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September 26, 2014

Eric Holder has tendered his resignation to the president and the world in time for Obama to nominate another conniving, deceitful conspirator while Harry Reid and progressive Democrats still hold power in the Senate. While everything else is put on hold until after the elections, the lawbreakers cannot afford to bet against Republicans, liberal or conservative, taking the majority. Obama must have someone in place to cover his tracks and obfuscate any investigations. He’ll be sorry to see his felonious comrade leave.

There has been talk of changing guard at the highest and most corrupt legal office in the land. I’m a bit confused as to why it has taken so long, unless…

By waiting to announce until now, it has given Valerie Jarrett (please excuse my parapraxis) President Obama the opportunity to understand exactly who his handlers want in place and how he must sell the new Marxist to the nation. Also, by waiting until this late date, it allows Obama to declare it a crisis not to have an Attorney General in place.

Look for him to make the declaration as early as Veteran’s Day, when congress is out for the holiday to put a new malefactor in place for the interim. At the very latest, there will be a new face behind the desk before January, 2015. That will make it easier for the public to accept Harry’s predestined confirmation. To show diversity from the racist ways of the past perhaps, just maybe, a ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood is the pick.

Holder must leave soon. It is imperative that he be a civilian at the time indictments begin landing on the desks of agency Secretaries and Cabinet members. Just as with Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton, being out of the office provides a barrier; another plane of distance from the felony under investigation.