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June 26, 2020

I choose to believe I’m a pragmatist; a reasoning individual with the ability to research, retrieve and analyze information to deduce the truth. I seek the far-fetched as well as that which seems apparent for often there are underlying facts common to both. This, in my opinion, is how free thinking people gain useful knowledge. I refuse to blindly accept what is put in front of me by the major and multiple daily sources just because it’s loudly and frequently expressed.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Joseph Goebbels, Hitler propagandist

With the exceptions of extreme violence, inciting violence or highly derogatory language that is meant to be directly offensive and deliberately harmful, I believe all voices should and must be heard. However, that is not the case for many forums and venues. Cable news and print media (in general) and the social media milieu seem to be the platforms claiming tolerance, acceptance and diversity of thought. They, however, are the very ones who censor, delete, demonetize and omit any communication that does not fit the doctrine to which they subscribe.

Forming and holding opinions other than those promoted by the above does not make one a conspiracy theorist, bigot or partisan hack. Offering a second opinion to a discussion does not mean that a person is spreading misinformation or disinformation. Likewise, beliefs expressed, advanced and promoted by only one thought genre does not guarantee truthfulness. The excuse, “violation of community standards” serves only to identify that there is only one social or political ideology accepted.

Remember when we were told that “Seventeen intelligence agencies agreed that Russians ran an extensive information war against Hillary’s campaign to influence voters in the election”? That was carried by all of the above named platforms as if it were true. It wasn’t. The unfounded theory was simply presented by DNI James Clapper, the head of those seventeen intelligence agencies.

In fact, not only was the premise false but only three of the seventeen intelligence agencies agreed. And the heads of those agencies constituted what I consider a subversive cabal within the D.C. bureaucracy. Postings disputing the left-wing statements were summarily dispatched by the social media platforms as false or misleading information. We now know that the three confirming agencies were trying to disseminate falsehoods in support of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The platforms accepted the statements because they promoted their preferred convictions.

So, as you peruse various articles, essays and videos, remember that there is an implied credibility with repetition. That does not make a statement or presentation true, it simply means it’s repeatable. It’s a brainwashing technique that is often used in marketing and especially in politics.

Before you like or repeat something “trending on” Twitter or Facebook or forward an article in your favorite newspaper or online source, you might want to look a bit further. Blindly accepting a single line, no matter how many times it has been presented can make a fool of you.

If you refuse to see a second side of any proposition, ignorance is your choice.


May 29, 2020

There are generally many ways to achieve a goal. Having a dream and moving helter-skelter in hopes that a result will be achieved is one way. Starting with the identification of the goal or the expected outcome and building a plan to achieve that outcome is another. Global socialists and climate change worshipers have tried both in effort to change the behavior and control the earth’s population. The latest attempt seems to be working.

Barack Hussein Obama promised change if he became president. He did become president and presided over the largest spending plan resulting in a deep recession and the slowest recovery in history. Change happened. The massive spending of American tax dollars did little for national or personal economic recovery. It did create a change so large and devastating that future generations will suffer the consequences. Virtually doubling the national debt accumulated over 240 years in eight years is major change. It set forth a disregard for deficit spending that continues to this day under the current White House resident. Change, in momentum, is difficult to stop and even more difficult to reverse.

The latest bio-disaster presents opportunity for more and greater change; change to affect all humanity for the near and distant future. By design or by accident, the medical, ideological, economic and political disruption caused by the release of this laboratory modified and enhanced virus offers unlimited rewards to those who wish to advantage their goals. While on the surface there is an apparent concentration on overcoming a pandemic, the undercurrents are quite different. As the front line chaos dominates the news, there is a shadow covering the ground on which we walk (if permitted, of course).

A re-introduction may be necessary if people defy the current lock-down. It has been threatened. More people must be sacrificed in order to achieve the end goal and global control of “We the Proles”. Already there is talk of a coming second wave to prepare us and scare us. Submission is the first step. We must agree to wear masks in public and keep a distance not less than 6′ to the the next person. Lines are necessary for observation and domination. If we do not follow the new rules, the next introduction will produce proportionately greater fear and even more death.

There was a reason to research this strain of Coronavirus. The people doing the work at hand may or may not have known the true reason. I believe the minions felt they were doing mankind a service. But why was it so necessary to probe organisms that, prior, offered no threat to man?

Nuclear fission was a great endeavor of scientists. The atom bomb, resultant of this research, was developed as a deterrent to war. Then it was used for war. Now, with world-wide proliferation, it threatens the annihilation of targeted population concentrations around the globe. Collateral casualties will be accepted and counted as such. Many nuclear physicists who worked on projects related to this destructive device did not foresee the devastating potential of their research.

