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February 18, 2015

ISIS is rapidly taking more ground and becoming a larger threat. They may be just JV, but their offense is deadly. As they behead more Jews, Christians and even non-compliant Muslims, their recruitment numbers rise.  Unless something is done soon, they will have their world dominant caliphate.

Be it in the name of religion or perverted manifestations of such, low information youth of all countries and backgrounds are led to believe and accept that life is transient, thus death is acceptable. Killing only accelerates the inevitable life and death cycle. Killing infidels enhances one’s own glorious afterlife.

However, in order to stop the spread of this insidious debauchery, the U.S. forces must undergo another sweeping change. No longer can the rules of engagement, set forth under this Commander-in-Cowardice, continue. The “No firing until you see the whites of their eyes and a muzzle flash” policy must be replaced with the ability for our troops to actually engage the enemy rather than sitting and waiting for the impact of a bullet before requesting permission from a command center to return fire.

ISIS, by that or any other name, has now taken over large swaths of land from Arabia to Indonesia, showing no mercy for the inhabitants they encounter along the way. The limited and often under-trained, under-dedicated and under-educated armies encountered along the trail of quest are often intimidated by the brutality of Islamic barbarians with eleventh century mentality. Rather than being killed outright, many of the people along the way are incorporated into fighting on behalf of the uncivilized and inhumane forces.

The open border policy of this administration is allowing the same destitute and ignorant masses from third world countries to invade and populate our country. This change can only make us more vulnerable as ISIS is allowed to expand.

Obama’s policies have severely downsized both manpower and weaponry among our military. They have lowered morale and respect for leadership among the troops. We are headed in the same direction as Somalia or Iraq or Indonesia and it is by design.

Our president was raised and influenced by Marxists, Communists and Muslims. Is there still any wonder about why Obama refuses to recognize the enemy through action or even verbalize who they are?

One of the many contradictions to his policies is allowing these philistines to reign over large territories. It is antithetical to the views of his anti-colonialist father. But then, they do claim to be Muslims.

ISIS, open borders, restrained ICE agents and border agents without weapons, animus generated and projected against police officers, progressive judges, unchecked early release of felons, gun control, low troop morale, and government accentuated (class, religion, race, gender and wealth) warfare…nothing to see here folks, move about your normal business. Go watch the last few Daily Show broadcasts to improve your education about governance and foreign affairs.