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October 25, 2016

Col. Allen West does not agree that men and women of the California National Guard should be obligated to repay the carrot presented by the Pentagon and handled by the financially inept State of California.  I can only agree.  These men and women offered their lives for a few bucks and maybe a piece of cloth to pin on their chests.  Let it be the responsibility of the bumbling idiots in charge to personally repay the money, not the soldiers and not the taxpayers. Read Col. West’s article:

Cloward and Piven strategized to bankrupt the system. DONE!

The national debt is currently $19,740,000,000,000.

The deficit (that the left claims is cut in half) stands at $590,000,000,000.

The true unemployment rate is 37.1%.  (The difference between the total number of employable persons of working age and those who actually are working), not the claimed 5.0%.

Some young relatives of mine just relocated.  They are among the intelligent and lucky few who escaped California.  They left their jobs but did not collect unemployment insurance so they were not counted among the unemployed.  They have obtained jobs in their new state which are statistically counted for Obama’s legacy purposes.  They are the same people who were working and are now working, but counted as new hires.  Amazing!  Then, we have two individuals filling the vacated positions also counted as new hires to bring down the declared unemployment rate.  The double count is for the benefit of the uninformed idiot voters who believe the propaganda promulgated by the White House and broadcast on the nightly lies and social media.

We have a rampant Marxist government deep in the making and we are on the way to full blown Communism (it takes a village) under a Global Government. This constant agitation of the citizens; the poking and prodding and identifying and dividing population segments are all parts of a strategy.  They are not “unintended consequences” that progressives use to excuse themselves after the lights come on.

If you want to continue the pattern, by all means vote for Hillary.  When everything has been taken from you and your children, perhaps then you’ll awaken.  When you find yourself in a food line dependent on the government to give you a chit for sustenance, perhaps you’ll wish you’d stood for the national anthem when there was one.

By all means, please share this with everybody you know – conservatives and progressives.




November 15, 2014

President Obama is adamant on effecting amnesty for the millions of individuals already in the country illegally. No matter how it is presented, this move is not a humanitarian effort. The motive is not altruistic. And, this move will only invite more illegal immigration while DHS relaxes control of our borders even further.

Many believe the reasoning is to increase the number of Democrat voters. While it may do that, that is merely a transitional footfall toward the end result. The desired outcome is to level the playing field for a smooth transition to a Global Government. It is, in his mind, a mandatory step to lower the status of the United States so that the world can accept us as equal and no longer superior.

At the same time, and in accordance with the progressive program, government standards for education are also being lowered. Common Core is a swing from academic proficiency to social acceptance and societal conformity. With a majority of students accessing only public education, this makes for a more compliant and receptive plebian society.

Amnesty for lawbreakers is only part of the continuing effort to trash the country and the Constitution. Cloward and Piven rule #1: overload the Welfare system of the U.S. to precipitate a crisis. Bankrupt the system to the point where a guaranteed annual income is acceptable. The Utopian consequence is to end poverty as we know it. Welfare and Immigrants Follow the embedded links for a more complete understanding of the immigration picture.

Yes, it will end poverty as we know it. It will, however, create a class of people dependent on and subservient to an all-powerful and ever-growing central government. (Read: Marxist / socialist / communist / dictatorship / global oversight) There will ultimately be two classes, the governing and the governed.

The more uneducated and undereducated people we have in the country, the greater the pull on the taxpayers. The net effect will lower the discretionary income of the workers to the point they become working poor and also deriving subsistence from the government.

Making the minimum wage a “living wage” also helps to produce the same outcome. Since businesses can only allocate a given percentage to wages and still remain viable, those making what is now considered middle-income will see their potential for meritorious income increases stagnate as the unskilled usurp their abeyant raises.

Intentionally misquoting a pre-presidential speech, “Under my plan, your taxes will necessarily skyrocket”. Logic warrants that taking from those who earn and/or have is mandatory to fund the already increasing dependency class Obama is threatening to explode by using his pen.


