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June 20, 2015

Once again we have a horrendous crime committed by a person out of his mind.

Yes, Dylann Storm Roof, the man who shot 9 people after attending bible study meeting in their church for over an hour is white. He was born caucasian and remains caucasian. Yes, the subjects of his outrage were black. Did race play it’s part in this heinous event? Most certainly. Roof appears to be a white supremcist. But that belief, in itself, does not cause death. This is not just a crime of hate or race.

This is a case of a young man who ingested synthetic pharmaceuticals that may have conflicted with some of his other prescribed psychotropic medication. This is another prescription drug crime just like Sandy Hook, just like Columbine, just like Aurora and just like so many other senseless murders. If there is to be a difference between this crime and the other notorious mass murders it might be that Dylann had obtained some of his illegally.

Of course, President Obama went right to race as the motive and dispatched Atty Gen. Loretta Lynch to investigate for hate motivation. Then he went into his other usual subject of tirade; guns. Keep it simple, first race, then guns. Liberals, in general, are myopic. Race, guns – problem.  Drugs – good stuff.

Was a gun involved in this crime? Yes, but the gun is not the culprit.

The gun used was not the profoundly denounced “high-capacity AR-15 or AK-47 assault weapon” used by others. The gun used does not accept M855 ammunition. This time it was a hand gun with a maximum 7 round magazine. It could have been a machete or knife or hatchet or baseball bat. But the real death merchant was a mentally deranged individual who had enhanced the disorder by taking mind altering drugs.

Once again, we have a situation where only one person had a weapon, the drug crazed perpetrator. Had there been even one other person in the room with a weapon, the situation undoubtedly would have been entirely different.

I’m starting to see a pattern here. We need to ban all psychotropic pharmaceuticals. They’re killing people.


December 19, 2014

As the first lady tried to justify her hatred for white people, she related the following story in a People Magazine interview:

“I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady – during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn’t anything new.”

She makes it sound like only one person approached her because she is black. Maybe, just maybe, she was recognized and the awed Target shoppers gave her some space. It could also be because she was surrounded by 4-6 ominously large men and the other shoppers feared being thrown to the ground, handcuffed and disappeared.

I’m surprised she didn’t say the woman called out to her, “Hey girl, get your butt over here and hand me this”.

I truly doubt that no one approached her because of her skin color.  For all one knows, she may have forgotten her deodorant that day.  The one woman who did approach her had to be one of Gruber’s ignorant, inattentive and stupid public.

As a matter of fact, I was in WalMart yesterday and no one, absolutely no one, came up to me. Was it because I’m white?  Could be, but I don’t think so.



August 12, 2014

Just as anybody with a modicum of intelligence knows, the Democrat Party is truly the racist party.  They keep calling others racist to keep the ignorant from looking at their actions. 

Yes, I recognize that he ran and won the position of mayor under the Republican flag.  That was necessary to gain support for the seat previously held by the term limited Rudy Giuliani.  One of Bloomberg’s major actions as Mayor of New York City was to change the term limit laws, thus allowing himself a third term.

Prior to the convenient party name change, Michael Bloomberg was, and still is a lifelong progressive Democrat at heart.  (With a net worth estimated at just a bit in excess of $34 billion, Bloomberg is just another “Dead Broke” Democrat).  He now claims to be a member of the Independent Party, showing that he has no loyalties other than to himself, another liberal progressive trait.

One, just one, blatant showing of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s racism is his adamant fight against black Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke.  Bloomberg has dumped $150,000 of his own dead broke dollars into the coffers of Clarke’s primary opponent, Lt. Chris Moews.  Moews is white!  Therefore, Bloomberg is a white racist.  Both are running under the Democrat Party.

Clarke-pro personal safety and self defense.
Moews-anti-gun, victim creator who is soft on hard crime

The reason for Bloomberg’s support must be liberal racism!


October 30, 2011

When I showed my disgust for the bailouts of the American automobile companies because I thought they should have the opportunity to restructure for profitability, I was told I was a racist by those on the left because Obama is half black.

When I questioned why the unions got all their benefits restored and the leaders received hefty bonuses before the private investors (the engine of the economy) received an equitable portion of their investments, my friends on the left called me a racist because the man in charge, President Barack Obama, is half black.

When I verbally protested the bailouts of the largest financial companies I was called a racist because Obama is half black.  When the “C” level officers got multi-million dollar bonuses from my tax dollars, again I was a racist because the man who chose to unquestionably forward those dollars was a half black man.

Along with everybody else who remonstrated displeasure with the , you guessed it…racist.

Now I’m apparently a racist because I’m rooting for Herman Cain, a black man, to win the Republican presidential nomination and the White House.  Other than the fact that Cain also has a black heritage, he is the polar opposite of Barack Obama.  But then again, some on the left also call Herman Cain a racist because he doesn’t follow their herd mentality.

Is there anything a right thinking individual can do, say or be that does not provoke name calling by those on the left?  It seems that every time they have no argument they begin slandering.  Call me racist, but even though he needs a bit of political refinement over the next 12 months, Herman Cain is my choice at this point.


October 4, 2010

Once again, I would like to caution everyone in this country about our current Liar-in-Chief.  Please, do and expect everything opposite of what this man says.  You might remember that during his campaign for president, he stated that he wanted to bring the people of the country together.  He has, in fact, done just the opposite.  He has polarized every group, faction and segment of our society for supreme control over the will of the people.

He and his minions or underlings have pitted blacks against whites (primarily) by proclaiming every objection to his political agenda is founded on racism.  There is no credence given to the fact that some of the policies are too radical and out of touch with mainstream Americans for comprehension by economists or constitutional scholars much less by the electorate.  Racism seems to be a preferred diversion so that legislation can be passed, unnoticed, until after-the-fact.

He has divided the have little from the have lots by proclaiming that the wealthy are evil and want to oppress the working person.  The wealthy, and some not so wealthy, do not pay their fair share, he says.  They must pay more!

Suggestions offered to equalize taxation across the board are summarily dismissed.  What would be unequal about everyone paying, say…20% of their income?  That way, Working Joe making $3,000 a month would remit $600/month or $7,200 per year to the government.  By the same formula, Insanely Productive Walter who makes $8 million a year would contribute $1.6 million.  Wouldn’t that be fair?  When Joe gets a raise, he is allowed to keep 80% of it, as does Walter.  Of course, equity would mandate that Welfare payments and benefits to Couch Sitting Sally be reduced by the same 20%…to be fair.

What would be wrong with the government cutting back on spending and abbreviating waste, fraud and corruption within their own ranks?  That would allow for an overall reduction of individual obligation and collaboration toward that waste, fraud and corruption.

As president, Obama has widened the gap of perception between citizens and illegal aliens, Christians and Muslims, England and the U.S., rich and poor, blacks and whites, straights and gays, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, industry and ecologists.  He has maximized the paradigm “divide and conquer”.  He does not intend to unite anything other than believers and followers of his agenda.