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May 18, 2011

Two headlines slammed my eyes this morning when I opened the Drudge Report.  They were not juxtaposed, simply both available with a single scan of the page.

White House shuts out Herald scribe

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I guess if you provide flowery, glowing coverage of the current administration and give them top billing you’re being honest but if you don’t you’re a biased, bigoted racist.


Why Is Soros Spending Over $48 Million Funding Media Organizations?

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Marionette controller, Soros, is the major backer for everything Obama.  George Soros is also the sole key holder to the “investigative journalism” branch of the Huffington Post.  The Huffington Post is, if you recall, the designated source for news about what is happening in Washington, D.C. according to our President.

I have to wonder about the concerns of the forties and fifties regarding propaganda and the lies being fed to us as truth, to be believed by the citizens of the world.  The same loathsome crap is now catered to our kids and grand-kids in school.  They are under highly influential control for 5-7 hours per day.

Using Al Gore’s words, “Don’t listen to your parents.  There are some things about our world that you know that older people don’t know”.

Propaganda?  Indoctrination?  Media Control?  Mind Manipulation?  Brainwashing?  Call it what you will, it’s just not right.  Children should be educated, not indoctrinated.  Adults and children should have the opportunity to hear both or all sides to any scenario, not just one.  Eliminating dissenting opinion or opposing dialogue is destructive connivance and we must be aware of the vicious potential.


November 26, 2009

So, let me see if I get this correctly.  We cannot interrogate subversives and terrorists when we have them in custody.  We cannot gain any intel from those who want to kill us.  Putting women’s panties on the head of a captured terrorist is considered torture and our men and women in uniform must be prosecuted, stripped of rank and incarcerated for the act.

The Border Patrol cannot protect themselves against illegal aliens who are trying to kill them.  The military cannot protect themselves against terrorists who want to kill them because there might be civilians in the area.  Police officers cannot draw their weapons when threatened.

America, once the most respected country in the world, is now the laughing stock of every nation and group that wishes to do us harm.    And we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to be hurt.  Our enemies are using the political correctness of our government against us.  The more we let them, the stronger they are and the weaker we become.  They laugh at us; we try to “make nice” with them causing them to only laugh even harder.

Most recently, three Navy SEALS captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq.  Ahmed Hashim Abed masterminded the mutilation and hanging of security guards in Fallujah.  He was captured and told military investigators that his captors punched him.  Nobody witnessed the brutality that allegedly took place after he was confined, but Abed had a bloody lip so the SEALS, who should be commended for doing their job, will instead be court-martialed.  Abed might have done it himself knowing how timid we are now.

Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean (U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents) were sentenced to 11 and 12 years for doing their job.  They did their job; they went to jail.  The smuggler was granted a border pass and allowed to come and go at will until he was finally arrested for another drug smuggling operation.

Police officers are shot and killed in the line of duty daily because they hesitate to pull their weapons for fear of losing their jobs or their freedom.

Our government is prosecuting its own defenders in order to appease our enemies and outlaws.  The people we elect keep stealing our money for their own foolish self-aggrandizement.  CAIR continues to receive tax-exempt donations that they forward to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda.  Our Constitution has been declared unconstitutional and the President of the United States still hasn’t identified himself.  How long can we honestly expect this nation last?


November 18, 2009

So today we read that the Associated Press has assigned eleven (11) reporters to fact check Sarah Palin’s new book “Going Rogue”.  That’s a lot of man hours devoted to trying to find fault with the words and works of a single individual.  What is it about this woman who stands a mere 5’4 ¾” that causes so much fear in liberals?  It’s not as if she’s Tony Rezko or William Ayres or even the afore unknown Barack Obama that the AP found no reason to research.

In fact, to date they haven’t bothered to check the credentials or qualifications of the most powerful and influential man in the United States.  Is it because he’s black?  Perhaps it’s because he’s a man?  Maybe it’s because he’s a liberal (very liberal) Democrat who stands over a foot and a half taller?

