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October 24, 2016

I am not a Putin lover. I do not agree with his abusive, aggressive and repressive methods of ruling. However, I do not blame him or his government for the world’s ills any more than I blame Obama. That may be a toss-up! I do accept that there may be some involvement in hacking emails to obtain government secrets.

They may even be complicit in the information Wikileaks is sharing regarding Hillary’s unlawful email interactions and information storage. However: “What difference, at this point, does it make” if it is the Russians, Guccifer, the NSA, Barack Obama, Donald Trump or Dorothy and Toto who hacked the emails? It’s about the content, not who obtained it, how it was obtained or who shares it.

This is all distortion, distraction and misdirection. This finger pointing is typical liberal cookie theft. This is the Alinsky method taught to the upcoming socialists in the 1960s and 1970s; the politicians, teachers, and journalism professors of today.

I’m sure you remember the school yard bully who would come up from behind and excitedly yell, “Look, over there”. As the object child and those around looked off in the distance to see nothing, the bully would take off. Like him, the yummy chocolate chip cookie that mom lovingly baked would turn up missing. Everybody suspected who had done it but, because everybody was distracted, nobody could prove it. None the less, the cookie was gone.

The email scandal, like so many other administration crimes associated with it, is portrayed as some fault other than the actual perpetrator’s. It’s not Hillary’s or Podesta’s or Huma’s fault that this stuff was said or written. No, it’s the fault of the “Ruskies” and Wikileaks for receiving and sharing the nasty stuff. It’s also the fault of FOX News for talking about the leaked emails and other subjects that the MSM discards to protect their own.

And if you believe there is fraud in the election process, you must be un-American. That’s the kind of stuff that happens in dictatorships and banana republics, not in America.

You can’t believe anything coming from Project Veritas because James O’Keefe was prosecuted for presenting truth in a media universe otherwise devoid of it. He uses deceitful methods to garner the truth from deceitful lawbreakers. He then presents unedited questions and responses in video format similar to any broadcast news story.

ACORN, Planned Parenthood and the DNC don’t actually do the things their corporate heads, employees and contractors say they do because O’Keefe’s employees didn’t tell the personnel they were being taped. Thus, the left claims his videos are subject to question.

If we’re going to shoot messengers, it should be those who present lies and distortions for personal, corporate or political gain, not those who convey the truth. Give investigative journalism a break. Establishment news disseminators no longer bother with research and few expend the effort to even verify that which comes to them bundled.

Corruption is corruption even if the Russians find out about it and Wikileaks publishes it.


November 14, 2015

When Democrats are in charge, there is no need for gerrymandering. Without mandate or even authority, President Obama’s minions place “new arrivals” aka refugees, aka illegal aliens in specific districts and states changing the political makeup to favor Democrats. It’s Chicago politics squared. It’s despotic!

He uses tax dollars to move imported refugees and invaders to areas of high Republican voters. Be they the Muslims with potential terrorist ties that he welcomes into the country or the masses invading from the South and assaulting our shores, they are guided to strategic areas of the country. He then authorizes them the ability to vote. Thus, redistricting is not necessary. He’s doing everything to secure the makeup of various voting districts rather than protecting the nation.

When overloading a voting district isn’t enough, party members simply program voting machines or vote counters to elect Democrats no matter what box is penned or which chad is punched. Is anybody still wondering how 103% of eligible, registered voters in some districts voted Democrat in 2008 and 2012? (E.g. According to the League of Women Voters, four districts in Fulton County, Georgia [2/3 Democrat, 1/3 Republican] showed greater than 100% voter turnout in the 2012 election.) One hundred percent voter turnout is statistically impossible.

Does it still concern you why some districts showed NO, none, not any, zero, zip, nada Republican votes in the 2012 election?

Maybe the 2016 election is already in the bag for Democrats no matter who wins the nomination…of either party. But, then again, there are still months remaining before announcing the chosen ones and almost a full year to rig the election.

In addition to the tens of thousands assaulting our southern border, we are accepting another 70,000-200,000 “refugees” from the primarily Muslim countries of Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and, of course, Syria. This is not only a national integrity issue, this is a national security issue.

By allowing the uncontrolled and unvetted influx of foreign nationals, we don’t know why the individuals are coming here. Is it for jobs, self-betterment, personal security, entitlements, to set off dirty bombs or simply to change the established voting patterns?


November 6, 2015

Three members of the Washington D.C. City council have proposed that the legal voting age in the district be lowered from 18 to 16 for both local and national elections. Citing the recent 38 percent voter turnout, the bill is meant to boost civic involvement.

