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October 17, 2016

It began with the collusion and corruption of the 2008 election where a community organizer commanded the registering of thousands of ineligible voters through the subversive organization known as ACORN. Prior to his involvement, ACORN’s primary goal was home ownership to moderate income families.

ACORN and advocates Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who massaged the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), share the major responsibility for the mortgage market crash of 2007 and the eventual financial collapse of 2008. As with virtually all progressives’ misguided attempts at benevolence, this resulted in disaster and hardship for the most vulnerable and least capable of recovery.

No longer do we have a government of, for and by the people. With the takeover by the Obama administration, we steamed from a Constitutional Republic to an oligarchy; a government of, for and by a few. How it happened so swiftly is beyond my ability to explain. We can surmise. We can speculate. However, only cabal insiders can say with certainly how this came about.

What we do know is that the separation of powers began to erode as early as January 27, 2010. During the State of the Union Speech that year, he admonished the Supreme Court for a well debated decision with which he did not agree. Since then, he has publicly demeaned Congress and the Supreme Court, lower courts, governors and virtually everybody with whom he disagrees on many occasions. Those who fall in line under his thumb get the best treatment, legal representation, pardons or evidence of wrongdoing simply disappears so no prosecution can occur.

Systemically, the national debt began to skyrocket shortly after the inauguration in 2009. Since then there is the intervention of the IRS in the 2012 election by rejecting, misfiling and delaying applications for conservative NPOs. The BLM continues to create chaos in Nevada and Oregon among other places by illegally seizing property owned or legally used, through accord, by citizen ranchers.

Seemingly every agency within the federal government is now corrupt and willing to do the bidding of Barack Obama. It should be of grave concern to most clear and logical thinking individuals that Homeland Security and its numerous tentacle agencies no longer work on behalf of the American people, they act at the behest of the president and his subversive staff of minions seeking to create a Marxist society. This, of course, is the first step toward the ultimate goal of a central global government totally dominating the world populace. The DOJ is processing a suit against the Arizona sheriff who attempted to enforce existing federal immigration law against the wishes of Obama and the Democrat party.

Other evidence of this fantasy utopian society conjured by Obama and his assembly of miscreants is the ever growing regulation and taxation of every aspect of business, employment and personal transactions. While it professes to suck wealth primarily from the top, it shamefully impacts those at the bottom most. Every workday hour, each purchase or monetary transfer (even by those subsisting on government stipends and partaking of government run programs) sends more money to the oppressing cabal. Only those closely tied to the power structure become the winners in such a two strata population.

Even the top military officers (generals, colonels and majors, admirals, captains and commanders), with a wealth of experience and offering educated advice, have been purged and replaced with sycophants. The White House, Pentagon, NASA, FBI, CIA, DIA and other security, investigative and intelligence agencies are now purposefully infiltrated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The agencies are assigned the tasks of training and sharing information with representatives of our once political and military foes.

For more of the same, make Hillary your president in the upcoming election.


February 27, 2015

The liberal controllers and watchdogs are adamant against bulling when it comes to their own kind. Yet, it’s the way liberals govern. It’s how they get their way every time. “If you won’t fund the unconstitutional and prosecutable acts of the President, we’ll shut down DHS.” What would we do without DHS? There are only 40 other buraucracies that overlap and duplicate the duties of DHS.

“If you won’t cater my gay wedding, I’ll sue and bankrupt your restaurant and your family.” “If you don’t let me have my way, I’ll post nude pictures that I took of you through your bedroom window on Facebook.” “If you cut down a tree to build a house here, we’ll burn down your house and the forest.”

That’s the way of almost all compassionate, loving, caring, tolerant liberals. Now they’re claiming a need for affirmative action and special dispensations because they are the congressional minority.

And Republicans in congress don’t have the will, want or backbone to stand up to the bullies. The President threatens to veto any ligislation initiated by conservatives, so they don’t present any legislation. Jeh Johnson threatens to furlough employees and effectively shut down DHS, and they fund the amnesty program. John Koskinen claimed that tax refunds for the military, poor and elderly would be delayed indefinitely if he didn’t get enough funding to bounty himself and his henchmen.

Congressional Republicans offer all the fight that Obama offers against radical Muslim extremists…LITTLE TO NONE. There is talk, but only talk about push back against his executive directed socialist policies. When they proffer something, the bullies threaten to retaliate and kowtow happens again.

Obama overrides court ordered injunctions by having agency heads issue regulations that effect the same result as his initial order. Nothing is done. He threatens disciplinary action for anyone who disobeys his unlawful edicts. Congressional Republicans cower, leaving agents to comply for fear of lost income or promotion status.

In Obama’s world, you’re either 100% with the White House or you’re an enemy that must be decimated. If you’re not on board, you’re a racist and Eric Holder will find a reason to tie you up and put you down.

Each day it is easier for even a blind man to see that we are trending beyond Marxism straight into tyranny. The only predictable outcome, at this point, is the continued fundamental change to the Socialist States of America. We already have a dictatorial President with his Secretaries unchecked by either congress or the Supreme Court. When either body does rule against him and his seditious inner junta, he simply side steps the control measure and marches on.

Where’s Allen West when we need him?


September 10, 2014

Progressivism – The art of eroding all that is known as proper and back-filling the void with change for the sake of change. Political progressivism is, by logic, anarchism.

American progressives’ primary goal, stated or not, is to eliminate the Constitution that restricts the power and scope of the federal government. Progressive goals include removing states rights, personal rights, privileges, wealth and property replacing them with strong central government Utopian ideals. This is the plan which Obama follows.

His strong, often inappropriate and unnecessary, use of Executive Privilege, Executive Orders and presidential dictums indicate exactly what President Obama meant in 2008 when he said, “We are going to fundamentally change America.”

