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December 23, 2010

Obama has done it again!  He just handed over another piece of U.S. sovereignty to a body of thieves, thugs extortionists, rapists and murderers.  This time his move is the first, or at least the next, step to giving the Southwest to the insolent desperados of Mexico.  On the very surface, it sounds right and proper.  In depth, however, this is one of the most devastating moves this president has yet made against our nation.

In appeasement to the Tribal Nations Conference earlier this month, Obama announced agreement and support for yet another U.N. declaration usurping American autonomy.  Article 26 of the United Nations resolution reads in part, “Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired,” and it says nations “shall give legal recognition and protection to these lands, territories and resources.”

This is just another well thought progressive stride toward the long-range goal of piecemealing our country until there is nothing left of it so the One World Government can incorporate the remaining ghetto.  After all, Mexico claims that the Southwest belongs to them because Spanish explorers came from the South, tramped the mountains and deserts and sailed along the coastline, of the area.  Since the Spanish explorers had previously conquered many of the +/- 60 indigenous tribes of Mexico, any land explored thereafter according to Mexico, belongs to Mexico.  Obama, and the progressive movement, is willing to accommodate their desires, one step at a time.

The U.N. begins most of their international take-overs with non-binding agreements.  They slip in a soft sounding, non-binding clause into a resolution and count head nods.  It is then extremely difficult for countries to reject the same or similar language when a formal treaty is proposed.

In 2007, the U.N. offered President Bush the opportunity to sell out his country, like Obama recently did.  Bush, however, declined because the language of the resolution was vague and open to interpretation.  He was not on a four-year appeasement, apology and sovereignty destruction campaign.  Like him or not, President Bush did do some things to protect us as a nation and preserve our freedoms.

What now is the need for the DREAM Act?  That would only be an immediate and partial solution for this administration.  The patience of the progressive movement allows for a slower but more complete take-over and reversal of all that is right.  Because Spanish explorers and some natives of Mexico, Central and South America did originally step foot on what is now American soil, Mexico is claiming the Southwest as theirs.  Truly, in spite of U.S. building codes, you can travel the border areas of the U.S. and find second and third use lumber, plastic and cardboard room additions on homes to accommodate the “new comers” while they temporarily transition to other areas.

It’s no wonder there is no political will to secure the border.  We are one.  We are the world.


December 9, 2010

Googlement – the partnership of a once independent business with the federal government in order to provide a one way sharing of private information.

Google will soon release a new operating system called Google Chrome.  The neat thing about it is that it won’t take up any space on your hard drive.  In fact, it will eliminate the need for the hard drive you have now.  There won’t even be a need for replacing your hard drive with a, or some, memory chip(s).  All of your files, programs, applications and data will be stored in cloud based servers.

Currently there are cloud based offerings available.  Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble eBook readers allow one to read books without suffering papercuts from page turning.  The devices allow you to access books by connecting online with the data server warehousing the electronic text.  TIVo and DVR devices also allow you to view and review broadcast programs or movies at your leisure, not necessarily when they are first broadcast.

The future seems to be allowing someone else to possess and control information that you would like to access.  In today’s world, many people readily relinquish their freedom and responsibility for immediate access, no matter what the cost or consequence.

We already use cloud based email.  Your private email may very well not be private at all.  If you are using G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo or many other “free” email providers you have already given over your privacy to a bunch of pimply-faced 20-somethings who can read what you have said and giggle at what a nit-wit you and your friends are.

Whispering in the classroom about that ninny Martha is politically incorrect; if texted, it could have the FBI breathing down your neck as soon as you hit send.

With a cloud OS for your computer, anything you write in MSWord or Open Office or any spreadsheet created will be stored, not by you on your computer but at a data storage facility perhaps next door to you, but more likely in some far off and exotic third world country where Habjinajid Faronquian is the one securing your privacy.  However, your access device can be smaller and lighter.  Just when you thought Wikileaks had access to too much classified information, that picture of your girlfriend’s butt with the tattoo of Zac Efron will be an international highlight.

