’t follow through on the federal government’s own laws leaving them to be upheld at the local level, and they are, is that a bad thing for the local enforcement agencies?

Analogy: Convenience stores, gas stations and other small cash businesses generally are robbery targets.  If these types of businesses in a particular locale were robbed two or three times and each time by a man or men between 18 and 35 with tattoos on their foreheads wearing hooded sweatshirts and driving a small dark foreign made car, wouldn’t the police have the right to question young men on the street wearing hooded sweatshirts with tattoos on their foreheads and ranging in age between 18 and 35?  Or, like the TSA, should they also stop granny driving her pastel pink 1952 Hudson because they don’t want to be caught stereotyping potential suspects?

If profiling is okay when it comes to littering my mail box with advertisements for things I couldn’t care less about, then it should be okay to keep me safe from lawbreakers.  However, this law doesn’t provide for indiscriminate profiling.