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July 17, 2010

Affirmative action worked so well in the 60s and 70s that Obummer is trying to reinstitute it to harm minorities once again.  The latest financial regulations package to pass the House of Representatives will create new and improved Czars to oversee the women and minority hiring in federal financial regulatory agencies.

Expanding government is our president’s ultimate goal.  He wants to increase government to the point where every citizen is beholden to The Empire.  The latest bloating is to include another new bureaucracy called the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.

In an article by, “the new agency would also be responsible for making sure that each of the major federal financial regulators is hiring enough minorities and women, and contracting with enough minority-owned and women-owned businesses”.  Competence or competitiveness has no bearing on the application standards.

And, it only gets better!

Each individual diversity czar is responsible for defining exactly how many minorities, women, and minority-owned and women-owned businesses are satisfactory.  Each agency shall establish an Office of Minority and Women Inclusion that shall be responsible for all matters of the agency relating to diversity in management.  In fact, each new diversity chief will be responsible for developing quota-like guidelines proscribing the ethnic and gender makeup of each regulator’s workforce, including upper management.

The Peter Principle no longer applies.

With a little help from the current administration, women and minorities no longer have to achieve their own level of incompetence through back-biting and butt kissing.  They will have the opportunity to simply apply and be incompetent from the get-go.  Just like the early years of affirmative action, qualifications mean little.  Race, gender and perhaps diverse sexual preferences will have precedence over knowledge, experience and ability.  Our president was elected to the White House because many in the country felt it was time for a black man to be president.  He had and has no qualifications for the position other than reading a teleprompter well.  That hasn’t worked out well for the country so far so why not increase the number of incompetents throughout government.  Now it looks like the government may be foisting the same incompetence upon what little private enterprise remains, as well.

Those of you who were around when affirmative action was in its heyday will recall that academically unqualified students attending colleges caused the grading curve to take a downward spiral.  Graduates left school with excellent grades but with insufficient education to get and retain jobs in their major field.  They were not competitive in the workforce.  Affirmative action then came to employers.  Employers had quotas to fill.  They hired women, blacks, Asians and Hispanics proportionate to total employees and it was very difficult to fire those who could not do the job.  When an incompetent employee was terminated, they would often scream racism, bigot or misogynist.  It was then up to the employer to overcome the tag.  Even when the ineffective person was replaced by another person of like gender, color, age or race, it sometimes cost the employer thousands of dollars in legal defense to win an unwarranted lawsuit.


September 4, 2009

Unless the American people are individually and collectively even more stupid than we showed in the most recent presidential election, Obama has pre-designated his own removal from office.  He has already deemed himself incapable of running a lemonade stand and far less capable than running a country.  It may take another 3.3 years, but it will happen.

For over 232 years this was a Democratic Republic.  For the greater part of that time, individuals have been responsible for their own health, wealth and well-being.  Yes, it has been changing, but with gradual acceptance and with debate and discussion about the change.  It will be known to history that in 2009 was the year of the radical death of an industrial nation under a free enterprise system.  Whether you choose to call it Socialist or Communist or Dictatorship or whatever, you will have to agree that the outcome of this administration will be something completely different from what has made us a great nation.

The czars he has placed in the various positions, reporting to nobody but him, all have histories of being associated with the Communist party, radical subversives, or just dictator enamored, tax evaders or just intimidators.  Some are simply community organizers who were and are capable of raising or bundling large sums of money that helped Obama get elected.

The $787 billion spending bill that has offered no support to the problems of the nation, but has significantly helped Congress was written by self-serving lobbyists, community organizers and other socialist types and was passed with Congress only knowing those portions that were included to benefit them.

All in all though, it is rapidly becoming apparent even to those people who have fought until now so hard to defend their vote for the first black president, that it was not a good choice.  In just over eight months (count ‘em) or 1/6th of his elected term, Obama has managed to alienate almost a third of those who just a few months ago were ready to strike down anybody who spoke disparagingly about the man, his choices of czars or cabinet members, policies or act ions.

It’s getting to the point where he can’t even send out his minions to declare RACISM when people speak negatively about or question his policies, programs or proposals because many who are questioning or protesting are also black.  Not everybody of every nationality and/or ethnic origin can be racist and more and more blacks and Hispanics are beginning to see the light.

Many of the Hispanics, of course, would like to take over the county and turn it into a third world nation much like their home(s) of origin.  They know that they can do so with Obama’s help, so they support him.  But even they are now beginning to see that the revolution, taking place here, is unmanaged, incorrect and unacceptable.

Obama, by driving his own misguided ideals upon the American public is shooting himself in the foot.  The only question is, “What caliber is he using and how long will it take for him to recognize that he needs some reformed health care to allow him to walk once again?”


July 23, 2009

I generally try not to get caught up in conspiracy theories.  I listen to them, but find most hard to substantiate and therefore I dismiss them.  That said, I would like to introduce you to a diabolical theory of my own.