And all that is just the light and simple stuff.  I find it quite shocking that this introduction is made mere days after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced his plans for net neutrality and only a short time after warrantless internet taps were approved.  It all seems to be a way of warehousing all the information the government or anyone else can possibly ever want to access in one convenient place.  Obamacare already has provisions to access your bank account.  Soon you can’t even keep a digital record of how much money you have stored in the Folgers can buried in the back yard and expect to be the only one with access to that.

If there’s ever a system crash with cloud computing, you can always call the White House for a backup of your information.  They can even send a hard copy of it to your door; they’ll just follow the GPS broadcast from your phone.


October 3, 2010

I’m certain that it can’t be just me that sees it this way, but I have not seen, heard or read anywhere that the government has turned into a federal Ponzi scheme.  Think about it!  Charles Ponzi, namesake of the ploy, devoted his life to perfecting the wealth redistribution program.  This is exactly what our current administration is attempting to project upon us.  Just like Bernie Madoff, our current elite are not the first to run this fraud.  They are simply the most dedicated to making it look like it is working.

In explanation, let’s start with Social Security.  The longevity of this socialist program was initially predicated on each generation producing more children who will work and pay into the system.  As soon as a generation fails to meet the expectations through lack of work, inability or unwillingness to work or fails to reproduce a sufficient number of productive workers, the program begins to unravel.  Economists recognized over two decades past that the Social Security bucket had some serious rust and would not hold water for much longer.  Yet, to discuss crediting people with tax allowances to plan for their future and retirement seems to be almost blasphemous to the powers that be.  The government continues to take a portion of each worker’s paycheck knowing that the program is destined for failure and many will not see any return from their contributions.

One of the things that helped secure failure for Social Security retirement benefits was the introduction of the Welfare benefits.  An acceleration of the failure began when Congress agreed to extend benefits to those who had not paid into the system, then again when they allowed non-citizens access to the pool of funds.

This noble program was initially instituted to assist people in time of need; after unemployment or temporary disability benefits ran out, in times following natural disasters, etc.  Congress built the program to be so generous that it is now more lucrative for many families than earning an income on which one must pay taxes.  Welfare is now the mainstay for 5th and 6th generation families.  Pay no taxes, receive myriad tax benefits, it’s the American way.

Various other social programs have been introduced over the years, but none as devastating to the nation as Universal Health Care.  This program is guaranteed to force companies and industries to have goods manufactured or produced outside of the U.S. reducing employment within and thus reduce employment tax revenue.  It will force more former employees onto unemployment and Welfare rolls who will then be drawing on the GNP.

Just how much longer can we expect to continue growing the government and paying idle employees one-and-a-half to two times their private sector working equivalent from an ever diminishing revenue base?

It has been reported that +/- 2,000 IRS auditors have been hired to go after people who need their few owing tax dollars to buy food for their families.  Like sending paramedics to an accident scene to extract hemoglobin from victims with severed aortas, the Obama administration appears to want to kill off the electorate while touting assistance to the needy.  Charles Ponzi would be embarrassed that he didn’t think of it!


May 27, 2010

Prior to 2008, undocumented immigration into Mexico was considered a criminal offense punishable by up to two years in prison.  It has since been decriminalized.  However, Article 67 of Mexico’s Population Law still reads, “Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal … are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country, before attending to any issues.”  Hmmm, not unlike Arizona’s S.B. 1070 except in Arizona there must be a reason beyond simple suspicion of illegal presence for authorities to pose the question.

In Mexico, undocumented immigration is now a minor offense punishable by fines equivalent to about $475 to $2,400.  Though there is no judge to sentence jail time, detention in the proverbial Mexican jail still occurs until the fine is paid.  Personal checks not accepted.

Given the above facts, how is it that President Felipe Calderon can lecture the U.S. Congress on how unfair the Arizona law is to law breakers?  Why would congress even waste the taxpayers’ time listening?

