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September 16, 2015

California is once again taking the lead. Governor Moonbeam and his merry band of progressives must think they can derive enough money out of 2.6 million new driver licenses to offset their inane deficit spending.

By overwhelming Democrat vote in the legislature and the stroke of the governor’s pen, California will now issue driver licenses to people who have broken our immigration laws and who cannot prove who they really are. Much of the identification process is done by having another person stand with them in line and say to the DMV clerk, “Yup, that’s Ding or Abdullah, or Juan or Vladimir or Maria or Natasha. I’ve known him/her for years”. Often, even the “Yup” is in a language other than English.

Perhaps the new money will fund another study identifing why the delta smelt is still dying off despite the state bankrupting farmers and driving up food costs by reducing supply. Maybe some of the new revenue will make up for the parched earth of the central valley that is no longer producing tax revenue.

Let’s forego the issuing of driver licenses to individuals who cannot read street signs or understand traffic officers’ requests or commands for a moment. For now, let’s even overlook the number of accidents driving up your uninsured and underinsured motorist and medical payment premiums.

I hear or read daily about how a mother and her two daughters were mowed down in a crosswalk in San Diego by a latino driver who fled on foot. The local news stations spend 20 pecent of their nightly newscasts showing pictures of bloody accident scenes in which an illegal alien is involved.

They may be from Honduras, Guatamala, Mexico, China, Syria or Pakistan or England. It doesn’t matter. Obtaining a valid picture I.D. is not going to make them better, safer or more concerned drivers. They don’t want to be jailed or deported and often don’t care who they killed or maimed as long as they can stay here, even if it means returning to the shadows.

Along with the driver license is a card showing voter registration. It may not have a party ascribed, but it will allow them a voice in determining how the state, and our country is governed.

For those of you reading this who don’t vote because you feel your vote doesn’t count…it doesn’t if you don’t cast it. By not voting you are abdicating your future well being to the whims and influences of foreign nationals. And that, my friend, is how we get these laws.



March 11, 2015

We have seen, with our current tyrant-in-charge, that community organizing has strong and lasting effects. Once a way of bringing like minds together to disseminate information to produce a positive outcome, it is now just a single step in the journey to radically transform America.

It’s easy to understand why people confined to wheelchair mobility want and need ramps and wider doors. Such accomodations allow the physically limited access to many of the same things others without such impediments enjoy. Community organizing can bring an awareness to mutual benefits derived from such modifications.

Community organizing can also be a way of converting normal thinking into coercive action. There are now community organizers who not only advocate, but demand, equal rights for people who have broken at least one law by entering the United States illegally or abusing a visa granted for specific purpose or time. Many of these community organizers are, themselves, outlaws yet some are granted personal audiences with top state officials and even the President of the United States. Of recent, invitees from these advocacy groups were allowed into the congressional chambers for State of the Union addresses.

Mark Charles Hardie, a former public affairs intern for Senator Barbara Boxer, and a 2016 California Senate candidate, proposes “LGBT Police Departments” funded by the state. The obviously biased enforcement officers will be exclusively members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender society. Apparently, diversity (e.g. being straight) will not be tolerated on his bigot brigade. Being a California initiative, this will probably pass and be funded from the already horribly indebted habitually overspending state treasury.

The narrow scope of the new enforcement army is the protection of, and only of, LGBT persons. When and if this measure does pass, (and, because it is California, I’m convinced it will) expect Blacks, Hispanics, anti-gun zealots, environmental nazis, athiests, Muslims, PETA, ???…to demand they also have special badge-carrying enforcement officers.

However, anybody with a propensity to organize like minded citizens for the adherance to our reasonable laws, the U.S. Constitution, active duty or military veterans, borders, or true equal rights and opportunities is considered a potentially subversive right-wing extremist. Due to the mindset of these antirevolutionists with potential for national allegiance, the CIA, NIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, EPA and multiple other pseudo-protective alphabet agencies must individually and collectively monitor them closely.


August 28, 2014

How can Californians shoot themselves in the foot while punching the ballot to take all firearms away from residents?

Not only are businesses scurrying to North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona to escape the excess taxes and ridiculous regulations that make them less competitive, the rational citizens who are willing to work are following those jobs. Soon the entire state will be made up of illegal aliens with driver licenses but no insurance, Welfare and Medicaid recipients and the governing progressives who drove away all the productive people and businesses.

