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October 24, 2015

Being retired can lead to some interesting days. It can also render days of nothingness. On Thursday, I chose to spend the majority of the day watching the Benghazi hearings starring Hillary Clinton.

What I expected to see was an inquiry into what happened on the night of September 11, 2012. What I saw was a feud between Elija Cummings and Trey Gowdy. I did think and hope both Democrats and Republicans would be interested in identifying accountability for inadequate security at an American post in a hostile land on the anniversary of America’s greatest loss of lives caused by radical Islamic terrorists.

What I did see was a grueling stage show of fans and inquisitors. There were actually two committees which former Secretary Clinton addressed. Though every panelist pontificated before getting to their questioning, Republicans asked responsible questions bent on acquiring information about the attack, security at the compound and why no support was provided during the nearly twelve hour seige; why no fighter jets were scrambled or special warefare troops were even readied to assist our diplomats and intelligence agents.

On the other side of the platform was the cheering section. Democrats blew kisses to Hillary. They, one at a time, congratulated her on her wonderful service to the country as Secretary of State.  I believe I heard one ask her what color toe nail polish she had on that day after using up his time in glowing adoration.

And, while wasting the taxpayer money doing so, they chastised the Republicans on the committee for spending $4.7 million fighting the Obama administration for records and emails that would have cut the committee’s time to a minimum. Unfortunately, the State Department and other bureaucracies either could not produce the requested material or elected to obfuscate the investigative process.

All-in-all, Clinton skated again. She, like her boss, managed to deflect questions and place responsibility for all the bad news upon her staff, the “security professionals”, DOD, the Pentagon and the military. Once again, she managed to credit herself for those areas she believes she benefited as Secretary of State but denied all responsibility for the deaths of four Americans who, after multiple requests for more security, remained highly vulnerable in a hostile nation.

This is the woman who wants to be president and Democrats don’t care if she’s deceitful, conniving or a habitual liar.  She’s a Democrat just like them and therefore worthy of the office.


September 8, 2015

1. In the United States it is mandatory for an employer to verify an applicant’s eligibility to work.
2. If an employer fails to verify employment eligibility or chooses to ignore that eligibility and hires a, or some, immigrant(s) who are in the country illegally and without work authorization, they are subject to fine.
3. The D.O.J. fines employers for workplace discrimination when they hire citizens over illegal immigrants without work visas.

The laws of this country are only enforced when this administration so chooses to enforce them.

1. High school students claiming to be transgendered mandate the use of locker rooms and restrooms corresponding to the gender with which they most closely associate today.
2. If young girls or boys object to sharing their private sanctuaries with someone whose genitals are of the opposite gender…too bad. That’s discrimination.
3. It is also discriminating against the gender confused individual to ask him or her to use a gender neutral or multi-gender facility.

It is okay to make normal and natural people uncomfortable, but not minorities exploring alternative lifestyles.

1. President Obama defies congress and normal constitutional protocol when convenient by using his pen and phone.
2. President Obama personally and defiantly rewrote his own signature health care legislation on multiple occasions to accommodate donors and special interest groups.
3. President Obama, through his Department of Injustice forces Christians, even nuns, to adhere to the health care law despite their religious beliefs by suing them in court.

Demanding that Christains adhere to unjust laws is not discrimination.

1. Hillary Clinton defies federal laws and regulations by exclusive use of a private email server and comingles both work and personal correspondence.
2. Hillary Clinton publicly, over and over, denies that any classified information ever passed through her personal server.
3. Hillary Clinton destroys all evidence of wrong doing by erasing, or causing to be erased, all email correspondence, from her personal server.
4. Hillary Clinton did not recognize a fellow Democrat when she referenced Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay individuals.  Her “not thinking” response was, “Marriage equality is the law of the land. Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the law—end of story”.

Enjoy anarchy.  Continue the trend.  Vote Democrat!


August 15, 2015

Yesterday I published an article written earlier in the week <link> where I asked a series of questions.  The one question that I failed to include, but have been wondering about for months is:  “What is to keep someone from swapping out the drives in the Clintonmail server?”

We now find out that the drives have been professionally wiped clean.  At this point, the action appears to be as good as swapping them out.  Time will tell if any data can be retrieved from them by an independent forensic team.

