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May 23, 2018

Barack Obama was and is wholly invested in a legacy. He wants to be remembered for the greatness he believes he is. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”. This award, given to him before his presidential valet had the opportunity to shine his shoes the first time, is the good part of his legacy. It will now and forever be remembered that the Nobel Prize is meaningless.

His second and truly only earned legacy is that he embedded anti-Americans throughout the government and intensified the abilities and opportunities for those already entrenched in subversion to continue their work. Additionally, he co-opted the majority of left-of-center/radical news organizations on behalf of his Marxist/socialist ideals. They all (government and media) remain in place to antagonize and hinder Donald Trump and to filter and divert truth from the American people.

The second legacy is one that should be of greatest concern to any person wishing to partake of and enjoy the American dream, for it is that legacy that destroys any hope of achieving lofty goals unless you are among the very elite. For those of us who are less fortunate, subjection/servitude/total domination is the future if this trend continues. Our children, grandchildren and beyond, thanks to the efforts of Barack Obama, will never recognize the full freedoms granted by our Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights.

Now, after he has been out of office for almost a year and a half, the American people are learning of much more anti-American dealings the former president and his minions set in place. Going well beyond the IRS idling conservative not-for-profit organizations and the EPA destroying farms and businesses with inane regulations and encouraging illegitimate entitlement recipients, the subversive activities recently discovered and yet coming to the light of day are most distressing.

Those of us who watch, listen to and read accounts not produced by the anti-American media are learning about “spies” embedded in a presidential campaign to find a way to discredit the candidate by any means possible. This is particularly troubling to our democratic republic. Any misstatement or perceived inaccuracy now appears to be spun to criminalize the campaign and take down an entire administration.

President Obama’s true legacy is multi-fold, none of which is good for the country. That legacy can be collectively summarized as insurrection detrimental to the nation we know. Time will present the Obama reign in the true light it deserves unless the history destroyers twist the truth through their influential established and social media outlets.

And, it is apparently an ongoing effort. Beyond his dictatorial use of Executive Orders, now former President Obama continues to undermine his duly elected successor’s successful reversal of the ills perpetrated by a cabal of subversive Marxists. The better the country and the people of the country become, the harder the cabal of Marxists charge and the nastier they become. But, hey, it’s a legacy!


November 16, 2016

For well over seven years we’ve all observed that President Obama is a great orator. He delivers the lines from his ever-present Teleprompter with great aplomb. I have also observed many times over that if you watch his face as he reads the words scrolling it says, “Who the hell wrote this? Nobody’s gonna to believe this crap”.

With his re-election, however, that non-verbal expression vanished. An air of exalted haughtiness became apparent. A more Gruberesque attitude prevailed with every new locution. The demeanor became more like, “The American people are so stupid that they’ve bought everything I’ve said up until now. Why question if they’ll believe this or anything I say”?

While dividing the country like a giant pizza (black v. white, young v. mature, poor v. middle class and above, LGBTQ v. straight, etc.), he would stand behind a podium and Teleprompters proclaiming how he has managed to unite the country. As he promoted regulations against business (either via EPA, IRS or other agencies under his thumb) that prohibited growth and stifled the work force he boasted how he, and he alone, was able to steer the nation from the abyss of recession. With millions of people out of work so long they can no longer receive unemployment benefits, he proclaims how the unemployment rolls have declined. Today, over 37% of the potential workforce remains idle. Welfare distribution to poverty stricken families and the new poor has skyrocketed.

His words do not match his actions. To be truthful, they are most frequently polar opposites.

In a stated effort to unite the world he claimed had been left asunder by his predecessor, he started his presidency with an apology tour. He bowed to adversarial monarchs and autocratic leaders in the East. That strengthened the resolve and antagonism of our enemies. Unedited history will surely reflect his presidency as one of acquiescence, not leadership.

He’s now ending his reign on a note to make it harder for his successor to rectify the differences created within our own country and around the globe. With the same superciliousness he has exuded throughout his time in office, he warned the people of Greece and the people of the world “to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism”.

Without specifically identifying Donald Trump, he also made sure to mention that “targeting specific racial, religious or ethnic groups could backfire”. He, Barack Obama, did it successfully. He mastered it! At this point point in time he has been given a pass, but don’t let anyone else try it. Along with his obedient compliance to the unrequited demands of global despots, his legacy must include this passive aggressiveness.

Continuing his “Fear of the Future” expedition, he went on to say, “Globalization, combined with technology, combined with social media and constant information, have disrupted people’s lives, sometimes in very concrete ways, but also psychologically. People are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world. It starts looking different and disorienting.”

He and his pastel lemmings championed political correctness. This common core lack of specificity is a major factor in confusing the issues of the day. When you cannot honestly identify a situation, you cannot work to resolve any problems created by it!

Now is not the time to fear the future for it once again offers potential. Now is the time to begin anew with an invigorated administration. Bye, bye Barack.


JULY 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

On this day, July 4, we celebrate the independence of a nation known as the United States of America. The declaration of our sovereignty from British rule allowed the founders to move forward creating a tri-lateral government with each branch being independent of and equal in power to the others. Those three branches were and remain the Legislative branch (Congress), the Judiciary branch (Supreme Court) and the Executive branch (President and his cabinet).

As with any secure management system, it is simple for one person or a like-minded body to force control over a household, business or country. It is still possible, but far more difficult to do so when there is equable oversight by two such divisions. With the interjection of a third party, majority agreement without much discussion and reasoned thought entering that discussion becomes very difficult. The design is necessarily slow allowing reason, not individual ideology, to prevail.