Since the new group of voters has an unemployment rate higher than the national average, taking time off work to go to the polls poses no problem. Many will not be in school on voting day either. The drop out rate for district schools is 44%. Of those who remain in school long enough to be tested, 39% might be commended for proficiency in reading and 36% have mastered an average grade in mathematics.

Thus, some of the new voters could possibly read the ballot and some might be able to recognize the economic impact of the local and national initiatives. The District of Columbia historically votes Democrat and has recently decriminalized the use of marijuana by adults. Soon, sixteen could be declared the age of majority if it becomes the legal voting age.

This is perfect! After all, it is the highly intelligent, knowledgeable and discerning parents of these young citizens who elected a crack smoking Democrat mayor not just once, not twice, but four times before he was sent to federal prison. Upon his release, he was voted onto the D.C. council and then elected mayor once again.

Democrats will do anything…anything…to wrest and maintain political control, grab your money and restrict your rights and privileges.  Each passing day brings the country further down as the Democrat party becomes more and more socialist.  At this rate, twenty years from now Americans may be happy to own a 1985 Chevette held together with duct tape and bailing wire.  They may pay homage to the dictator for allowing them to toil for a pittance.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the reduction in legal voting age helps or hurts the crime rate, the academic proficiency or raises more jobs.


March 16, 2015

According to the New York Post, Bill Clinton is convinced that Valerie Jarrett is behind the leak that spawned the Hillary email scandal.

Anybody as politically ovservant as a gnat knows that Barack is not having sexual relations with that woman…Mrs. Clinton. To be truthful, probably the only reason she got a position in government was to shut her up and keep her out of the way. I’m sure he was hopeful that she wouldn’t Benghazi his administration, but she did and it didn’t help the relationship.

Valerie Jarrett, being the White House HMFIC whether the president is present or not, is just the one to keep the administration running smoothly. If that means eliminating all possibility of Hillary taking over in 2017, she will see to it that Hillary is kneecapped.

As I have said so many times before, I believe Jarrett is in command of the marionette’s strings. Even she may be well down the food chain, but she is there to make sure Obama carries out the orders from her superiors. I’m convinced that George Soros or a Soros type character is at the apex.

Loving Alinsky is not enough to prove she is capable of continuing the Marxist transition to socialism that Barack has begun. Look for someone to come forward from the shadows just as Obama did in 2007 to swoon the progressive Democrats. That is, if Obama doesn’t cause a major uprising and declare martial law so that he can remain Valerie’s figurehead and continue to hold power until the country is completely destroyed transformed.



February 27, 2015

The liberal controllers and watchdogs are adamant against bulling when it comes to their own kind. Yet, it’s the way liberals govern. It’s how they get their way every time. “If you won’t fund the unconstitutional and prosecutable acts of the President, we’ll shut down DHS.” What would we do without DHS? There are only 40 other buraucracies that overlap and duplicate the duties of DHS.

“If you won’t cater my gay wedding, I’ll sue and bankrupt your restaurant and your family.” “If you don’t let me have my way, I’ll post nude pictures that I took of you through your bedroom window on Facebook.” “If you cut down a tree to build a house here, we’ll burn down your house and the forest.”

That’s the way of almost all compassionate, loving, caring, tolerant liberals. Now they’re claiming a need for affirmative action and special dispensations because they are the congressional minority.

And Republicans in congress don’t have the will, want or backbone to stand up to the bullies. The President threatens to veto any ligislation initiated by conservatives, so they don’t present any legislation. Jeh Johnson threatens to furlough employees and effectively shut down DHS, and they fund the amnesty program. John Koskinen claimed that tax refunds for the military, poor and elderly would be delayed indefinitely if he didn’t get enough funding to bounty himself and his henchmen.

Congressional Republicans offer all the fight that Obama offers against radical Muslim extremists…LITTLE TO NONE. There is talk, but only talk about push back against his executive directed socialist policies. When they proffer something, the bullies threaten to retaliate and kowtow happens again.

Obama overrides court ordered injunctions by having agency heads issue regulations that effect the same result as his initial order. Nothing is done. He threatens disciplinary action for anyone who disobeys his unlawful edicts. Congressional Republicans cower, leaving agents to comply for fear of lost income or promotion status.

In Obama’s world, you’re either 100% with the White House or you’re an enemy that must be decimated. If you’re not on board, you’re a racist and Eric Holder will find a reason to tie you up and put you down.

Each day it is easier for even a blind man to see that we are trending beyond Marxism straight into tyranny. The only predictable outcome, at this point, is the continued fundamental change to the Socialist States of America. We already have a dictatorial President with his Secretaries unchecked by either congress or the Supreme Court. When either body does rule against him and his seditious inner junta, he simply side steps the control measure and marches on.

Where’s Allen West when we need him?