AP didn’t bother to fact check either of Obama’s books.  They didn’t fact check the hideous attempt to present a recognizably fraudulent birth certificate that was presented online to qualify him for POTUS.  AP didn’t bother to check and see how many of Ted Kennedy’s millions of dollars were dedicated to the poor instead of his own family.  After all, he voted hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to the worthy cause of the needy over his (too) many years in the Senate.  Could it be because of his surname?

Finally we have a news outlet that is actually doing something to verify the stories that are presented to the public.  That’s a good thing.  But I can’t help seeing an ever so slight left bias to this fact finding mission.

Sarah Palin isn’t hard to look at.  She hasn’t set off any bombs in New York or Chicago.  She hasn’t caused any mass atrocities that we know about.  So what makes the left so afraid of her?  It has to be fear of something.  Could it be that she has principles and her ideals conform to those of the founding fathers and not those of the One World Monarch wannabe, Obama?

They report, you decide.

Pay close attention to what you hear and read.  Do your own fact checking using various sources and draw your own reasoned conclusions.  And please, VOTE WISELY next time.


August 20, 2009

Liberals are more active than conservatives when it comes to political concerns.  They are not only more militant, more abusive and more controlling, but they are also less tolerant of ideas other than their own.  But then that’s just the way they are with just about everything in life.

Liberals want the “Fairness Doctrine” passed to silence any opposing views.  To them this is fairness.  They cannot stand the thought of someone having millions of people hearing, understanding and agreeing with reasoned thought or logical and rational behavior.

Because he doesn’t toe-the-line, i.e. bow to the messiah and push forth with the ‘yet to be read by Congress’ health care plan, John Mackey (founder and CEO of Whole Foods) is being boycotted and there is an aggressive campaign against the Whole Foods enterprise.

It’s not like he said that Obama is a racist (following) or that his plans are against the will of the American people with no further explanation.  No, Mackey did not say or do any of that.  He actually offered some alternative plans that he felt would work better for the majority of U.S. citizens.

Mackey is a very successful businessman who has even foregone a salary of his own in favor of receiving his remuneration for doing a good job from the dividends provided by the stock he holds in his own company.  If his stockholders (many of whom are the employees) make money, he too gets paid.  If he does a poor job running the company, he loses money.  Getting paid according to your positive production or contribution to profitability is a concept that gi’me, gi’me, gi’me liberals cannot understand.

Through the Internet and social networking sites, tens of thousands of people are being enjoined to boycott Whole Foods simply because the CEO does not agree completely with a plan that could reduce health benefits to his employees and customers.  His alternatives will not be considered or even read by this crowd.  They have no interest in anything other than what is presented by the government.  They are sheep.

Per the norm for the “feeling without thought” crowd, the only people that will be hurt by this boycott will be the Whole Food employees.  The most hurt will be those who can little afford being out of work for any length of time.  The upper echelon will survive quite comfortably – even if the business is driven into the ground.

And we have a very similar situation with Glenn Beck.  Because he stated that the president has shown racist tendencies and biases through his policies and actions, Beck’s sponsors are being hounded and hammered by a few glassy eyed zealots.  Glenn said that he believed Obama is a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture and used Obama’s own words and writings to back up his statement.

It’s not that Glenn is just voicing what many of us believe; it is that he has achieved the opportunity offer many people  an alternate and often in-depth view about current situations.  Liberals don’t like opposition to their feelings or views.  Tolerance only goes so far and only if it is in the left of center direction.

Most liberals don’t even understand what they are doing to themselves, individually and collectively, when foisting their social and politico-social agendas on the rest of us.  That small tax increase or those many new small taxes aren’t going to hurt Bill Gates or members of Congress.  They can afford it.  It will, however, have a severe impact on their neighbors and family members earning an income that is less than $80,000 per year who have to buy gas and oil or tires to get to and from work and pay for food, heating and electricity from their earnings.  The lower the income, the harder the hit.

If only liberals could understand the work/reward concept as well as they understand entitlement!