This year, our president has boastfully taken it upon himself to override the Constitution with his pen and phone. He disdainfully rejects the tri-lateral government in favor of his unilateral actions. His actions, or in many cases his inactions, are breaking down the most powerful form of government in the world today. Congress is allowing it to happen by not restricting the purses from which he draws the ability.

In spite of the Barnum and Bailey style hearings (watch us perform, then we’ll move on in the middle of the night to dazzle others with a new show in a new location tomorrow), congress is in collusion with the power grab. We now have two branches of government effectively working in concert because congress refuses to take a strong role against the radical abuses of the White House.

It was Barack Obama who proclaimed most loudly that George W. Bush assumed too much power and control. Now he, President Obama, makes W. look like a timid dwarf when it comes to executive edicts against the will of the people.

If he doesn’t achieve it in the next two years, President Obama will certainly carve the path to a dictatorial government. He has prepared and armed all agencies within the federal government to quell forcefully any uprising of the people. He continues to provoke such an uprising.

Over the past three years, he has provided local law enforcement agencies with MRAP vehicles and other military heavy armament. He has changed the leadership of the military to accept, without question, any lawful and even unlawful orders from the White House. He has already fundamentally changed America.

There is only one more potential for celebration of independence under this regime. That potential, however, is rapidly being eroded by President Obama’s actions.

Enjoy today.


November 7, 2012

WASH, RINSE, REPEAT.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  This is the most incredible marketing slogan I have ever heard, but it works.  And, it has worked on the purposely misinformed, ignorant voters of the United States of America.

I cannot find the name of the brilliant ad exec or team who came up with the words that make a person buy a product that doesn’t work, use twice as much of it as should be necessary, then buy more and do the same again.  He, she, or they deserve far more compensation than what they actually received, no matter how much it was.

Let’s just break down the directions.  You go to the store to buy some shampoo because you want clean hair.  You pick up a bottle and read the back.  The directions say that you should first wet your hair, massage a liberal amount of the product into your scalp and rinse.  Repeat the procedure until your hair is clean.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

I don’t know of a single person who would take their car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, pay for the service, and then drive back into the waiting line to have the oil changed again because they wanted to have fresh oil in their engine.  If the service crew was incapable of doing the job properly once, or the product supplied was inadequate, why would you trust that it would be better the second or successive times?

Last night, Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States of America.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  We can now look forward to four more years of:

Economic stagnation

High unemployment

Mortgage foreclosures related to lower or non-existent wages

Executive Edicts that bypass congress and subvert the Constitution of the United States of America

Millions more people relying on the government for subsistence payment

Americans jailed or murdered because they disagree with the President,

Subservient bowing to Arab leaders

Our President colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood in their quest for global Sharia Law.

Accepting and even inviting invasion of our country and putting the invaders on the government dole.

And, of course, more flexibility to deal with Russia and other countries without the interference of congress or the American people.

Good work you ignorant fools.  You have again escalated the demise of a once great nation.  Unfortunately, you have caused the rest of the nation to suffer as you revel in your ill-fated ideological day dreams.


August 24, 2011

With the country weakened and divided, now is the time to attack.  This time, however, the attack is not coming from planes smashing into financial icons.  This time it is not bombs, artillery, IEDs, rockets, mortars or even small projectiles that we have to fear.  This time, our very own government is doing us under.  The Washington power brokers have weakened us to the point of attack.  The elected and appointed officials have, and are continuing to, implode the systems of the U.S.

The President, through his appointed like-minded sycophants, is circumventing congress.  He/they foist rules, regulations and restrictions on our freedoms and liberties with tyrannical orientation.  The EPA alone has enacted so many business repressive regulations that there is no longer any question why our economic mainstay is basing overseas.

It is difficult to understand how throttling carbon emissions within the boundaries of the United States, forcing production of goods to third world countries is helpful to the global environment.  Countries with uncontrolled emissions and standards are most certainly able to manufacture at an apparently reduced cost.  The true cost to the air, water and food supply is much greater in the long run than is the plastic output.

The only plausible explanation is an agenda for global wealth redistribution and a desire for all but a chosen few to become destitute and beholden subjects.  If that is it, the plan is working well.

Once a nation of reasoned and reasonable laws, followed and enforced, we have become one of unmanaged laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, codes and edicts.  The freedoms and liberties awarded to citizens of the United States eroded, in some cases beyond recognition, by activist judges and an overzealous politicians catering to themselves instead of their constituents must be restored.  Enforcement is now at the will of a few with punishment determined and meted with political considerations always in mind.

Equality of application is no more.  In too many cases, law enforcement officers are prohibited from doing the job for which they were hired for political expediency.  Police and other agents fear for their lives and resist drawing their weapons even in defense because of a disrespectful and anti-enforcement judicial system that treats them more harshly than the criminals they  apprehend.

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama has stated a goal of fundamentally transforming the country.  Michelle said, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation”.  Conversations:  Liberals have taken to more anger, spewing more vehemence and hatred for every person and thing not Socialist in nature.  Traditions: Since that time, Christian holidays have been averted by the White House.  History:  Barack espoused, “We are a nation of Muslims.  In his Cairo speech he said, “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”  A different place as a nation: A once proud nation is now ridiculed by the world due to a President who apologizes for our accomplishments, changes our history and traditions. Sacrifices:  Well, that seems to be playing only 9 holes during a national or international crisis.