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April 11, 2016

I thought I’d escaped the idiocy of California when I made the move out of state. Yet, this is happening in my recently adopted home town in a very conservative community of a very red state.

This move by progressives in the field of “education” encourages unlawful activity while depriving U.S. citizens of the opportunity to attend the college of their choice. *Note – Prescott College has a student body of only 400 undergraduates (total enrollment is around 1,200). Annual applications exceed that number by about twenty-five to thirty percent. One scholarship per year to someone who is in the country illegally deprives and displaces one academically qualified citizen and local taxpayer.

The story linked above does indicate that students may opt out of the levy when paying their tuition. In order to do so, they must carefully read the detailed information in the tuition guide and mark the appropriate sections to take advantage of the option. Otherwise, they are contributing their, or their parents’, money to aiding and abetting known law breakers.

Someone please tell me how academia is not projecting progressive influences on our kids instead of imparting the knowledge that will help them obtain lucrative careers to sustain self sufficient, productive and long happy lives.

This is nothing more than another social engineering control measure or “nudge” that causes people to subliminally participate in actions or causes they might consciously reject. And, this is just one of many such encounters we face in our daily lives. Most people tend to accept the subtleties taking place around them and are swept into actions they would otherwise renounce.

Please pay close attention to the influences of your daily life; observe and analyze before making a decision or taking an action . Your vote this year will determine the future of your immediate family, your children and grandchildren and generations beyond.


February 11, 2016

Science is a great thing and I’m very happy to have brilliant fine-tuned minds available to make life better for most and remedy dangerous situations. I am not, however, so happy with some of the experiments that are supposed to make our lives better. Many do work and are beneficial. But ingesting, injecting or otherwise assimilating foreign and synthetic substances into the body is too often harmful and dangerous. Unless massive deaths, disfigurements or mental disorders occur, there is little said about research that went wrong. Even then, often there are cover-up explanations or diversions.

I recall hearing in the mid to latter 1960s about soldiers exposed to LSD as early as the ’50s and how the results were in no way what was expected. Experiments gone wrong caused multiple deaths and destroyed many other lives because the men were not told of the potential consequences. In some cases the subjects were not even aware they were participants in an experiment. The soldiers who became test animals suffered long-term mental disorders due to their exposure to the chemical combination.

Long before and since then, science has been instrumental in creating such oopsies as HIV, GMO foods, Ebola and now Zika virus.

Early recognition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) dates back to the 1920s. This was brought about by attempts to eradicate a similar strain among non-human primates. Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), first encountered in West and Central Africa, was seen as a potential threat to humans, so scientists began working to eliminate the threat. The result of their efforts was the mutation of SIV to human immunodeficiency virus or HIV then AIDS as the virus adapted to the serums offered.

Thanks to millions of dollars in various donations to government and incessant lobbying by DOW Chemical and Monsanto, we now have Genetically Modified Foods. Also known as GMO for genetically moidified organisims, the new seeds offered by the chemical companies contain 2,4-D herbicide. Compound 2,4-D is one of the main ingredients, and half of the recipe, making up “Agent Orange”. For those of you too young to remember, Agent Orange is the defoliant used to clear areas of vegitation in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to expose enemy troops. It has also caused various cancers that have killed and disabled tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans and Asian civilians who came in contact with it. Now you’re eating it!

Much like HIV, the latest pandemic mutation to come from the pointy-heads in lab coats messing with nature is the Zika virus. Zika virus produces neurologic conditions in adults and microcephaly in babies born to mothers who have contracted the virus. Microcephaly is the name for a substantially smaller than normal head size that compresses and deforms the brain in unborn babies.

Zika origins include, again, Africa and Asia and the virus is closely related to dengue and yellow fevers. It is resistant to vaccines and drugs used to treat those fevers and is believed to be resultant of attempts to eliminate those mosquito-borne diseases that were once confined to rhesus monkeys.  Zika virus is the latest global pandemic.

Any wonder remaining in your mind regarding how Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) came about? But then, unless you’re currently infected with the life threatening faux pas, “What difference, at this point, does it make”?


January 18, 2016

In a junior college marketing class some years back, I learned “there is an implied credibility with repetition”. The wording is now indelibly etched on my memory bank. To paraphrase, the more you say something, the more believable it becomes. Thus, if you want your product to be known and respected, or even accepted, you must tell the same story over and over again.

Recently, I ran across a quote from Joseph Goebbels that stopped me in my tracks. He said, “If you repeat a lie many times, people are bound to start believing it”.


I have often compared politics to my own marketing education and experience. In fact, I have used the implied credibility phrase many times over in rants against the powers that be. I have done so not knowing that it originated with the Reich Minister of Propaganda under Adolf Hitler. The two phrasings say exactly the same thing. How you read and use the influential wording, and in what venue or context, means everything. Politics is the art of marketing, not governing as many believe.

Today, the political arena is about sales of humans and personalities. Political consultants are nothing more than directors of the carnival barker stage. They are marketers. Politicians will say anything to get your attention and your vote, meaning little of what they say.

I find this is true of both major political parties. Conservatives tend to have a bit more integrity, but just a bit more than liberals, yet much more than those who describe themselves as progressives.
Once a false credibility is achieved, the world is in the hands of the elected. Liberals of today don’t care if their #1 presidential candidate is a serial liar. The deceitful statement about a video repeated by the President and his propaganda machine was echoed so many times that the ignorant masses accepted it as truth. They simply looked the other way and resumed rallying. “There was no transmission of classified information”, though proven to be a lie means little to Hillary’s followers.