Paranoia seems to be the theme of the day with our current administration.  I know, I have been classified as a “Right Wing Extremist” that should be closely watched in case I become subversive and, thus, dangerous to this administration.  Why am I considered a Right Wing Extremist?  It appears that because I served my country in combat at the behest of my government, and because I have views different from this administration, and because I have attended multiple Tea Parties and exchanged knowledge and information with other like minds at these events, I am apparently a greater threat than the new arrivals from Syria, Pakistan, Libya or the local mosque.

Right Wing Extremist:  I wear the moniker proudly due to the source and origin.

So as a turn around to that paranoia, or perhaps to amplify it’s credibility, I had a thought that may just surprise and awaken more people than even I can possibly imagine and cause some people to finally think for themselves for the first time in their lives.  Please follow the bouncing ball and do not hit delete before you have read the following script entirely.

Yesterday I was driving in my Chevy truck when a commercial came on the radio for On Star.  On Star is an on-board electronic system that incorporates GPS and other satellite technologies that can be used in case of an emergency or as a vocal assistance or navigation device.  On Star is broadcasting from your car when you are in it, driving or stopped, and also when the car is parked without the ignition on.

The GPS component has been a part of every GM vehicle manufactured since the early 1990s.  The full On Star system has been installed and the service offered as an option since 1996 and as a standard feature since 2007.  Owners of autos equipped with the On Star system do not have to subscribe to the service for it to be monitored by the corporate computer gurus.

So, as I was driving, I thought that the government now owns a major and controlling interest in GM.  Obama has placed a number of his people in key supervisory positions within the company.  What if… what if just one of the operators decided to check on my vehicle (let’s call it Program 127498-777-3-C).  They could identify exactly where I was, how fast I was driving and which direction I was headed at that exact moment.  They could, if I was interesting enough, follow my every turn, stop, length of stay and journey recommencement.  They could be recording every move of every GM vehicle so equipped, for future use.

Now remember, I am classified as one who requires attention from this government.  But I am not the only one.  My life and excursions are benign if not boring; except for the Tea Parties I attend.  What about someone who poses a greater threat to Obama through their words or actions; someone with some political clout?  How about if they stop by a nudie bar every night on their way home from work, or have a girlfriend/boyfriend who they see every Wednesday evening (working late)…and they were married?  How ‘bout if they are friends of Rush Limbaugh and stopped by his house?

Obama has already ruined the lives of some C level executives and he has fired at least one Inspector General who didn’t play his game.  Gerald Walpin was apparently fired because he was doing the job for which he had been hired.  Unfortunately, he was investigating misuse of federal funds by a personal friend of the President.  Obama is showing an increasing propensity for using the power of the office to make waste of other adversaries, whistleblowers and otherwise honest people.

So remember, GM = Government Motors.       On Star = Big Brother is an ever-present passenger.

But then who knows what Steven Rattner (or the next car czar if this pension fund kickback thing sticks) will be able to institute for all future autos, from all manufacturers and all countries that are driven on our roads.


July 14, 2009

We must have another stimulus package passed by the Congress and signed by the president.  Why?  Well it’s to create more jobs.

President Obama has appointed not less than 32 czars at this point.  I say not less than because I cannot type fast enough to keep up with the latest actual number. Thirty-two czars, each of which requires a staff of not less than ten subordinates, office space, furniture, equipment and supplies, utilities, etc.

This, according to Obama, is creating jobs.  It really seems to me more like payola for loyalty and campaign contributions.  The czars are accountable to no one other than the president.  Congress has no say regarding their pay or function.  If there is a job assessment, it will be done by none other than the president.  If there is really a job to be done, the work will be evaluated by him.  But it looks a lot like many of the positions are simply require that the czar exists, and there is no real operation to officiate.

Typically, a czar is a person with advanced knowledge who exercises authority in a particular field.  That individual is put in place to facilitate particular operations and expedite a positive outcome.

If we have a Director of Homeland Security who was appointed because of her expertise in the field of immigration, why is there need for a “Border Czar”?  If we are a system of free economic enterprise, why is there need for a “Compensation Czar” or a “Car Czar”?  We already have the CIA and NSA and probably a dozen other alphabet agencies to protect us from bad guys here and abroad.  So why is it necessary to have a “WMD and Terrorism Czar” who has never seen, and will never see a battlefield, if we have a superior standing army with well qualified generals?

As with any government involvement, this czar program is nothing more than more bureaucracies influencing agencies that would be at least as well off, if not better off, without another layer of meddlesome micromanagement.

Stimulus 2 (aka Pork Barrel Spending Bill #2) will be hastened through Congress just like the first one.  It will not be read by our legislators so that they will have plausible deniability after it passes and the American public finds out just how much waste it contains.

The president will announce that in spite of uncontrollably rising unemployment that another hundred thousand or so jobs have been created.  Of course they will all be an added burden on the few remaining employed tax-payers because they will all be seizing those taxes as they receive pay and benefits unprecedented in the private sector for comparable work.  And private sector unemployment will continue into double digits.  Welfare rolls will continue to rise.

Of course, as soon as enough people are out of work, starving and can no longer pay for their health insurance, the national health care plan will be looking better and have a greater chance of passing.  It won’t be read by the members of Congress voting for it either, but they’ll pass it.