July 30, 2014

Obamacare is just one massive way to justify raising taxes on, and ultimately, eliminating the middle class. Specifically designed to hurt not help, Obamacare even imposes taxes (2.3% on all medical related supplies, devices and equipment whether used by physicians, veterinarians or consumers), restrictions, regulations and mandates on doctors, medical facilities, medical implement manufacturers, individuals and small businesses that are struggling to survive.

Obama has appointed progressive Marxist/socialists and Muslim Brotherhood elite to his cabinet and has given others controlling authority over various departments and agencies.  Together they have stalled the economy and repressed the country.

1. The higher cost of mandated health insurance eating their profits and undermining their viability is causing employers to cut many full time workers’ hours.
2. Vaguely written and over enforced, costly and often unnecessary regulations by the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Homeland Security and others often conflict amongst themselves. Lawyers and compliance specialists add another level of cost for employers, large and small, just to continue business.
3. Disregarding laws designed to protect and benefit American workers, e.g. defacto amnesty, burdens the already strained economy and workforce. Despite the massaged and manipulated representations, our true current unemployment rate stands at 37.2% ( 7-29-14) among citizens and legal residents.
4. Not enforcing federal immigration and employment laws keeps potential American workers idle as undocumented immigrants receive the available remuneration for menial tasks.
5. Closing the White House, parks and museums with the goal in mind to hurt and infuriate the taxpayers during a fiscal cutback. The World War II monument received grand attention, but was certainly not the only attack on American service members and veterans.
6. This administration uses the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, and others more extensively for data collection regarding key persons around the globe. It has expanded the scope of the Patriot Act to include privacy intrusion on virtually every American under the false flag of National Security. The authorities often unlawfully use the gathered information against political foes and those objecting to the administration’s policies allowing them to unlawfully gather it.
7. Refusing to cooperate with congressional oversight committee investigations, ignoring subpoenas and outright lying to overseers.
8. Using the IRS to squelch the ability of political opponents to raise funds and present viable campaigns then blaming the intrusions on low-level clerks.
9. “Retiring” top ranking military officers who still believe in American exceptionalism and replacing them with junior and less experienced ideologues.
10. Arming virtually every federal agency and department with military weapons, ammunition and vehicles as well as supplying local law enforcement agencies with similar vehicles and armament.

President Obama and his anarchist cabal now allow the few remaining American tax payers to subsidize funding for MS-13 gang members and drug cartel members once they have infiltrated our welcoming border. And, we just don’t know how many radical Islamists accompany them on their northward journey. At the same time, we continue to send money to adversaries around the globe with which they train militants to hate us.

These actions most definitely identify the Marxist strategies outlined by the Cloward and Piven. If allowed to continue, the once USA (United States of America) will soon be know as the UTS (Union of Tyrant and Subjects).

I want my country back!


July 29, 2014

I believe that more and more people, especially liberals, are coming to understand exactly what fundamental change represents. With their enhanced awareness, they like it less.

Some misguided conservatives still believe that Obama is either inept or naïve. However, he is following the plan ingrained in him from childhood, from his father and Frank Marshall Davis, to the America-hating anarchists and professors that enraptured him as he reached adulthood.

It became known the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” after former Columbia sociology professors Richard Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven. From their jurisdictions as information disseminators at Columbia University, the two brainwashed their mush-minded students on how to destroy America and our capitalist system by inflating the welfare rolls to, and beyond, the point of economic collapse. Cloward and Piven expanded the ideologies of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky by training their charges to use the government against itself. The plan included placing committed anarchists in positions of accepted authority. Perhaps even the presidency? Education and government became the desired placements for direct changes to public thinking and policy acceptance.

With anarchists in place, the socialist government roll could then take over by nationalizing a large portion of the country’s private institutions, tax and regulate businesses out of viability and deluge the system with malignant spending. Entitlements and massive debt would bring Americans to beg the very entity creating their disastrous environ to save them.

Over the past few years we have seen useless “bailouts” of companies inevitably destined to fail and those returning no benefit to the taxpayers despite an influx of tax dollars. Bailouts are a way of spreading the wealth from the working class to the wealthy and influential.

