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September 12, 2011

obama speech


This evening, Obummer will send his $447 billion jobs bill to Congress.  If this bill is as effective as the last one, we can expect unemployment to begin rising once again, inflation to grow and more of the middle class moved into lower or even poverty classes. At the same time, we will see more intra-government spending and growth.

Sometime next week he is expected to outline (never any specifics) for the Super Committee and the American people a deficit reduction proposalMr. President, the way to reduce a deficit is to spend less than you take in.  That doesn’t mean to take more from the people who earn it so that you can continue overspending at an ever increasing rate.  It’s called Econ. 101, idiot!

If only the spending were to ease; if only the maniacal and economic assault were to cease, the private sector would once again rebound with job growth and life enhancing influence.

The intelligent American people are reaching a point of revolt against the depressing influences of this administration.  It is happening around the world and it will be coming, soon, to a town near you.  Hopefully, there will be no violent rioting as happens with the left, just strong and forceful, yet peaceful opposition to the insanity of this administration.  We should be prepared, however, to defend ourselves against the radicals who will use life threatening weapons against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Remember, Kumbaya is really leftist speak for, “Come agree with us in peace, or we’ll slander and kill you!”