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September 5, 2014

Oh, how can this be? Electric vehicle sales are not meeting projections made five years ago. And that is different from this administration’s lies and propagandistic prophecies about the economy in general, global warming, jobs, education, health, etc…how?

Huge subsidies couldn’t drive sales for some of the overpriced vehicles and get some of them on the road. The marketing idea is that if others are driving them, more people will feel inclined to join the movement. That strategy works well in so many areas, how could it miss?

In order to get some rolling, the federal government borrowed money from other countries for “We the People” to repay through higher taxes. Then, they gave it to their favorite green companies and car companies developing electric automobiles. Next, they gave the car companies some more money for every car sold to offset the excess consumer price and bring it in line with marketable personal transportation. Lastly, because sales still did not appear, there were tax incentives to the buyers just to get some of the cars on the streets.

Remember the release of the Chevy Volt? They were rusting on dealer lots because, in spite of millions of dollars granted to GM for research and development, the automobiles were not price competitive. Give-away lease payments (about $225 per month) allowed a lucky few the opportunity to drive one for two years. None the less, it wasn’t until the Pentagon purchased 1,500 that sales began on the car that cost us, you and me, an estimated $89,000 to produce. That surge was short lived.

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, Charles Fleming wrote “Electric vehicle sales are slow, or even stagnant, even during a record August sales period. Stable gas prices seem to have discouraged new buyers from considering the switch to electric.”

Stable gas prices? They may not be rising as fast as Obama would like, but they still remain twice what they were five years ago. Is that the only answer, or could it be that even the environmentalists who pushed for green cars have finally opened their eyes?

Yes, gas prices are high and internal combustion engines do pollute. However, in January, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama promised, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

If you take that to heart, you might understand that getting from point A to point B in electric autos is about to get disproportionately expensive. Realistically, the current cost per mile for electric or gasoline driven autos is about the same. Hybrids, however, are proving to be more economical.


January 20, 2012

General Motors Chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson, has agreed to meet with the Congressional panel that is set to investigate the government’s investigation into fire risks in the Chevrolet Volt.  That’s right the government is investigating a government investigation into a company that is 61% owned by the government. 

I’m certain it will be an arm’s length investigation investigation.  The arm used may be a short-arm, but that’s what we’ve been getting since January 21, 2009.

And, as an extra added bonus, the man testifying before the committee was installed as the CEO of General Motors by the very same government that is investigating the investigation of the green project into which billions of government monies were invested.

Here’s the lineage of inbred progress for his takeover.  In July 2009, shortly after Obama became President, Akerson, as a representative of the U.S. Treasury under the tax challenged Timothy Geithner, was appointed to the board of directors of GM.  Akerson’s experience qualifying him for the position was in the communications industry. He was, however, a close friend and large donor to Obama.  In 2010, he became CEO when Ed Whitaker was summarily dismissed by the primary stock holder (the U.S. government) and he assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors early last year.

Obama wants to make every aspect of every industry a monochromatic green, at any cost.  He refuses to allow an estimated 22,000 people employment on the Keystone XL project.  Instead, he is willing to allow those jobs and that petroleum and  much needed by-products to be shipped to China for refining and sale.  He has “invested” hundreds of billions (if not untold trillions) of borrowed American taxpayer dollars in solar companies that have failed miserably after receiving the money.  He “invested” our dollars in Finland with (Fisker Automotive), a company making an all electric automobile that only 2% of the American public can afford to purchase.  At least at this point, Fisker seems to be a viable company.

I, for one, am looking forward to hearing the forthright testimony of Mr. Akerson.  I’m sure we’ll find out that the blazing Volts were a product of faulty wiring schematics produced by the G.W. Bush administration simply to make Obama look bad.

There will be no dancing around the truth like with A.G. Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Janet Napolitano or Solyndra’s CEO Brian Harrison or CFO Bill Stover when they appear before Congress.

Any questions why I call this Bizarro World, USA?