We now see the administration welcoming needy families and abandoned children that require more taxpayer assistance while there is a labor participation rate of only 62.8% among our citizens and legal residents. The non-English speaking children alone, place extra burdens on our already stressed and failing education system.

Replacing the middle class with a large segment of society for whom a life of work is an abstraction also contributes to centralizing and strengthening the authority of a central government. The Welfare system of the U.S. provides a better life than much of the working world. While others grovel for sustenance, the American poor receive free cell phones and service. Ever increasing and extended Welfare and unemployment benefits allow the opportunity to live a complacent and idle life for far too many.

Obama will fight until the end of his term or his final breath, whichever comes last, to continue spending more than the government receives, cause as much economic and social chaos as possible, abate our military and industrial superiority and anything else possible to diminish America’s global stature.

Please vote more wisely in the future. America cannot survive under these terms.


May 22, 2013

Let’s forget all about Fast and Furious and amnesty and entitlements for people who have stolen their way into the country.  We need not be attentive to the AP or FoxNews reporters individually and collectively spied upon or trampling on freedom of the press.  Benghazi?  Not a problem, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  Let us not be bothered by whatever still lurks under the desk in the oval office.  This time it’s probably not Monica. 

Oh hell, let’s just consign to oblivion everything in the founding documents and everything we’ve known about liberty in the past.  It’s all gone.  We have ignorantly relinquished, through our personal votes, everything the founders of this nation gave us as citizens.  Not everyone chose to shoot themselves in the foot, but now we all walk with a limp because of those who did.

Can we now agree there is little left of the America in which we’ve been proud?  We have survived through good periods and tough times, Republican and Democrat administrations.  It is time to revert to what made this nation the global leader in the first place and we must no longer shrink from being a strong and free society.  It is time for “We the People” to regain control of the behemoth government currently usurping our wealth, freedoms and opportunities.  Our government is not only affecting the well-being of our nation, it is destroying the morale of almost every individual within, even those who voted for the change. 

If you think, even for one second, that a government can gather every bit of information about your life for use against you when needed and not be bothered by that you are not American.  You are not one who enjoys rights, freedoms, and self created opportunities.  You are one who wants someone else to think and do for you as you muddle your way through life as an ignorant, uncaring bondservant.  You willingly forfeit all prerogatives to protest for equality or humanity.

Click on the link below for more on how we have carelessly relinquished our rights and freedoms and put our personal lives in jeopardy through our votes.

If you think that the current or any future governments getting away with the illegal and frightening moves we’ve seen in the past four and a half years won’t affect you, you must be in the throes of death as you read this or as you hear it read to you.  If the government can specifically target individuals and make their lives miserable just because the individuals do not share, completely, the political views and goals of the nation’s leader, we are all subjects of tyranny.

Granted, the practice started long, long ago.  Underhanded government over reach occupied center stage during the Watergate trials exactly forty years ago this month.  The American public on both sides of the political aisle were outraged at what executive power could produce.  It cost Richard M. Nixon the presidency and it was nothing, by comparison, to what is happening right now.  What is happening is right out of the Cloward/Piven playbook – overwhelm the system, destroy the nation.

When the Department of Homeland Security contracts for huge blocks of ammunition deliberately making it difficult, at best, for citizens and even some local police departments to obtain a practical few rounds, it should alarm “We the People”.  However, if you have willingly forfeited all prerogatives through compliance or complacency, you deserve what you get. 

Today, as currently scheduled, Lois Lerner the head of the IRS tax-exempt division intends to invoke the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Affairs.  The Fifth Amendment provides that U.S. citizens may not be compelled to incriminate or testify against themselves while under oath.

By invoking the Fifth Amendment, Ms. Lerner is not only protecting herself, she is shielding her superiors from indictment.  This is a very convenient use of the Constitution when there is a political or personal benefit, by those whose goal it is to destroy that very document.

By today’s standard, Nixon did virtually nothing. The poor guy got the proverbial shaft.