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February 1, 2011

From the Los Angeles Times
Citing the pro-democracy unrest in Egypt and Tunisia, Gov. Jerry Brown called it “unconscionable” that GOP legislators are vowing to block his attempt to ask voters to extend tax hikes to balance the budget. 

From the Rahm Emanuel playbook, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”, Gov. Brown will find any excuse to raise taxes on the masses instead of cutting government waste, graft, corruption or need-for-naught entitlement programs to illegal aliens.

“When democratic ideals and calls for the right to vote are stirring the imagination of young people in Egypt and Tunisia and other parts of the world, we in California can’t say now is the time to block a vote of the people,” Brown said in his first State of the State address in nearly 30 years.  He said the budget has tough choices but that the people “have a right to vote” on the package.

He challenged both parties to take the difficult votes necessary to balance the budget.

“If you are a Democrat who doesn’t want to make budget reductions in programs you fought for and deeply believe in, I understand that,” he said.  “If you are a Republican who has taken a stand against taxes, I understand where you are coming from. But this time things are different. In fact, the people are telling us — in their own way — they sense something is profoundly wrong.  They see that their leaders are divided when they should be decisive and acting with clear purpose.”

There are enough union bosses and people drawing their living from the government in this state who do not contribute to the tax base, that the few working people just may have to “pick up the slack”.  EBT-SNAP recipients will undoubtedly see a bit more in their monthly stipend to cover the difference on their end.

The idiots in Sacramento, like New York City, simply cannot correlate  their inane policies with why so many income and tax producing companies and families are exiting the state faster than you can say tax increase.  They blindly continue them only to enhance the existent problems – or…maybe it’s a well planned scheme to break the system.