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February 4, 2015

Sometimes I just love to listen to liberals speak. They can make themselves irrelevant before anybody with sense can even rebut one of their ignorant statements. Here’s an example to illustrate my case: On his return to the floor of the Senate Monday, Reid said, “I have watched very closely… with what has gone on here the last month,” he said. “I’m sorry to say that we spent one month on a bill calling for the importation of oil from a foreign country, and then importing that oil outside of America.”

Number one, you don’t import in two opposite directions, Harry. Perhaps the “excercise accident” did more than just physical damage. (Personally, I can’t help thinking that some left-handed family member beat the crap out of the one-time amateur boxer for acting progressively stupid. The injuries, right eye and broken ribs, lend themselves nicely to the theory.)
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.09.32 PM
Apparently he was upset by the fact that the Keystone XL pipeline bill had been amended a number of times and voted on with each amendment. His method of Senate leadership was to either accept or reject any bill drafted and not allow a vote. Spending time trying to get a bill right before final passage, to him, is unreasonable. Too bad he lost his post.

Reid believes in it’s the “my way or the highway” style of dictitorial dominance. I think I’ll call it “Reiding” the negotiation process. Reiding a negotiation is quite different from “Baracking” one. The term Baracking might be used in a case of giving our enemies everything they want in exchange for nothing.

Swapping five major terrorists for one U.S. Army deserter and possible enemy collaborater might be termed Baracking. Reducing sanctions on Iran in hopes that they will discontinue the effort to enrich uranium to weapons grade in order to annihilate Isreal and possibly America is another instance of Baracking. Returning Gitmo prisoners to the Mid-Eastern battlefields is another. (I wouldn’t doubt that he also accomodates with back pay for their time in incarceration).

Yep, we be gettin’ change now.