President Obama, after being harangued about the illegal immigration problem along our Southwestern states has ordered National Guard troops to the area.  He is so committed to stemming the flow that he is sending 20% of the number G.W. Bush deployed on a temporary basis in 2006.  Mexico’s President Calderon objects to the use of troops to defend against the intruders, even though his country does the same to guard their borders.

The Guard troops sent by Bush could not stop, detain or arrest human or drug smugglers.  They’re positioning was to observe and direct border patrol to areas of activity.  That was when the invaders were more lightly and less frequently armed.  Today, the smugglers shoot to kill land owners and innocent civilians encountered along their trails and passes.  They use military style automatic weapons, often on full auto to express command.

Even in the war zone of Afghanistan, our soldiers must hold their fire and demonstrate “courageous restraint” in battle.  They can even receive a medal for not acting in a war-like fashion.  Just what will be the restraints on the 1,200 National Guard troops now?  We don’t know, and probably don’t want to know, how this administration is planning their military cutbacks and population control.  The drug cartels will consider these troops as targets used for old ammunition expenditure or dialing in their scopes.

At the same time, a team of Justice Department attorneys is mounting a challenge to the Arizona state law.  The draft complaint says that the Arizona enforcement impedes federal law.  Arizona insists that it assists federal law.

John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities.  It’s as if he said, “We aren’t doing the job for which we’re being paid and we’re still getting paid.  What makes you think we might help you do our job, Arizona?”

In another border state:

According to a security expert who reportedly saw a memo, the Department of Homeland Insecurity issued a BOLO for a suspected member of the Somalia-based Al Shabaab terrorist group who might be attempting to travel to the U.S. through Mexico and Texas.  This memo came after the indictment, of a Somali man in Texas accused of running a “large-scale smuggling enterprise” responsible for bringing hundreds of Somalis from Brazil through South America and eventually across the Mexican border, was recently unsealed.

Obama continues to ignore pleas from Texas (Bush 41 & 43 home state) for more security along the Mexican border.

Do you feel safe now?


March 17, 2010

First, let us understand that the reform proposal before congress is not health care.  It is medical care.  Health care is preventative; medical care is mitigative.

Controlling costs for medical care is a real concern.  Before there are trillions and trillions of dollars in obvious and behind-the-scenes costs and expenses, we’ll have to look behind Monte Hall’s three doors.  Ignoring the current problems and trying to replace the rest of the structure will give us change but not necessarily improvement.

Door #1 holds the answer to the question, “What makes American medical care so expensive?”  By choosing this door and question first instead of listening to the melody behind the songs of congress and the president, we can address the root of the problem.  The cause of the high cost is not that doctors make exorbitant salaries for their education and training.

True, they do receive an adequate compensation, considered by many to be excessive.  However, that is not the answer.  Jealous and often ignorant workers and others whose life choices do not include working hard enough, or studying hard enough, to make equivalent money tout the perceived compensation as excessive.  They cannot appreciate the hard work, study hours, rigorous testing and tremendous responsibility warranting remuneration beyond the average wage for a bookkeeper or retail store manager and certainly not above the union backed auto worker.

Repaying the loans and expenses incurred for education and training such as this takes years and thus reduces the disposable income for up to ten or perhaps twenty or even thirty years for most doctors.  It is only after repayment that doctors can realize a significant positive income over expenses.

Above the normal costs incurred to attain a degree in medicine or a certificate in health services are the insurance costs to cover malpractice or the threat of lawsuits.  Applying reasonable caps on jury awards to plaintiffs, the cost of that insurance would go down tremendously followed by fee reduction.  Law suits generally name not only the doctor directly involved, but also other attendants and the facility where the alleged malfeasance occurred.  Increased fees are necessary to overcome the cost of attorneys and outlandish awards.

Having to purchase insurance from only a local insurance carrier or limiting care provision to local clinic or hospital denies competition.  By allowing insurance companies to sell their product from one state to clients in other states, the industry would naturally self regulate and policy pricing, coverage and care would become more universal.

Door #2 settles the inquiry regarding, “Who truly benefits and who loses from restructuring the care and payment plans of today?”