Bombs, nuclear or conventional, and men with hand-carried projectile weapons are no longer necessary to overcome and control dissident populations. Change is upon us.


May 8, 2020

This is classic negotiating. Generally, what we have is two political parties that both want different things. Both want the best. One party wants the best for the people of the nation while the other wants the best for the party to which they belong. The only way to get what is wanted is to start from scratch.

When you have nothing, anything starts to look rosy. We, as people and as a nation, now have virtually nothing.

*There are few jobs – We cannot go to work, we cannot be productive.

*Children are no longer being indoctrinated in public schools – an unintended consequence.

*Bills are piling up, both personally and nationally.

*Businesses are closed – some will never reopen.

*We have little personal contact with friends and family.

*We cannot congregate in groups larger than ten people.

*We must stay 6′ apart at all times.

*We are forbade, or at the very least strongly discouraged from, leaving our homes (in some locales citizens are cited, fined and even arrested for doing just that).

*When we do go out in public, we are told to cover our faces.

*We are told not to touch surfaces or other people.

*We are to be “tested” by having blood drawn and carry a card identifying our status.

*Churches must maintain record of congregants.

*And the list goes on…

Due to a laboratory created (at least enhanced) virus, we are forced to relinquish our rights as citizens and as people in general. We are subjected to the edicts of government officials “for our own good”. The majority of former productive, independent and self-reliant individuals are now dependent on federal, state and local authorities for our welfare and well being. Subsistence payments are slow coming yet welcomed with smiles when they arrive.

When they, the medical and political authorities, allow us to return to our natural state it will be a revised natural state with fewer rights and privileges and more authority over our lives. This is nothing more than conditioning; the social engineering many of us have watched develop over the past decade or so. We are now starting with nothing. They will tell us what we need, can have and can do. They will tell us where, how and when we can do it. And we will appreciate all we are allowed because that life will be so much better than the one we live right now. It will not be what we’ve had because that was excessive and unnecessary. Austerity is in the future. Socialism, authoritarianism is our future now.

As of this writing, federal spending is rapidly approaching 117% of the GDP <link>. That spending will progress and grow very rapidly as the tax base continues to dwindle. At best, the spending will continue and even escalate as businesses reopen and slowly begin to once again pay into the federal coffers.

Of the two major political parties of this nation, one is conservative and wanting to adhere to the Constitution, curtail unnecessary spending by building a broad tax base, taxing lightly but sufficiently to underwrite the limited spending. The other is liberal with your earnings and wants to raise tax on everything in order to spend lavishly on programs that keep us all under government control.

There will be a rebound from the current situation. However, the direction of that rebound will undoubtedly not be on a course desired or expected by the majority of God and America loving patriots. Be aware, be very aware that “We the People” have been manipulated since long before the beginning of this latest crisis. The current situation is being over-amplified to present an opportunity for the dark forces to move harshly and swiftly.

Vote wisely!


March 11, 2019

As we enter election season, progressives want to lower the voting age from 18 to 16. There is a reason for this and it is not just to incorporate more people into the civic duty of electing officials. The reason is sinister.

At 16, even a working individual has not had the opportunity to evaluate how the earnings taken from his or her paycheck are being abused by their elected officials. Scientific and biological researchers and experts agree that the human mind develops slowly and is not fully capable of continuous rational thought and judgment until a person is in their mid-twenties.

Teachers of students in the public indoctrination system insist on having their bored but active charges put on psychoactive pharmaceuticals to enable greater access to the otherwise bright and thinking minds of our youth. This is also why the government wants to take control of children even before they enter kindergarten.

While yet of what I believe is sound mind, I am having great difficulty understanding some of what is foist upon us by our elected elite socialists under the guise of evolutionary progress.

  • The minimum age to buy and drink alcohol in all 50 states is 21 years.
  • One must be 18 to join the military/fight for your country and kill enemies
  • One must be 18 to buy a firearm on the civilian market…they want to move this to 21 because, they say, a person of only eighteen years is not always capable of controlling their impulses.
  • One must be 18 to destroy their body by smoking tobacco products to ruin their health
  • One must be 18 to obtain a prescription for health medications or have a guardian sign for them.
  • Most states hold the parents responsible for the liabilities created by and the welfare of offspring until their 18th birthday.

For all of the above, one must present proof of age in the form of a verified government issued identification generally showing a photographic likeness of the individual requesting service (except for voting).

These ages, agreed upon and established over decades as norms, are now under consideration for revision to accommodate Marxist/socialist goals of transforming our democratic republic into a state of dictatorship.

