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February 27, 2016

The next and following generations will see a much different world than the one known up until now. Well, up until a decade or so ago. I don’t envy what is coming. The current crop of youth are bouncing with joy about socialism coming to America. They don’t know socialism, but they’ve heard good things about it from the leaders of the party. So here’s another side of it.

Not only are your guns in jeopardy now but many other rights and privileges are under attack by the panel advising President Obama about potential mental disorders. The panel recently recommended that “doctors” begin screening every patient over the age of twelve for any potential mental or social problems. A simple statement like, “I feel scared at school” might be the trick to get a child labeled incompetent.

In case you’ve missed the Newspeak about guns, the verbiage has changed in the past few years from gun control to gun safety. Safety trumps rights and privileges. You see, if you’re talking about safety you’re showing concern for the people, not control of them. This was another pitter-patter mini-step toward overriding the 2nd Amendment.

If you even mention that you’re feeling “down” to your primary care physician it could trigger the word depression which is Med-speak for “needs medication and supervision”. Obviously, if you are prescribed a psychotropic pharmaceutical and you agree to take it, it’s because you now recognize you might be a threat to yourself or others. Therefore, any weapons in your possession must be removed for your safety and the safety of others. When diagnosed and prescribed a behavioral, mind or mood altering drug and you don’t readily ingest it, you are defiant and possibly angry. Thus, any weapons in your possession must be removed for your safety and the safety of others.

Leading questions will be asked and you must be cautious how you answer them. Non medical questions are now routinely asked on medical forms. They give headway for the reason to diagnose you as a potential threat that must be handled appropriately. “Do you regularly wear seat belts?” “Are there guns in your home?” “Are there smoke detectors in your home?” “Are there children in your home?” “Do you attend worship services regularly?”  These and other questions have nothing to do with your physical health but they do help build a data base for “official use”.

The power elite don’t want you, the ignorant, attention deficit and under-educated masses to know that they want to control every aspect of your life, so they change the terms to sound more friendly. They want to take guns out of the hands of the people so there is little resistance when the brown shirts of the National Security Force take over.

In the eyes of socialist rulers, Utopia can only exist when there are only two classes a classless society.   (Find the incongruity in the previous sentence to fully understand socialism.)


January 29, 2016

Patriots want to make sure that only people authorized to vote get to exercise that privilege. We want every vote to count and every eligible person to vote only once. We want each vote recorded and counted correctly. It’s pretty simple stuff. Why would anybody complain about honesty and accountability?

Every election we hear from (primarily) the Democrat party officials and handlers that “this here voter fraud thing that the Republicans keep bringing up is just to keep certain people from voting”. The poor, the elderly and minorities, Democrats say, will be disenfranchised if they are required to prove who they are. It’s an outrage to require identification at the polls.

We also hear about certain precincts having a greater than 100% voter turnout or that there was not one Republican vote in a certain county or precinct where up to 35% of the voter registrations are for Republicans.

There have also been numerous first hand stories by voters who have seen their vote for a particular person immediately change to his or her opponent or that their YES vote turned into a NO vote right before their eyes. No matter how many times they tried to correct the action, the machine would change their vote. In general, but certainly not always, the Democrat party, candidate or liberal issue is the lucky recipient of the electronic “error”.

Enter Bernie Sanders. Bernie and team are very, very concerned about the new tabulation platform developed by Microsoft for the Iowa Caucuses. The mobile app presented by Microsoft is to record the results of hundreds of caucuses and precincts and forward them to party headquarters for final tabulation. The app is meant for use by both parties, but the suspicion of wrongdoing this time is all on Sanders’ side.

Why? Why might there be a concern about program coding at this point?

Well, it seems Bernie and company recognize that Microsoft has, over the years, donated millions of dollars to Hillary, her various campaigns and political causes and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. For some unfounded reason, Bernie and his staff feel that there might be some tainting of the results of the caucuses; some bias perhaps on behalf of his primary opponent.

Keeping with his beliefs, the self described Democratic Socialist, thinks there’s a possibility that money could influence an election outcome.  He thinks that the billionaire class and corporate powers might try to hijack democracy.

Go figure. Bernie now sees the possibility of election fraud, and this is only the first vote of the primary cycle. Hillary’s campaign staff, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC party bosses again laugh at the possibility of voter fraud.