Some would answer this question as follows: “The poor and middle class will have medical care like the elite and wealthy.  They are the beneficiaries.”  That, however, would be false.  The elite and wealthy will always have “more and better” opportunities (including, but not limited to, medical care) than the rest of us, just look at our elected officials.  The president and congress refuse to subject themselves and higher ranking administration officials to the same guidelines and standards they are attempting to foist upon the commoners of the country.  Also exempted are many union workers and select other groups who have lobbied to retain their current health plans, doctors, co-pay etc. without alteration.  These exclusions and exemptions beg the question “Is the reform being offered truly leveling the playing field for all?”

We now know many of whom are being exempted from the proposed changes in medical care.  We know that the exemptions and exclusions are because they are wealthy or powerful and have better plans than the offering.  Given that information, the only conclusion to be drawn is that the benefits of the plan will go to a majority of currently uninsured or underinsured individuals.  A noble goal!

Those exempted from the new plan as well as those included will be paying for it.  We all lose.  An increase in taxes must accompany the additional people covered.  There already has been, and there will be more increased taxes and new taxes.  No matter how they are disguised: as fees, tolls, surcharges, excises or duties they will be attached to virtually everything purchased, leased, used or repaired; they are taxes.  Farmers will be paying more for grain and you will be paying more for the beef that eats that grain.  Your car tires will cost more; your lawnmower repair will cost more.  Your oranges, cell phone charges, cable TV charges, gas and electric bills will also increase slightly to cover the new government expenses.  You can expect a cost of living adjustment between 3% and 15% to help keep the deficit under control.  Three to fifteen cents out of every dollar earned will be going indirectly for medical care under the current plan.

Door #3 poses the question “Why is it so important to pass legislation that almost 60% of the American public doesn’t want and 30% aren’t sure about?”  The proponents say that it will reduce medical care costs and provide better service.  Opponents claim that this is blatantly false.  Like the USPS, now negotiating a two-fold whammy by raising postage fees and reducing delivery service at the same time, this government mandate will undoubtedly provide less service at a higher cost over time.

The government wins because the passage of this bill will give the federal government more control over the citizens of the country.  Like the take over of the auto industry, the banking and financial industries, the inclusion of another 16% of the GDP will have the people at the mercy of the elites.

Who benefits?  The drug companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying for the passage of the medical care bill.  They’re not accustomed to spending money without a positive return, so it’s safe to assume there’s a great deal of money for them in the bill.

Without tort reform, the trial lawyers will continue to receive +/- 30% of each multi-million dollar award.  It is in their best personal interest for their clients to receive the highest possible rewards.  Trial lawyers are also are pouring huge sums of money into the passage of this bill.

Of course, heavy lobbying means additional perks, benes and wallet linings for members of congress who aid companies and individuals’ long term monetary gain.  Given that fraud and wasted money are an integral and expected part of any government engagement, this program’s budget has line items for projected fraud and waste.  Thus, there is advance acceptance that anyone who has access will be able to steal a fair portion of the allocated funds.  A program of this scope generally allows for ten percent shrinkage.

President Obama’s legacy is also at stake.  For him it is a personal quest to show he can accomplish what Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and many others have failed to achieve.  He knows the costs of the “reform” far outweigh the benefits to America.  It doesn’t matter to his ego, he just wants to prove that he can do it.

Additionally, some people will have a more direct access to doctors without the lengthy wait in an emergency room.  There will undoubtedly be a lengthy wait for an appointment with that doctor, as there is currently with Medicare and Medicaid patients, but the emergency room waiting times shouldn’t be as lengthy.

The losers will be people who have been contributing to a better plan for years and will now be assessed a penalty for having overpaid for unused past and future services.  Also entering the loss column are people who choose to be healthy through proper diet, exercise, vitamin and nutritional supplementation rather than mitigating maladies with synthetic pharmaceuticals.

The choice is yours.  Everybody pays the costs for a few through a system guaranteed to be mismanaged and therefore more costly than necessary.  On the other hand, we could require congress to pass laws limiting awards to a just recompense so that more people can afford required medical care.