In March of this year I posted an article suggesting a forensic audit of the Clintonmail server  <link>.  We’ll probably never know when the wipe took place.  However, had the server been confiscated earlier perhaps the Corruptocrats front runner might not have the time to deliberately destroy evidence possibly linked to treason or espionage.

Will her memoirs be written from federal prison?  I doubt it, after all her last name is Clinton and the Department of Justice is controlled by Barack Hussein Obama.  We may just have to wait and see.  I expect she is going to be unable to recall anything about her term as Secretary of State when the criminal investigation begins.




August 14, 2015

For months now, we have been hearing that Hillary is conveniently incapable of controlling two email accounts on one hand-held device so she chose to forego a dot-gov address. We then found out that she had at least two and possibly many more email addresses she readily accessed from her phone. She claimed that there was no, none, not any, zip, zero classified email on her private server. She did not send or receive any classified correspondence over her personal email account(s).

Some questions nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has yet asked are:

  1. “Secretary Clinton, did you do all your government business via personal, face to face conversation in bug-swept secure areas”?
  2. “Secretary Clinton, did you conduct all of your government business over secure phone lines and none over your hand held device?”
  3. “Secretary Clinton, how can you be so sure that none of the emails you sent or received were classified when you refused to share them with the very individuals who are charged with determining national security classifications?”
  4. “Secretary Clinton, how were you able to conduct any government business without taking the precautions necessary to secure that business?” and
  5. “Secretary Clinton, would you please define none as you have used it in your statements of defense?”

Of course, we are now learning that she harbored not only Confidential information from her superiors and peers, at the same time she also made Secret and Top Secret information available to clerks, her lawyer, her political advisors and perhaps even her cohort Sydney Blumenthal. NEED TO KNOW be damned.

The White House and several strategic departments within this administration are surreptitiously infiltrated with devout Muslims, some of whom have ties, direct or indirect, to radical groups. Some, it has been reported, have current affiliations with radical Islamic terrorists. That includes Mrs. Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin.

Mrs. Clinton’s blatant disregard for national security and general lack of protocol is appalling.  It is only surpassed by the actions of her former boss.  Between the two, our nation is at great peril.

In 2007 I said, it is time for a black man to be president, just not this black man. Today I say, it is time for a woman to be president, just not this woman. And I again hope that President Obama has not sullied the “person of color” image for future presidents of either or any gender.


March 12, 2015

Businesses and lawful organizations are required to track all money paid or received. Everything from component goods, marketing and advertising, payroll and expense accounts to pencils, pens and paper used must be identified. They are also expected to track and report every dollar received no matter what the source. If it is money that comes into and is used as part of a business or organization, it has to be recorded. If it is an expense for the entity, it must be tracked to justify or offset the income.

Comingling personal and company or organizational funds is forbidden in accounting. Regular internal audits identify when disagreements occur between known actuals and records. Immediate correction is made by well-founded businesses when there is any potential for fraud, the appearance of fraud or any illegal or illegitimate activity.

When there is an appearance of wrong-doing including money laundering, fraud, misuse of or comingling of funds, independent auditors are called in to identify any problems. In cases where transparency does not exist, forensic auditors may be brought in to find any evidence of intentionally deceptive legal abnormalities.

Those auditors, (internal, independent or forensic) are paid for their time by the business, group or individual suspected of questionable or corrupt practices. The appearance of impropriety is sufficient to warrant intensive search of all records, (cyber, digital, analog) that may exist. That search may include in-depth research of all computer storage units. When necessary, all CDs, DVDs, hard drives, thumb drives, back-up drives and cloud storage is accessed to determine congruity.

Any costs incurred by the person, group or business may be recovered from the accuser if and when exoneration is reached.

Hillary Clinton inappropriately used a, or some, personal server(s) for both government and personal email, voice and text communication. Effectively, she comingled personal, governmental and possibly highly classified information. She claims there is nothing of taxpayer value on any of the storage units to her avail. She also claims that there was never any classified information handled electronically through her personal hand held devices or server(s).

She asserts that she dumped or wiped only personal communications and that all government correspondence has been forwarded to the proper authorities. We have her personal verbal assurance, but few records. Therefore, in my mind, it is time for a forensic audit of all records and communication for the time she served as secretary of state. All electronic and storage devices used, whether personal or governmental must be made available.

Perhaps the Clinton Foundation should also be viewed as suspicious.