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July 31, 2017

You’ve been had! If you’ve paid attention to life at all of late, you’ve undoubtedly read or heard myriad stories about gays, gays in the military, transgenders in the military, transgender surgery for the gender confused or the like. Perhaps you’ve heard the acronym LGBT-Q and some of the 58 gender pronouns. The list is growing – two years ago I could find an aggregate of only 54.

A bit less loudly played are stories about Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, suicides, violence, developmental cognitive disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cancer and many other now common human diseases and disorders.

What can anyone expect the outcome to be when we inject, ingest and inhale all the foreign substances that are forced upon us by our government and those imposed by other entities? Let us not rule out what we put into our bodies by choice. That list must also include what our parents assimilated before conception or during pregnancy that influence the people we are today. Alcohol and tobacco are, or should be, among the least of concerns regarding the young and unborn.

While we are cautioned about any surfaces containing lead based paint that may remain in our homes, outbuildings and antique and foreign made toys, little to no mention is made public regarding other dangerous factors facing us today. We are warned about calorie count in our fast foods. Some foods must carry a label as to where they were caught, farmed, grown, processed or compiled but not how they were treated during their incubation, growth, combining or processing. Often, there are laboratory manufactured substances added to promote rapid growth or enhance flavor that don’t require labeling.

Even organic foods often fall under suspicion. Fruits and vegetables may be grown without pesticides, but does that account for the nutrients added to or that might be inherent within the soil from decades of environmental contamination? What about the ground water supply? PH is not the only factor that must be considered when testing these sources. Is there wind driven cross pollination from nearby polluted crops (like GMO)? Could there be contamination to otherwise pristine ingestibles by insects or animals?

That’s the food portion. Now for the scary part.

Doctors now prescribe synthetic pharmaceuticals to counter the affects of the pills we take to abate symptoms of health problems. If you are taking two or more medications, this might be the case.

We are coerced into injections or transdermal absorption for our health and that of others. Often they contain macabre additives for stabilization and preservation. While it may seem reasonable to treat our bodies against potentially harmful diseases and ailments, these helpful pharmaceuticals can also be harmful.

Over the years vaccines have been stabilized by such unsafe substances as mercury (carcinogen and neurotoxin), methylmercury (neurotoxin) and formaldehyde (carcinogen). They sometimes even contain heavy metals. Granted, the amounts are minimal, but they are cumulative. Even initial exposure may cause long term effects not even perceivable until they are irreversible.

Parents are encouraged to have their infants, as young as 2 months, receive vaccinations for polio. Before they are 2 years old, it is recommended that children undergo inoculations for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

Doctors and scientists have a wide range of knowledge regarding human function. It is not unlike the innovative minded to want to alter human genome for research purposes. Out front, we have been entertained by growing human ears and noses on the necks of pigs and mice.

Is there still a wonder how or why so many within the general populace don’t understand what gender they are? Is there still a question in your mind why there are so many social and mental illnesses?

Society is being genetically manipulated!


June 12, 2015

Geoengineering is more than Dow and Monsanto cross-breeding and genetically altering crops to resist insects, fungus and other parasitic micro-organisms. It also involves altering weather patterns, wind and precipitation. While doing so, geoengineering also compromises human and animal health. The methods used are scientifically making us sick both physically and mentally before killing us.

I don’t often agree with Al Gore, but some of his statements in this short YouTube video with Ellen Degeneres ring true.

Speaking of celebrity interviews, on “Good Morning America” President Obama offered that his daughter Malia had an allergy attack when she was just four-years-old. He said that attack made climate change personal for him and, “Ultimately, though, all of our families are going to be vulnerable. You can’t cordon yourself off from air or climate.”

From his own words and observing his associated actions, it’s impossible to trust anything that this man says. However, perhaps by mistake, it is true that “you can’t cordon yourself off from air or climate”.

Yet he, along with the many social engineers throughout the world, condones and even funds the very thing against which he so vehemently rails – air pollution. As is so common with Machiavellian zealots, there is no responsibility assumed for the consequences of the means. Spraying of halides, droplets, aerosols and nano particles into the air we breathe in the name of mitigating global warming is acceptable. As you can see from this video, the intentional man-made atmospheric pollution is instrumental in the continuing uptick in Autism, Asthma, A.D.D. and Alzheimer’s.  It may also produce stress, anxiety and depression.

Think about just a few of the disorders listed above. Autism, A.D.D., Alzheimer’s and asthma are all scientifically enhanced mental and respiratory abnormalities.  Alzheimer’s disease is directly linked to the use of aluminum in containers, cooking utensils, etc.  Breathing it cannot be a good thing!

I suppose the good news might be that for every disease or disorder caused by science, there is a laboratory produced synthetic pharmaceutical to mitigate the symptoms. And, if you act now, you can get a second solution, gel, cream, lotion, potion, compressed or encapsulated artificial compound to ameliorate the side effects of the pill or vaccine you put into your body in effort to rid yourself of the problems caused by modern science.

It’s a Bizarro World.