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June 29, 2015

The recent “decisions” of the Supreme Court indicate a drastic detour around the Constitution. Laws are written with specific language, not vague inuendos. When activist courts take those words and interject bias, bigotry, political correctness or personal and anecdotal experience into their judgement, they are no longer further defining the intended specificity. They are modifying or completely changing the intent and purpose for the chosen words of law. They are no longer interpreting the law, they are writing new law!

Congress is the branch of government charged with making law. The executive branch long ago stripped congress of their authority through the use of executive orders and giving undue jurisdiction to unelected secretaries and department heads. Now the judicial branch has removed what was left of congress’s co-equal power. Constitution be damned!

The two major decisions of the past week, Obamacare and Gay marriage, do not coincide with sanity or reason. Both are riddled with anti-American consequences. Both decisions take freedom and responsibility of choice from “We the People” and deliver them to the governing elite. The problems created by these decisions and the mitigation or adjudication of them can only further erode our republic.

The arguments presented did not justify or support objectivity and were not based in rationality.  The decisions had to have been coerced.

These decisions lend themselves to suspected foul dealings among the players of government or even beyond. Undue influence is certainly not to be ruled out. That influence might be in the form of carrot or stick. It might be bribery or blackmail. In any case, sound reason did not prevail at the end of this judicial session and it was beyond “Git ‘er done” so we can go home and play with the grand-kids.



January 3, 2015

There are ways for government to benefit the citizens.  The U.S. Constitution delineates those ways.  There are also ways to build a government that controls the citizens.  Governing via the teachings of Karl Marx is one such way.

We, of the current retiree generation, had the opportunity to see government work in ways that provided conditions rewarding education, hard work and personal responsibility. We are now seeing the very opposite. We, as everybody should, are seeing a government that remarkably defeats those conditions.

The continuing under-education of our children and grand children is evident when the large picture is viewed. Where the United States was once touted as being #3 across the three important academic categories of Math, Science and Reading, and striving to become #1 in all three, today’s picture is quite different. Math/Science/Reading These charts show our current rankings. Math/Science/Reading 2010 shows the standings as of 2009. There was a brief comeback in 2009 and the U.S. was rated #19. We now rank #26 across the three academic disciplines and the downward spiral continues.

The growing government involvement in education over the past 5 decades indicates enlightenment through public education is not promising for future generations. Today’s and future students will know all about how man has changed the environment, but won’t know how to remedy the change. They will know how to put a condom on a cucumber and where to go for an abortion at 11 years old if the condom fails in real life. They won’t, however, be able to count back the correct change if the power goes out at your local fast food restaurant.

Hard work – forget about it. Those born in the 1980s and later are taught that success is axiomatic with attempt. If you say you tried, you get a good grade in school, pass the class and advance. Translating that ethic to the workplace is not possible and many choose to take unemployment insurance, Welfare, WIC, SNAP and EBT payments as entitlement for trying.  The government encourages it.

With the collapse of the aerospace program in the mid-1970s, laid-off, highly educated engineers took jobs in retail and fast food industries to support their families and pay the bills until jobs in their professions again became available. Some even became “trash men”.  Any job was worth working. Welfare was a last resort. Pride and ethic caused them to continue striving.

A strong central government with tyrannical leaders is not the right direction for the longevity of this nation or our people. We need to re-read the Constitution, reading it for its intended content and meaning, not for how it can be interpolated to fit a Marxist/socialist agenda. Let us once again allow individuals and states the responsibility for achieving self respect, self improvement and economic betterment and return the government to governing.

I wish you a great new year and hope more informed and reasoned voting is possible in the coming elections.


November 22, 2014

I.C.E. is readying for another surge of perhaps 100,000 foreigners invading our country because of the president’s welcoming ceremony last night.

A thinking person may wonder how they are preparing for this influx. Well, according to the Washington Examiner and others, I.C.E. is preparing a 2,400 bed facility in Dilley, Texas. How many expectant mothers will be housed until they can drop an anchor? Pediatricians will be on staff. The President made no mention about stopping the invaders at the point of entry and keeping them from entering. Instead, the preparation is for once they are already on our soil. Once they are here, we house, feed and doctor them until a background check can be run.

Even then, there is no guarantee that Jose Manuel Rodriguez from Guatemala is in fact Jose. Homeland Insecurity just has to rely that he is telling them the truth. He could actually be Hussein Jahdami Mohammad from Syria. With no I.D., a background check will be run on Jose. No matter who he is, he broke the law (perhaps many laws) to get to this point, now we are expected to accept as truth that he is who he says he is. I think I need Johathan Gruber to explain to me how this is a good thing. I can’t wait until Sunday to see hear the Susan Rice spin.

Perhaps this is the president’s way of employing women. The talk of adding more Border Patrol and I.C.E. agents might mean more women to change diapers and hold classes in prenatal hygiene. Since most of the invaders will speak little, if any English, perhaps other previously accepted illegal entrants and linguistic experts might be hired by the federal government as Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Pashto, Kurdish, Balochi, Russian, French translators. Again, there was no mention of refusing entry or returning illegal entrants immediately to the point of entry, but preparations are being made to house, feed, educate and otherwise take care of them.

We are no longer a proud, sovereign nation. Our borders mean naught. But, I feel safer and better about my country every day that Obama is president…NOT!


May 30, 2011

So, apparently since 2005 due to an opinion by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Council who, in a 29 page review, concluded that the President need not personally perform the physical act of affixing his signature to a bill he approves and decides to sign in order for the bill to become law.  Rather, the President may sign a bill within the meaning of Article I, Section 7 by directing a subordinate to affix the President’s signature to such a bill, for example by autopen.”

This is a conclusion made by the President’s lawyers (President Bush) circumventing the Constitution of the United States of America to allow a mechanical device to affix a likeness of the signature of the President to any document.  Whoa!  Shouldn’t that require a Constitutional Amendment rather than a decision made by an individual or body dependent on favorable legal interpolations for continued income?

Article 1, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution says:

“Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States; If he approves he shall sign it, but if not he shall return it…”

The Constitution doesn’t say that bills, Executive Orders, Executive Directives, administrative pay increases or the like can come to fruition without the President’s knowledge, which is the next step.  We are soon going to be governed by anybody with access to the official autopen.  “I authorize a $2 million expense account for myself.  Wait a minute; I can take care of that”.  “I think that since Mary and I are bumping loins regularly, she should have her pay doubled, I can take care of that”.

Using an autopen to sign hundreds of thousands of Christmas cards or acknowledge millions of letters with a prepared “Thank you for your concern” return missive seem like a legitimate uses of such a device.  Signing a bill into law without reading it, not so much.  We’re talking about an extension to the Patriot Act with additional provisions granting privacy invasions of citizens in the name of terrorist surveillance.  Shouldn’t that at least require some attention from our Chief Executive?

This President has already neutered Congress with his Executive Orders, Cabinet and Czar appointments, bureaucratic agency creations and other unworldly spending.  Now he, on the path of his predecessor, is opening the door to eliminating the need for a President.  Is this simply another step toward the demise of America as a sovereign nation and the creation of a “One World” or “Global” government?  It sure looks like it.