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January 7, 2014

Big Brother is still picking and choosing how you live your life, what you eat (and how much you eat), what you can do to protect yourself, who gets breaks and who must follow the laws.

The FDA was first formed in 1848 to analyze agricultural products, pills and elixirs. The original and noble goal was protecting consumers from misbranded foods and drugs by informing the public about the content, value, consistency, reliability and safety of foods and injectable medicinal products. As with all government agencies, the FDA grew in size, scope and authority. They now receive much of their funding from, and are thus indebted to, mega agricultural and chemical corporations.

Regulations, often written by lobbyists for these benefactors, identify how processed and synthesized products are labeled and marketed.
While beholden to the lobbyists, the FDA is now another taxation arm of the federal government with significantly diminished concern for the public. For instance, the FDA no longer tests and analyzes synthetic pharmaceuticals before permitting world-wide distribution. Instead, they rely on the manufacturer’s reported test results for qualification.

Many of the findings presented to and accepted by the FDA show mainly positive results, cleansed of negative outcomes. To some companies a mortality rate as high as 6% is acceptable. However, the scrubbed results offered to the FDA often show less than 1%. Lawsuits against the companies are settled and sealed after secretive negotiations.

On the other hand, the FDA refutes the value of organically grown natural products. The agency dismisses company and independent testing when reviewing natural or homeopathic health supplements and remedies. Instead, they accept assertions from pharmaceutical manufacturers regarding the beneficial properties of the competitive products. Natural products, while not always of promoted benefit offer no ill effects. Natural foods cannot be patented and combinations may vary slightly yet produce effectively similar results. Thus, there is little money in natural health products for the government.

GMO foods on the other hand, require no identification thanks to Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences. Long-term testing of their harm to human longevity and health remains unknown at best and undisclosed at least. What is known, but unpublicized, is the main ingredient in GMOs that renders them resistant to 2,4-D. 2,4-D is the active ingredient in the chemical defoliant known as Agent Orange.

Agent Orange is the herbicide used in Viet Nam to kill underbrush, weeds and trees that might conceal enemy combatants. It also caused numerous and various cancers in American troops and local inhabitants who encountered areas defoliated by the chemical.

Fields of GMO corn, soybeans, etc. may now be chemically weeded with 2,4-D. Eating those crops transmits the defoliant into the blood stream and nervous system. Farmers and the FDA allow animals raised for their meat to feed on GMO crops. Consumption of that meat, in raw or processed form, also transmits 2,4-D to humans. You can expect “unexplained environmental causes” to receive note for your family as key factors in your shortened life span thanks to our protective government.