Because this proclamation came after his declaration, “It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington”, the enamored throngs tied the two believing he was simply rewording his earlier speech. And, in effect, the two were tied.

He is now doing business in Washington as any despot would. He is end-running congress at every opportunity.  His Secretaries and department heads constantly order their underlings to walk across the line of right and proper and his Attorney General selects cases to prosecute by political and racial motives only and not by law. All of these things undermine the intent of the founding fathers and the bounds of the Constitution.

Unless immediately contested in court, an Executive Order becomes precedent setting law upon which future cases are adjudicated. Obama depends on slow court action allowing him time to carry out transformations that take years for the courts to limit or reverse.

Beginning early in his second term, Obama began signing new, or amending existing, Executive Orders allowing the Executive Branch to take complete control over:

Transportation, including roadways and waterways and vehicles and vessels thereon – 10990
All of the nation’s communication media, public and private (Air waves, cell and Internet service) – 10995
Electrical power, natural gas, car fuel, petroleum, coal, and minerals – 10997
Every civilian, may order them to join a labor brigade or work under government supervision – 11000
Health, education, and welfare-related societal functions – 11001
Track all persons through a national registry operated by the Postmaster General – 11002
All airports and to commandeer all aircraft, private or commercial – 11003
Relocate every population of Americans according to the whims of the government – 11004
Take over all railroads, all inland waterways, and all public storage facilities – 11005
11311 gives the Justice Department authority to enforce all Executive Orders, institute industrial support, control all aliens in the country, operate all penal and correctional institutions and establish judicial and legislative liaison
All mechanisms of the production and distribution of energy, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of currency in American financial institutions during a national emergency -11921
Executive Order 13524 allows INTERPOL to conduct law enforcement activities and enforce international law within the U.S. without regard for our Constitution.
Every means of communication, including radio, television, and internet, given an emergency situation, such as a war or a threat of war – 13618

These actions allow the intentional defiance of rights and powers granted to the states and citizens by the Constitution. They presuppose power for an autocratic government with a simple declaration of Martial Law.


August 20, 2014

Here’s the way I see Merka bein run rite now. Ya got yur dum fokes like ya’ll and me at the bottom of the heap. We listen to the nuse at nite and take in the politiks what they tells us to. Then we vote like they said to on loco, state and fedral political guys and gals an ishoos. It’s kinda complicated, so I’ll write slow so most a ya’ll kin follow.

We voters be at the bottom a the heap. We voters vote to elect the votees who intern make all the desishuns that will make our lives better. For now, let’s jump right to the fedral gubmint cause the little guys are just in trainin for the big shot posishuns in Woshinton D.C. anyway. Gubmint is gubmint and its the same all the way frum bottom to top.

In Washington there are supposed to be three branches of government. Those three branches are the Legislative branch composed of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Legislative branch writes laws to keep order and provide continuity and stability for the country. They are also charged with funding those laws and the enforcement thereof. The second branch, the Judiciary, is made up of nine supposedly nonpartisan and impartial judges who are appointed for as long as they choose to remain. The third branch, the Executive branch, consists of the President of the United States, his Vice President and a cabinet of officers selected to help the president with the duties of his office.

We used to have three, but now it seems there are only two and one of those no longer matters. Anyway, the three were supposed to have separate but equal voices to prevent any individual or totalitarian clique from taking unchecked control of the government. Somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century our system of government began to change rapidly. The Executive branch began wresting more power and thereby diminishing the other two.

Presently, we have a president who appears to believe that the United States of America is responsible for all the ills of the world and should be credited for none of the good. He also accepts no personal responsibility for any suffering he causes but readily takes credit for the positive others provide. It’s difikult fur sum of us ta unnerstand, but we voted for him cause the nuse told us to, so he muss be doin it rite.

What has evolved is a neutered congress, a judiciary that is stumbling to maintain respect for the Constitution and a president who believes that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission, acting accordingly. He and his cabal believe that if congress won’t agree with his desires, he will wait for the opportune moment and act via Executive Order. If the Supreme Court doesn’t rule against him, he gets his way. If they do, it takes years to unwind the E.O. and he gets his way. It’s a lot like tyranny.

When he does get away with a coup, congress votes to fund the very thing they once voted against. The money is spent though it was never budgeted and revenues were never identified. E.g. Due to lack of sufficient revenue, our military heroes overseas get by on just two hot meals per day when privileged with the opportunity to stand down for a few hours at a base camp.

Meanwhile, the president asks congress for $3.7 billion. Without waiting for a congressional response to his request, he unilaterally and immediately authorizes spending to provide three hot meals, lodging, clothing, education, medical care, legal aid, stipend and other support to insurgents. Those insurgents/illegal aliens, have destroyed our southern parkland and ranches, sometimes killing livestock they encounter along the way, in order to partake of other benefits our citizens can no longer afford to enjoy.

Thats tadays lessin in Merkan Gubmint


August 10, 2014

In yet another photo op on the White House South Lawn, President Obama blamed Bush “intelligence estimates” for his lack of timely response to the deaths and devastation which he has allowed his brethren ISIS.

In January of this year, I’m sure he heard from one of his fawning media groupies that ISIS was on the march. He saw what was happening and refused, once again, to command action that would stop or at least slow the progress militarily. To cover his butt at that time he stated, “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

At no time has he accepted responsibility for purging literally hundreds of valued and experienced high ranking officers from all branches of the military to put his own pacifist minions in place.

Could this be a reason the current intelligence is inadequate? You’ll never hear it from him or Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice or anybody he has placed in his inner circle of America hating subversives. However, even the blind Democrats (except for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) are beginning to rumble about who the jayvee team really is.