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December 22, 2011

Many years ago as a sales representative, one of my customers was a philosophy student at UCSD who wore a large button with the words, ‘Question the Answer’.  He was almost like a 3 year-old child.  Every encounter was the same, he would pose a question, and no matter what the reply was, he would require clarification of a certain word or phrase within the response.  Though he was a buyer and I appreciated the commissions, I found him time consuming, extremely irritating and eventually I quit calling on his company.

I knew that one didn’t have to be aggravatingly abrasive in order to achieve knowledge.  I did understand the button, which came in very handy when I awakened to how politics were shaping my life, like it or not.

I am constantly amazed how words of the English language can be misinterpreted or over interpolated and broadcast to benefit a particular plan or idea.  It is done constantly by politicians as well as marketing campaigns and sales pitches.  If we accept the words without question, the influential affect can be tremendous and in some cases devastating.  “We the People” are manipulated daily from myriad directions without any awareness or thought to question.  However, we must question.

Here I offer a video from Brasscheck to view with an observant mind.  It is a 2006 dissertation by Keith Olbermann when he was with MSNBC.  No matter which party you endorse; no matter what your political views, I urge you to view the eight-and-a-half minute video, then listen to it a second time with your eyes closed, substituting Obama each time you hear the name Gingrich.  It will still be true.

The same words have an entirely different affect on the psyche and may even alter your belief system.  I doubt that even today Mr. Olbermann recognizes the wisdom of his own words which were once voiced in outrage against a man because of an (R) following his name.

Train yourself to confront each important piece of ‘factual information’ presented to you and you will be able to make much better decisions for yourself, your loved ones and our country.  Today, with the Internet available with answers to any question, you don’t have to be an acerbic jerk to achieve disclosure.