Liberals don’t care that their current president is a serial liar. They look for ways to reconcile what he has said and what he does. E.g. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. E.g. “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

Whatever happened to the truthful cliché, “Actions speak louder than words”?  Liberals tend not to make a connection between the two. No matter what the identified final truth is, they will fight and defend the spoken words. They will follow the leader and the imagined crowd without regard for right or wrong; what is of benefit to the people or to their elected elite. Today’s progressive liberals are socialists. They want to be governed; to be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. They want not to think for themselves.

To be a socialist is to submit the I to the thou; socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole. Joseph Goebbels

Be cautious with your vote!


December 8, 2015

The institutions that used to help our youth learn to live in society are now teaching them to be victims of that society. Anything can incite victim hood. What was normal conversation just a few years ago, an exchange of ideas, is now considered by some to be so revolting that they must run away from the initiator. Trigger words that are known only to a few can be so insulting that police must intervene. Just saying “people of color” immediately makes a bigot out of those uttering the phrase and a casualty of the aural recipient.

“You look nice today” causes the over analytic societal specimens to feel they might not have looked their best yesterday. If said by a man to a woman or vice versa, it could be interpreted as a sexual advance. When that is the case, the one offering the compliment might be placed on a list of sexual predators and denied future employment.

Liberals want so much to be victims that they create situations for which they can whine. Creating “safe places” in colleges where they can banter among themselves without having to hear reasoned dissenting opinion or opposing facts are just some ways to avoid the reality of life. Invading the safe space with words or gestures grants them the right to be offended. And offending one of the easily upset might be as simple as wearing a certain color.

Red and green are out for some whinies at certain colleges and universities. Inclusivity mandates that students not wear colors previously identified with Christmas because some (1) person may feel left out. Perhaps we’d better change the tail lights on our cars for the rest of the year to keep some overprotected wuss from seeing the antagonizing hue.

If you’re going to present a color, you must show a rainbow as well. That’s the only way to be color comprehensive and diverse. Still, you may risk affronting a mauve or chartreuse lover. Don’t worry though, they’ll let you know before retreating to a safe place.

You might be hauled off in cuffs or at least detained for several hours simply for uttering Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah if there is an atheist, Buddhist or Muslim in the immediate area. The greetings do not include them.

Apparently, festively decorated trees can cause today’s youth to go into convulsions at this time of year as well. Garland, mangers, wreathes and sleigh bells or the mention of God will send some of the milksops to the psychiatrist office for multiple hour-long sessions and a prescription for heavy duty medication to make them feel all wonderful again.

Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and Merry Christmas to my Christian friends. All others please accept my open greeting for wellness, longevity and the opportunity to celebrate as you wish. I certainly hope I have offended no one and that I was able to include everyone. Otherwise, I would just feel so very, very bad I would have to take a handful of mind altering synthetic pharmaceuticals and cower in a closet until I felt better about myself.


December 4, 2015

Some people say a fetus is not viable because it cannot survive without its host. They want taxpayers to fund on-request abortions for women who refused to heed caution when having sex. They seem to be the very same people mandating that taxpayers fund adults who lack the will or ability to provide for themselves; the adults who need a host to survive. When will the government quit making the working few pay for the irresponsible?

Why, when a child shows higher than “normal” brain or physical activity, shows boredom and can’t sit quietly in mundane classes, do we suppress their potential with neuro-psychoactive drugs rather than offering them a more stimulating environment?

After a person of deranged mind chooses a gun-free zone to create chaos and take lives, why do some people insist that there be more gun-free zones? Why do those people insist that fewer sane people have the opportunity to return fire and save lives with their own weapon?

According to the P.C. police, we can no longer refer to parents as mother and father. They mandate that we refer to parent 1 and parent 2. Won’t this cause many parents to feel “second class”? I thought all couples and all partners (gay, straight, multi-alternate) were supposed to be treated equally. Who’s to be #1? Does the numeric order change with time? Is the ranking based on employment status, dominant or submissive, size, weight or is it simply a random choice? What happens if you mistakenly refer to parent #1 as #2, are you then a parentphobe? It’s just impossible to constantly be politically correct.

How is it that the youth and young adults who must take prescribed psychoactive pharmaceuticals to make them more “normal” seem to be the ones who commit suicide, ram their car into large groups of people or otherwise murder large numbers of innocents? Who should be held responsible for the activity, the person, the car, the gun or the psychiatrist?

The highly politicized DOJ recently found there was no criminal wrong doing or targeting of conservatives by the IRS or former director of Exempt Organizations, Lois Lerner. If that’s the case, if she is truly not guilty of any wrongdoing, why did she fear incriminating herself when she appeared before a congressional investigative committee?

In many states a person can vote, even if not registered, simply by producing a gas or electric bill at the polls with their claimed name on it. In California, and many other states, felons, foreign nationals and illegal aliens can choose the local, state and national representatives simply by applying for a driver license. In some cities and counties they can even become elected representatives. Could Charles Manson govern California from his cell if he got enough votes?

When a person is hired as a checker at a grocery market, how is it that she or he can’t be fired for not doing their job? If a customer presents bacon, pork chops, ham or alcohol to be scanned for price, and the checker refuses to handle the meat or drink, wouldn’t that disqualify him or her from the position for failing to do the job? Likewise for the taxi driver who refuses to pick up a disabled person with a service dog.