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July 11, 2015

While it may not be true that everybody on the government payroll spends eight hours a day watching porn on a computer you paid for, they may as well be doing so.

Occasionally some of them find the time to redact documents subpoenaed under FOIA to the point they are of no value to any criminal investigation. For the rest, it’s difficult to identify what they spend their time doing unless it’s simply finding new ways to deflect, or obfuscate any inquiry.

It is evident that as any organization grows, it becomes less efficient. It happens in private sector for-profit businesses. It happens in non-profit organizations and it most certainly happens in the public sector. Over growth = complacency and inefficiency. Our government is definitely over grown.

Dylann Roof was able to shoot and kill nine people in Charleston on June 17 of this year because the FBI failed to deny his background check. And that’s according to James Comey, Director of the FBI. “We are sick that this has happened. We wish we could turn back time,” Comey said.

The dealer who sold the gun did his due diligence. He complied with the law.  He submitted the request and sold Roof the gun when the 3 day waiting period ran out. The dealer had no reason to deny the purchase.

Liberals want to grow government. They want background checks on everybody wishing to purchase a gun. They want FBI agents at all gun shows to make sure this happens. This is what they get…inept bureaucracies. They get $35/hr clerks ($60/hr including benefits) texting, applying nail polish or watching porn all day instead of doing their job and following up to make sure the job was done correctly.

When someone dies, their boss simply says, “Um, sorry. NEXT”.



June 20, 2015

Once again we have a horrendous crime committed by a person out of his mind.

Yes, Dylann Storm Roof, the man who shot 9 people after attending bible study meeting in their church for over an hour is white. He was born caucasian and remains caucasian. Yes, the subjects of his outrage were black. Did race play it’s part in this heinous event? Most certainly. Roof appears to be a white supremcist. But that belief, in itself, does not cause death. This is not just a crime of hate or race.

This is a case of a young man who ingested synthetic pharmaceuticals that may have conflicted with some of his other prescribed psychotropic medication. This is another prescription drug crime just like Sandy Hook, just like Columbine, just like Aurora and just like so many other senseless murders. If there is to be a difference between this crime and the other notorious mass murders it might be that Dylann had obtained some of his illegally.

Of course, President Obama went right to race as the motive and dispatched Atty Gen. Loretta Lynch to investigate for hate motivation. Then he went into his other usual subject of tirade; guns. Keep it simple, first race, then guns. Liberals, in general, are myopic. Race, guns – problem.  Drugs – good stuff.

Was a gun involved in this crime? Yes, but the gun is not the culprit.

The gun used was not the profoundly denounced “high-capacity AR-15 or AK-47 assault weapon” used by others. The gun used does not accept M855 ammunition. This time it was a hand gun with a maximum 7 round magazine. It could have been a machete or knife or hatchet or baseball bat. But the real death merchant was a mentally deranged individual who had enhanced the disorder by taking mind altering drugs.

Once again, we have a situation where only one person had a weapon, the drug crazed perpetrator. Had there been even one other person in the room with a weapon, the situation undoubtedly would have been entirely different.

I’m starting to see a pattern here. We need to ban all psychotropic pharmaceuticals. They’re killing people.