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January 6, 2015

He got his start as a salesman. As a community organizer, he simply laid out what needed to be done. He aroused the ambitions of those actually capable of doing the work. People listened to him. In fact they continued to invite him back so that they could hear his latest spiel.

Nobody buys what he’s selling any more, but they are awed by how he can stand in front of them and, with a straight face, say things that even he obviously does not believe. Many of the suckers give him money just so they don’t have to buy the crappy products he tries to sell. E.g. unions and Obamacare.

As a purchaser, you want to know what you are buying. While caveat emptor always applies, there is a reasonable expectancy that the President of the United States of America has some credibility. At least there used to be. The citizens should not be misled (read: lied to) in order for the government to sell them the benefits crappy programs. The benefits should be self-evident. Even a recycling center will accept defecation for so long before they identify who’s doing the dumping and someone says, “Hey, no more. This crap belongs in a sewage plant”.

Too many people have caught on, so Obama is again blaming. He’s blaming his fellow Democrats as well as the media for not being able to retain a congressional majority. He couldn’t even rouse the ignorant and inattentive voters of the nation.  Only a few Democrats even allowed him to campaign for them. Most of those lost their races because of it.

Very few voters showed up to hear the president speak at most events and in some cases, almost half of them walked out of the venue mid-speech. After hearing the empty rhetoric, they either didn’t vote at all or they voted for the Democrat’s opponent.

From the teleprompters, he now reads that he is willing to work with Congress. In the next breath, before the 114th Congress is even seated, he’s waving his veto pen and threatening to veto any bill presented by them. It’s still “My way or the highway”. The Avenue of Compromise goes only one way.

It’s time for some leadership, not dictatorship, leadership. The idea that Obama must resort to executive orders, signing statements and memorandums says much about his prowess at this point.  He cannot persuade Congress or the American people that the policies his cabinet and other handlers have written, have merit.

Even Gruber’s ignorant masses have awakened. He can no longer sell his $h*t to a fertilizer plant, and that’s a good thing.


November 8, 2014

Almost immediately the tide changed with the seating of the 114th Congress.

The first thing accomplished was the start up of the Keystone XL pipeline that put 150 people to work. The first people to be employed went to work culling resumes, interviewing prospects and hiring thousands of workers for positions paying in excess of $25.00 per hour. Once shuttered hardware stores, restaurants and convenience stores reopened in dying towns. The revitalized businesses employed more people, many of whom hadn’t worked in years. They were ecstatic. As the pipeline grew, so did businesses, towns and cities along the way.

Peripheral businesses also recovered. People began paying their bills out of their earnings. They were able to buy cars, houses, snow blowers and lawnmowers. They once again frequented local restaurants and movie theaters. America came alive once again.

When it was established that employers would be heavily fined for hiring illegal aliens despite the president’s de-facto amnesty, many more Americans were hired into positions consistent with their education and skill levels. The tax base grew and fewer people drew down on Welfare and subsidies.

Mexican authorities were overwhelmed by the flood of people repatriating through their country from America when congress cut funding to undocumented aliens. No longer were law breakers given taxpayer money and benefits. Pregnant women entering the country to have anchor babies were transported to the point of entry shortly after the delivery of their healthy baby. Only those with valid visas were allowed to claim citizenship for their children delivered on American soil.

Citizens of Central and South America and other global countries once again found their way home. Some had to spend time in Mexican jails to answer for criminal activity or while authorities established their true identities and origins. Some of those headed home carried as many as five different identifications each with a different name. This was confusing to the guards on the Mexican side of the border. America left the border open with one-way gates to the South.

It became easier to enter the country, work, earn, pay taxes and become citizens for those who followed the rule of law.

It was around October of 2015 when the final modifications to the healthcare mandate, aka Obamacare, were finally ironed out and passed over the president’s veto. It once again became a right of the people to care for their own health. No longer did they have to pay unreasonable premiums for medical services they could not use or face unaffordable deductibles that kept them from seeing doctors. The general population of the United States could once again afford to go to the doctor without taking out a title loan on the family automobile.

The terms racist and sexist took their places in history with the election of women and men of all races and religions, elected to govern under the Republican ticket.