*Remember, it was Michelle Obama who said in 2008, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

The prefrontal cortex is the last to mature and it involves the control of impulses and decision-making. Therefore, teenagers need to learn to control reckless, irrational and irritable behavior. is dedicated to lowering the voting age to 16 across the nation. The organization says that such a move will improve voter turnout and encourage civic engagement. They offer heavy influence to the power-grabbing elite. Democrats in congress recently included lowering the voting age as an amendment in HR1 “For the People Act of 2019”.

From the website: (emphasis added to pertinent parts)

Stage 1: 0 to 10 months

~Neurons and connections growing.

Stage 2: birth to 6 years

~Development of voluntary movement, reasoning, perception, frontal lobes active in development of emotions, attachments, planning, working memory, and perception. A sense of self is developing and life experiences shape the emotional well being.

Our elected officials want control of this subset calling it Early Childhood or Pre-K development. By taking control of the early developing mind, it is possible to manipulate and subdue the child into the mold dictatorial socialists desire. They can “correct” responsive thinking early for compatibility with what they deem as new societal norms.

Stage 3: 7 to 22 years

~The neural connections or ‘grey’ matter is still pruning, wiring of brain still in progress, the fatty tissues surrounding neurons or ‘white’ matter increase and assist with speeding up electrical impulses and stabilize connections.  The prefrontal cortex is the last to mature and it involves the control of impulses and decision-making.

~Therefore, teenagers need to learn to control reckless, irrational and irritable behavior. Avoiding drugs, alcohol, smoking, unprotected sex and substance abuse.

Stage 4: 23 to 65 years

~Finally, the brain reaches its peak power around age 22 and lasts for 5 more years. Afterwards, it’s a downhill pattern. Last to mature and the first to go are the brain functionality of executive control occurring in the prefrontal and temporal cortices. Memory for recalling episodes start to decline, processing speed slows and working memory is storing less information.

~Best approach is to stay mentally active, learn new things, stay physically active and eat a very healthy diet. Avoid toxins, cigarettes, alcohol and mind-altering drugs.

Given the proven development pattern of the human brain, is there any question why Democrat Socialists want to lower the voting age? Total control and manipulation of their subjects, “We the People”, appears to be the goal.  It’s only one part of the social engineering for effect taking place today.


January 21, 2019

I will be the very first to admit my hearing is deficient. While I can hear hissing and crickets and birds chirping all day long, there are certain sounds that are beyond my receptive capabilities. It’s called nerve damage and tinnitus. Until recently I was bothered by what are supposed to be ultra-high frequency alarm systems when they were left on during the day in retail stores. Basically, I guess you could say, in the frequency range nearing that of a dog whistle. I could not, for instance, stay in K-mart longer than about 8 seconds before I had a headache. Dog whistles, however…can’t say that I’ve ever heard one.

What does it say about liberals that they are the only ones who can hear “dog whistles”. To them, dog whistles connote racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc. But they, liberals, are the only people on earth who can hear and define the “ism” or “phobia”.

A liberal can apparently hear one of their dog whistles in virtually every scene, sentence or word. In particular, if a liberal says something absolutely foolish regarding a person of color and you correct him or her or Ze, you are racist. If a sane person attempts to reason with a liberal and present facts that do not support a particular wacko theory, they will immediately hear a dog whistle for an ism or phobia. Should you say “sir” to a person with a stubble, Adam’s apple, large biceps and extended breasts your dog whistle connotes trans-phobia.

The perception of liberals is transcendental within their limited world. Even some of their own kind get caught up in the loop of insanity. Today they are picking apart conversations gone and forgotten for the past ten and twenty years to find something that they can call offensive to someone somewhere. Yet, they fail to recognize their own transgressions of the moment. E.g. saying black lives matter is commendable but saying all lives matter somehow diminishes the value of black lives as if they are not part of the whole. These are the very people who claim equality and seek inclusiveness.

Raw cotton on stems caused hysteria to a liberal Texas woman because 160 years ago slaves were made to pick cotton by hand. She saw racism in the floral display at Hobby Lobby. To secure our southern border and preserve law, order and national independence for our country, President Trump is decried as a xenophobe. The dog whistle is obvious only to his vehement opponents.

One ignorant civil rights attorney, Areva Martin (black liberal) <link>, made a call to the radio talk show of David Webb (a black conservative). Knowing him only as a conservative talk show host, she mistakenly called out his “white privilege”(stereo-typically only white people can be conservative). David courteously corrected her and let her know that his hard work and qualifications gained him his position, not the color of his skin. Did the liberals hear a dog whistle in that conversation? Nope! Their hearing, collectively, was immediately as poor as my own.

And that my friends is the problem with dog whistles. They only occur when convenient to liberals. I guess there are no conservative dogs. If you believe anything different, you are a walking, breathing dog whistle no matter what your sex, gender, chosen gender or ethnic background You are despicable, deplorable and not worthy of taking up space on this earth.