Governor “Moonbeam” is also driving the state further into the hole. Currently, according to the favorably massaged government figures, 11% of the state’s total population is drawing down on the state coffers. That means 9 people earning an income are supporting themselves, their families and collectively one other unknown individual.

EBT, Medicaid and Welfare assistance, with its myriad subordinate state entitlements, drawing from the state coffers contribute heavily to the annual deficit which continues to climb from 6%. Each resident, working or not, is responsible for $11K of the overspent and mismanaged funds. As the state’s $400 billion debt continues to grow, it provides the Democrat in Charge, an opportunity to raise taxes on the few remaining citizens still able to buy their own food.

I recently ran across an article in the LA Times that stated Governor Brown is only fanning the wildfire. He called America “the other Mexico” and welcomed all immigrants by stating that it didn’t matter if they had permission to be in the United States, they were welcome in California.

I guess he needs more bodies to fill the void left by businesses and families leaving the insanity.

Think of that! More children who cannot even speak or understand English bringing greater burden to the already failing school system. More unskilled and under-educated adults to pick the broccoli and oranges and fluff motel pillows and clean floors so that their American equivalents cannot even supplement their Welfare checks with those jobs. Need I mention, the financial burden imposed on drivers with insurance when more uninsured drivers are unleashed on the streets and highways in unsafe vehicles?

Of course, the “new residents” are allowed driver licenses without the normal proof of identity required of U.S. born citizens. Once obtained, that picture I.D. allows them to register to vote in any or all precinct(s) and vote as directed by the local ACORN affiliate.

I suppose the good news is that Governor Brown is expected to throw his hat into the ring for president in 2016. A Moonbeam presidency could only be a continuation of Obama’s goal to ultimately collapse the country, making way for a One World Caliphate.

Now you know why I recently left the state. Good bye, California


March 16, 2014

California is experiencing another year of extreme drought. The recent rains will in no way alleviate the situation. In fact, because of the fires of the recent couple of years, the much needed rain that has fallen only complicates the situation with massive flooding and erosion.

It will, however, help unabated weeds grow on state and federal land. Then, when the arid Santa Ana winds blow across the mountains in July and August, fires will have plenty of fuel to exhaust rescue services for homeowners and animals alike.

Even Governor Moonbeam cannot appropriate and redistribute more water to make the situation better (or worse, depending on your point of view). He can’t print more H2O to make life easier for his friends, relatives and donors as our president does with our currency.

Well, that’s not quite true either. He, Brown, has asked that all residents (at least those who understand English) to cut back on usage so that CalTrans and local municipalities can continue watering the freeway landscaping and roadway medians in the occasional rain.


August 22, 2012

Soon, illegal immigrants given amnesty and benefits under Executive Order by the Exhalted Ruler, Barack Obama will be able to obtain driver licenses in California.  They need not read or understand English because the test will be given in they’re native language, as some are currently.  Illiterate applicants can have someone read and answer the written questions as well.  They need not worry about getting bi-lingual education, grants or reduced tuition at colleges and universities.  Welfare, SNAP, EBT, Section 8 housing assistance, transportation assistance and all other citizen taxpayer benefits become theirs for the asking.   Job training and even some subsidized jobs will be readily available to them, for they will be able to identify themselves.

The State Legislature is working feverishly on a self-created problem.  It seems they have to re-write or amend a law that elucidates what identification is acceptable to assure the applicant is who he or she says they are.  If an illegal immigrant neglected to bring their birth certificate from Honduras, Venezuela, China, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria or even Mexico, certainly they cannot be required to return home to get it.  Perhaps a friend stating that Juan Hernandez is in fact Juan Hernandez born in Oaxaca, Mexico on June 10, 1993 will be sufficient.  Then Juan can do the same in turn for the friend.

They will not even have to worry about being asked for identification when voting (in any state of the nation).  They will not be disenfranchised!

However, according to our Department of Justice, blacks and elderly would still be subject to prejudice at the polls if voting laws were enforced because identification is difficult for them to come by.

Welcome to Bizarro World, California a subsidiary sector of Bizarro World, USA.